Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Year's Poem

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,~~~The flying cloud, the frosty light: The year is dying in the night;~~~Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.~~~~~~ Ring out the old, ring in the new,~~~Ring, happy bells, across the snow:~~~The year is going, let him go;~~~Ring out the false, ring in the true.~~~Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We have 6-7 inches and it's still coming down.~~~We have grandchildren from Alabama here so it's a real treat for them to play in it.

Friday, November 30, 2012

No Room In The Inn

'Oh, if only I had known!' Said the keeper of the inn.~~~ 'But no hint to me was shown,~~~And I didn't let them in.~~~Yes, a star gleamed overhead, but I couldn't read the skies,~~~And I'd given every bed To the very rich and wise.~~~Ahd she was so poorly clad, And he hadn't much to say!~~~But no room for them I had~~~ So I ordered them away.~~~She seemed tired, and it was late~~~ And they begged so hard, that I,~~~feeling sorry for her state~~ In the stable let them lie.~~~Had I turned some rich man out~~~ Just to make a place for them,~~~Twould have killed, beyone a doubt~~~ All my trade at Bethlehem.~~~Then there came the wise men three~~~ To the stable, with the morn,~~~Who announced they'd come to see~~~ The great King who had been born.~~~And they brought Him gifts of myrrh~~~ Costly frankincense and gold,~~~And a great light shone on her~~~ In the stable, bleak and cold.~~~All my patrons are dead~~~ And forgotten-but today~~~All the world to peace is led~~~ By the ones I sent away.~~~It was my unlucky fate~~~ To be born that inn to own~~~against Christ I shut my gate~~~ Oh, if only I had known!'

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving Hymn

Come, ye thankful people, come~~~Raise the song of harvest home: All is safely gathered in,~~~Ere the winter storms begin;~~~ God, our Maker, doth provide~~~For our wants to be supplied;~~~ Come to God's own temple, come, Raise the song of harvest home.~~~~~ Even so, Lord, quickly come,~~~To thy final harvest home;~~~Gather thou thy people in,~~~Free from sorrow, free from sin;~~~There, forever purified~~~ In thy presence to abide:~~~Come, with all Thine angels, come,~~~Raise the glorious harvest home.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012


The first snow of the season is here - on November 12th. It may not be enough to build a snowman - but the flakes are big and it's so pretty. I'm thankful for it but glad that we have power. I'm going to enjoy just watching it before it quits.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I guess I'm just too excited about the election and I misspelled President. I can't go back and change it because my blog is too messed up. Anyway - no one reads my blog anymore - except me.

Four More Years

Yes - I am happy that Presdident Barack Obama has been re-elected. I voted for him. I did not want Mitt Romney to be Presdient. Something about him bothers me. And I didn't want a Black Presdient to be a one termer. There is a stigma attached to having one term - whether there should be or not. So - I got what I hoped and prayed for. But there should not be a lot of time for celebration. Too much is at stake in our Country. We need action NOW. There was too much time spent on the campaign - time when the President should have given his attention to the issues that are hurting us here in America. Congratulations - Presdient Obama. Now show us what you can do to heal the wounds of this Country. That is why we voted for you. It is time to put the election behind you and do your job.

Monday, September 17, 2012

opera at the mac

Saturday night I took my 13 year old g-daughter to see Don Giovanni at the Musical Arts Center - better known as the MAC. Was it good? Yes! It's the 7th most popular opera - according to google - with La Boheme being the first - which I went to last fall. Don Giovanni is a comic/drama/supernatural opera so being 13 going on 21 - she handled it very well. Remember when JFK said he was the one to take Jackie to Paris? Well I felt lucky to be the first to take Rebekah to the opera. We had a great time and I LOVE OPERA!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Issue of Abortion

I am totally against abortion - but I am also against passing a law that tells a woman what she can do with her body. It would be best to work on the subject of adoption and to make the father of the baby stand up with the mother. We can hunt the father down and deal with the issue then. The woman should not have to take the full responsibility of what to do about the baby. We need to work on this issue and educate people about adoption - instead of abortion.

Monday, August 13, 2012

P.S. and thanks Google artists

XXX Olympics

The women's soccer and the men's basketball games for the gold weren't by far the only events I watched during the games - but they are what I will remember the most. I was so proud of the Americans - their great talent and spirit. And congratulations to all of the members of the team USA's who captured the 49 gold medals. And great credit goes to the Brits for all they gave us during these games - especially the closing ceremonies. I loved that the athletes came down through the spectators - and well - just all of it. See you in Rio.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our 13th President

I missed writing about Millard Fillmore on Friday the 13th - but here are some trivial facts about him. ~He was born in a log cabin. ~In nine years there were six Presidents - of which Millard Fillmore was the sixth. Before that there were only eight Presidents in a 52 year period. ~His first wife - Abigail - educated him enough so that he could finance attending law school by teaching school. ~He didn't meet Zachary Taylor - his running mate for whom he was the vice presidential candidiate - until after they were elected. ~He and Abigail started the White House library. ~He installed the first bathtub and kitchen stove in the White House. ~As the ex-President he tried to spread culture by reading Shakespeare to the workers in a shoe factory.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In the wake of the latest tragedy...

it is a relief - once more - to know that guns do not hurt people. Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt support goes out to the Colorado victims and their families.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

science vs religion: a simple solution

In trying to figure out why scientists can't tolerate religion - and why Believers have trouble with the scientific theories - I came up with this: Scientists don't accept miracles because they can't be proven. So there is a Creator who has the ability to perform miracles whenever He wants. And for me - the scientific mind - that can take us into the Universe - well that is a miracle in itself. The Creator gives us the wonderful miracle of science.~~~Do ya get it? It is possible to Believe in Science - and at the same time believe in a Creator - but I have to put the Creator above all.~~~~~And maybe that is something that the Scientist can't do - with the Ego Reigning Supreme.~~~For me - well I can have both. I can believe in the Creator who gives us the Scientist and the Miracles that help us to understand the unfolding of the Universe.~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Works for me.~~~~~~What do YOU think - nonreaders and non commenters. Science and Religion can go hand in hand - if you really think about it. And I do. I Believe in both.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Things you might not know about Thomas Jefferson

I have an old book called 40 Presidents Facts and Fun that tells little known facts and stories about the Presidents. The book shows not only how intelligent Thomas Jefferson was - something we all know - but this particular story tells about how resourceful he was too. The authors - Joan Bumann and John Patterson - who compiled this book - starts out the coverage of Jefferson by saying that he was told by his father to take a gun and go into the woods and learn to hunt. The ten year old former President came upon a wild turkey trapped in a pen - which he promptly shot and threw over his shoulder to present to his father. It may or may not be commom knowledge that Thomas Jefferson had a pet mockingbird that he called Bill - and while it was his companion in Jefferson's study - he taught it to peck food out of our third President's mouth. But what I like best - was a fact not found in this book - and that is that Thomas Jefferson established the tradition of shaking hands with people - rather than the habit they were in of bowing to Washington and Adams. And my hat is off to Thomas Jefferson - who according to my little book - is considered a People's President. We could use him about now - don't you think?

Friday, June 15, 2012

giving it the old college try

I copied down a quote that reads: ~~~~~The tragedy of man is that he can conceive self-perfection but cannot achieve it.~~~~~ It's like being a perfectionist - when we want everything and everyone to be perfect - but it's just not - including ourselves. And it is like Thomas Jefferson said so famously - The Pursuit Of Happiness. We spend our lives trying to find happiness - like Chris Gardner in The movie The Pursuit of Happyness - and we never quite find it - although we may find a sort a happiness along the way. But much is sacrificed trying to acheive it.~~~~~The author of that quote is a man by name of Reinhold Niebuhr - Who also wrote this: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the thnigs I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.~~ Living one day at a time;~~~Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.~~~Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it;~~~Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His will;~~~That I will be reasonably happy in this life, ~~~And supremely happy with Him forever in the next. Or as Emily Dickinson so aptly put it - and she knows how to put things:I shall know why, when time is over,~~~And I have ceased to wonder why;~~~Christ will explain each separate anguish ~~~In the fair schoolroom of the sky.~~~He will tell me what Peter promised,~~~And I, for wonder at his woe, I shall forget the drop of anguish~~~That scalds me now, that scalds me now.~~~~~~~~Isn't she great - folks. That's what I call FAITH.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering Our Fallen Troops...

in which all wars that Americans have fought and died.~~~~~ In Flanders Fields was written by LTC. John McCrae - who himself became a Fallen Troop after serving four years in WWI. In Flanders field the poppies blow~Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky~The larks, still bravely singing, fly~ Scarce heard amid the guns below.~~~~~ We are the Dead.Short days ago~We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,~ Loved and were loved, and now we lie~In Flanders fields.~~~~~ Take up our quarrel with the foe;~To you from failing hands we throw~~~~~ The torch;be yours to hold it high.~If ye break faith with us who die~ We shall not sleep, though poppies grow~In Flanders fields.~~~~~We Honor Our Fallen Troops - and Remember.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When It's Hot - It's Hot

Even when it's not hot at the Indianapolis 500 - it's hot.~~~~~ Just the roar of the engines would make it seem hot to me.~~~~~ And on a normal Race Day - the heat from the track is a lot.~~~~~ But this year the heat seems to be planning on setting a new record - and could soar up to 94 degrees.~~~~~Too hot for me - and by all reports it is gonna be a record setter. And even Jim Nabors is smart enough to stay away - way away - far over in Hawaii.~~~~~But he is still going to start the race by singing the Great Back Home Again - In Indiana over a televised live video.~~~~~And that's good enough for me.~~~~~ And that's as close as I've ever been - and will ever be.~~~~~But you can be sure that I'll be checking it out.~~~~~~I know some good folks who are gonna be there and will be giving me the full report - earplugs - sunblock - and all.~~~~~ Who can resist hearing the good old phrase: Gentlemen & Ladies - Start Your Engines. ~~~~~If there are any ladies this year in the running - and if there are - well that's more than we have in the Presidential Race - unless you count Rosanne. :]

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Salute With All Due Respect...

to every one of Our Troops - and Veterans - on Armed Forces Day. A Heartfelt Thanks For All That You Give Us - And Everything That You Do For Us. God Bless All Of You and God Bless This Great Country Of Ours - The United States Of America.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

an open field

Two things are on our mind right now. They are Gay Marriage and Commencement. And the two - believe it or not - are strangely connected.~~~~~How is that - stidh? - you might not ask - dear friends and noncommenters.~~~~Gay marriage and Commencement are connected because Commencement means many graduates will be looking for jobs - which may not exist.~~~And because of this I would like to suggest that some of you grads put in some extra study time and do that by going to law school.~~~~~LAW SCHOOL?~~~But why - sitdh? I'm gonna tell ya right now - Folks.~~~~~I am suggesting Law School because in the not too distant future - when even Billy Graham is gonna see the Light about Gay Marriage - and that will happen - I promise you - that there will come a time when those who wanted Gay Marriage so badly - Yes - some of those people will be clammoring for GAY DIVORCE.~~~~~And that is why - my dear friends - some of you will be able to step up - as divorce lawyers - and allow them to say: 'I Believe You Know Mr. Cohen.' Oh - it is gonna happen - as sure as the South will also see the Light. and they well - just give them a few more years...

Friday, May 11, 2012


For a while now I've been thinking of how Seattle,Wa. and Bloomington, In. are alike.~~~It isn't the weather - for Seattle is more mild and wet - for the most part. And Bloomington can be beautiful - but also brutal in the summers and winters.~~~~ No - it isn't the weather.~~~~It isn't the mountains -for Bloomington has no mountains - although the beauty of Southern In is unsurpassed - with Brown County and the spectacularly wonderful campus here at IU.~~~~~ No it isn't the mountains.~~~~~~Then what is it that you are talkin' about - stidh.~~I'm gonna tell ya right now - people.~~~~It's the front yards - in the distance between 2nd and 3rd streets on Rogers. For that distance that I've been driving - when I'm on Rogers Street between 2nd and 3rd streets - the front lawns look EXACTLY like the front lawns of many houses in Seattle. They often let the grass and flowers just grow wild. And if ya have been to Seattle in any of the residential areas you would know what I'm talking about. And I like the way that looks. ~~~~~And I almost forgot the most important thing here - have ya ever seen Mt. Rainier at dusk? Driving across the brige with the pinkish hue of Mt. Rainier on yer right and on yer left is a full moon - well I haven't been everywhere - but I just know that if I never saw another sight - I would be happy with that one memory.~~~~~~~~It just doesn't get any better than that - folks. :] :sigh:

you got that right

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Simple Plan

I have a little booklet - written by one Syl Sobel.~~~ It was published for - I would guess - six graders - in 1991.~~~A time when things were simpler here in the U.S. of A.~~~ Before 9/11 forever changed this Country of Ours.~~~~~~ The booklet lays out how our Government Works - in a simple way that even six graders can understand.~~~It tells how all the States started doing everything every which way - and the People got together and decided that there needed to be some rules laid down and they decided that we needed a Game Plan for this great Country of Ours. So then the Constitution was born.~~~And there came a uniformity in America - and the way Syl Sobel tells it to these kids in her booklet - it all sounds very simple and easy.~~~She tells about the three branches of government - and how they need to work together to make this Country work.~~~Yes - they worked together.~~~~~ We can do that now.~~~We have just gotten a little bit mixed up - and now is the time for us to strip away everything that is getting in the way of Unity - and we need what is called Civility.~~~~~Is it working this way? No - it is not.~~~I believe we will go back to Unity - like in this book. ~~~But we need to do it sooner than later.~~~We need to get to the business of electing a President - then getting together and telling him what we want in this Great Country of Ours.~~~Try going someplace where there is a giant Flag flying high on a sunny day with blue skies.~~~I saw one today and I found myself driving home singing America the Beautiful. ~~~~~Sound silly?~~~Just try it.~~~You'll like it.~~~And as Ms.Sobel says at the end of her booklet: you will come away with an appreciation of the priceless legacy left to ALL AMERICANS By The Founding Fathers. ~~~~~~~~~~ God Bless Syl Sobel~~~~~God Bless The Founding Fathers~~~~~God Bless the United States of America~~~and God Bless Us Everyone. :]

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

for sunshine:

Sunshine - I couldn't get my answer to go through for your comment so here it is: Would someone who is not a loser allow herself to get in the impossible position that I am in? Yes - my Faith is stronger than ever - and every time I cry out to Him I get a response. Sometimes it is hour to hour - but I would turn to Him even minute to minute. He becomes more Wonderful and Real - every time He shows Himself to me. Thanks Sunshine and hugs back to you. xxx

Way To Go - Mr. President

I came to the computer with the thought of writing something about How The Government Works - but instead I found that President Obama has taken a stand on Gay Marriage.~~~ I am proud of him that he has done so. I would have done it myself - even before this.~~~ But it is not too late.~~~ I'm Proud Of You Barack Obama.~~~ but then I have been all along~~~~ God Bless You - President Obama.~~~~~~ God Bless Those For Whom This Stand Will Help Make Their Lives Better :]~~~~~~ And God Bless The United States of America.~~~~~~~~ we are getting there - step by step

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my faith journey

What do you do - dear nonreaders and especially you noncommenters - when you hit a brick wall of your own making - out of stress?~~~I know the answer to that - you rely on Family and Friends - and they will come through for you - and try to help you out.~~~But what if you need something more - and I also know the answer to that - too.~~~The answer is that you turn to the SCU - aka God - if you so desire.~~~And that is what I have been doing - in this my time of need.~~~And of course he does not always rush to your side and say - Boo Hoo poor Sue - aka stidh.~~~No.~~~Rather he does what he wants to help ya out - and according to his Perfect Plan - he gently - pushes you along.~~~Of it may be in the form of a shove - BUT HE IS ALWAYS THERE.~~~You know that~I know you know - that - and you know that I know that you know - that.~~~ Kinda like the Footprints thing.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

now there are two

I've already sung the praises of the MAC - the Musical Arts Center - where stidh attended an Opera last november. Now I will sing the praises of the Indiana University Art Museum - where I went just now for the second time since moving here. It is great and free - although you have to give up $2 for parking at the Wonderful Union - parking lot. Today I was humbled - at the IU Art Museum - by the Greek Art. Mainly the Urns. And so I am going to take the time to let John Keats speak for me and drone on and on - about the Grecian Urns. He is much better at not being incoherent - than I - am. Oh - and by the way - I've already decided that I'm gonna donate heavily to the MAC AND the IU Art Museum - with the big BUCKs that I don't have. Now I have a feeling that the third place I will not donate heavily to is the Jacob School of Music - here at IU - but first - John Keats' Ode On A Grecian Urn: Thou still unravishe'd bride of quietness,~~Thou foster-child of Silence and slow Time,~~Sylvan historian, who canst thus express~~A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme:~~~What leaf-fringed legend haunts about thy shape~~~Of deities or mortals, or of both,~~~In Tempe or the dales of Arcady?~~~What men or gods are these?What maidens loth?~~~What mad pursuit?~~~What struggle to escape?~~~What pipes and timbrels?What wild ecstasy?~~~~~Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard~~~are sweeter;therefore,ye soft pipes,play on;~~~Not to the sensual ear,but,more endear'd,~~~ Pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone:~~~Fair youth,beneath the trees,thou canst not leave~~~Thy song,nor even can those trees be bare;~~~Bold Lover,never,never canst thou kiss,~~~Though winning near the goal-het, do not grieve/~~~She cannot fade,though thou hast not thy bliss,~~~For ever wilt thou love,and she be fair!~~~~~Ah,happy,happy boughs!that cannot shed~~~Your leaves,nor evern bid the Spring adieu;~~~And happy melodist,unwearied,~~~For ever piping songs for even new;~~~More happy,happy love!~~~For ever warm and still to be enjoy'd,~~~For ever panting and for ever young;~~~All breathing human passion for above,~~~That leaves a heart high-soworjul and cloy'd,~~~A burning forehead,and a parching tongue.~~~~~Who are these coming to the sacrifice?~~~To what green altar,O mysterious priest,~~~Lead'st thou that heifer lowing at the skies,~~~And all her silken flanks with garlands drest?~~~What little town by river or sea-shore.~~~Or mountain-built with peaceful citadel,~~~Is emptied of its folk,this pious morn?~~~And,little town,thy streets for evermore~~~Will silent be;and not a soul,to tell~~~To Why thou art desolate,can e'er return.~~~~~(and now for the Really cool last stanza)~~~~~O Attic shape!fair attitude!with brede~~~Of marble men and maidens overwrought,~~~With forest branches~~~and the trodden weed;~~~Thou,silent form!dost tease us out of thought~~~As doth eternity.Cold Pastoral!~~~When old age shall this generation waste,~~~Thou shalt remain,in midst of other woe~~~Than ours,a friend to man, to whom thou say'st, BEAUTY IS TRUTH,TRUTH BEAUTY, - THAT IS ALL YE KNOW ON EARTH,AND ALL YE NEED TO KNOW. I ask your forgivess - and John Keats' also - But I do not have the strength to go through and edit this. My blog is so messed up. But you get the main drift - dontcha? All ye nonreaders and noncommenters~~~:[ Please donate heavily to the ARTS - is all I ask. :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Avengers

A great movie. A little violent for my taste but with six super heroes fighting off the aliens - yer gonna have a little violence. I thought The Hulk was the best hero - very well done with Mark Ruffalo playing the role. I liked that Captain America was pretty much in charge - and his Shield was great! In a few scenes where all six super heroes were shown - that was very effective - and it choked me up. : ] The movie was for me very well done and the cinematography was excellment. I was glad I went. Next: The Dark Knight Rises - seemed a little dark Frankenweanie ??????? What did YOU think - about the movie?

Friday, May 4, 2012

stidh is growing old

Gone are the days when stidh was first in line for the midnight showings.~Movies like Iron Man 2 and Raiders 4.~ Good stuff like that.~I swore I would go to the MS of The Avengers but forgot it was even here.~Today I headed over to the ticket counter to see when I could get in for $5.~Seems they have a showing at 9:45 am tomorrow.~So I have my ticket.~The ticket guy assured me that it has in fact been received well - that RDJ runs aways with it - and that it is said that The Avengers exceeds all expectations. ~Well Hello - it is 2:43 long. It better be good. I will pack my lunch and endure. If there are enough requests - :[ I may write about it tomorrow.~I may write about it anyway. ~Not interested in seeing it in 3D - though.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

about women and baggage

She comes with a lot of baggage - we said. And so we gave up on having Hillary Clinton as Our President. Mostly we were thinking of her huband - Bill Clinton - our President - and other Clinton issues. But women do come with a lot of Baggage, don't they........? I remember during the Democratic Presidential Debates - in 2008. I wathced the Candidates and I saw what the problem is - and that is that the men all pretty much looked alike. A suit~A Tie~Their hair. Sure - there were differences in height and weight - but they were pretty much easily summed up in appearance. Not so the woman - Hillary Clinton.~ This post is actually not about Hillary Clinton - but about any women who might attempt to run for President and the baggage they carry.~ Her age and how Mother Nature has treated her - like wrinkles.~ Her makeup.~ Jewelry.~ Hair.~ How tall she was next to the men.~ Her voice.~ Her mannerisms.~ If she cried when the going got tough.~ If she was too feminine or masculine.~ If she had children - and was she taking care of them or not.~ What about her husband - what would we call him.~ and so on and so forth.~ With the men - it was so much easier - they pretty much only had a carry on and not so much luggage.~ But of course now that carry on is going to cost them... $100.

It means - I don't get it.

Mike - I haven't studied Spanish for cuartro years for nothin'!! Thanks for yer comment and please come back ANYTIME.

A possibility for President

It has been suggested - by one of my noncommenters - that we make Maragret Thatcher President. Of The United States. It could work. It's more than we have right now - in the way of a Woman Candidate. Does someone want to check it out? Do that and get back to me. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

leadership in women

A few posts ago I brought up the subject of the possibility of a Woman President - of the United States. Today I want to suggest that we follow the suit of other countries - some of which are far ahead of Our Country - in allowing women to lead. However it is only fair to say that we here in the U S of A - we are a bit younger in years established - so that we are now just coming into our own - in seeing women rising up and taking charge. Three women from our country - coulda and shoulda been leaders - but the first one just wasn't born in the right year. I'm speaking of First Lady Abigail Adams who - as I've said before - is thought to be a person - had she lived today - most likely could have held the honored position. Now we know that Hillary Clinton could have done the job - but she came with too much baggage. Just kidding - but I believe she would have done the job competently - but it just wasn't to be. And though I've never heard it mentioned that Eleanor Roosevelt could have been President - she probably had the ability - but again - it was just not the right time. All three of these First Ladies - come to my mind when I think of possibilities - for a Woman President. And the following women WERE leaders of their country: Indira Gandi ~ India Golda Meir - Israel Queen Victoria - Great Britain Queen Elizabeth I and II - Great Britain Margaret Thatcher - Great Britain Eva Peron - Argentina Angela Merkel - Germany to name just a few Womem have made their mark in this World and in History - it just takes a little more time - and I feel they have to work harder to obtain these positions. But it is happening - and it should and could happen here.

Was the President's trip political? As it has been suggested.

H*ll yeah - it was. Everything at this point is political - in a Presidential Election Year - and all. And very well orchestrated - I must say. And did ya see how excited and happy the Troops were to see him?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank you Mr. President

for putting yourself in Harm's Way - just like our troops. So that you could arrange your Game Plan. It sounds good to me. Ya have my Vote in November. I liked yer speech - and I hope your jet lag isn't too bad. God Bless you -President Obama. God Bless Our Troops. and God Bless The United States of America. please

stidh talks about abortion

My post of yesterday brought forth many comments - about birth control - but the one comment that I would like to address - is one suggesting abortion - as a means of birth control. I am against it. But I am also against the government getting involved in the abortion issue. But I am for an agency of the government getting involved in helping women who would like to give their child up for adoption. You see - I think these moral issues - of which abortion is one - should be treated as moral issues and not political issues. Jobs is a political issue. Unemployment is another on. Troop concerns is a political issue. Infrastructure is a political issue. And so on and so forth. If a woman has a unwanted pregnancy - that is none of the government's concern. But why not set up an agency wherein a women could seek help in dealing with the unwanted child. How best for the newborn to be adopted. And I am for the government helping the woman track down the FATHER OF THE CHILD and making him stand up with the women - at gunpoint - if necessary - until the child has a home... I would be willing to discuss this further if there is interest. IT COULD WORK. By the way - the women should not have to shoulder this alone. In my day - it took two to make a baby.

Monday, April 30, 2012

stidh talks about birth control

I know what you - who aren't reading this - are not thinking. ~ That at my advanced age :[ birth control shouldn't be any concern of mine.~ But I'll tell you what - I woke up thinking about birth control - so I'm gonna write about it. ~ Anyway this is my Blog - and I'll write whatever I want on it.~~~I'm for it. But not for reasons of overpopulation. ~ Although that certainly a good reason to be for it - that's just not what this post is about.~ This post is about raising Quality Children. ~ I just think that fewer children means better quality life. ~ But I'm against any government policy stating you can only have a certain number of children. ~ I'm just for parents - even people who are not married - to give some thought before having a lot of children - of what kind of time they will have to make their good citizens of This World. That's it. ~ my opinion is that before having childen - just think about it. DON'T JUST HAVE CHILDREN BECAUSE YOU CAN. ~ Have Children After Giving Some Thought About How They Might Fit Into The This Wonderful World Of Ours.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

We've got one slogan offered up here...

but it wasn't a positive one - so I had to delete it. Come on - People - ya can do better than that! How about I not run for President - but if there are sufficient Right-in Votes - it could happen. Think about it. As the Write-In President - I would be magnanimous - and we could all Work Together - To Get Our Country Back - on track.

Well...ok. I've got one vote.

What say we elect... stidh For PREZ in 2012. There are all sorts of possible campaign slogans: Stidh For President Vote For The Mad Blogger - she's not angry/just crazy Stidh For The First Woman President - in 2012 and I especially like this one Vote For Sue/The Best Thing To Do Let's start a campaign slogan contest - People. The commenter with the best campaign slogan wins... abso-lutely NOTHING. Except that I'll post yer name for one day on my blog. I'm easy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

May I suggest that I - be the woman - to do - the job?

I mean - they don't call me - stidh - for - nothing. : ]

the world's most exclusive club

is right here in the United States of American. I'm talking about the Presidency - and it is all reported in a recent issue of TIME magazine. Not only is the article about this exclusive club well written - but the pictures that are included - are to die for. Never before seen photos of recent Presidents with Other Presidents - one would not expect. When I was growing up - the term men's club usually meant things like Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions. But in time - women were included in these service clubs. For those who are familiar with the movie - my fave - Out of Africa - there is a scene that is hard to forget - when Karen Blixen - unwittingly makes her way into the exclusively male bar and lounge - shocking the male members. But by the end of the movie - she is paid tribute - for her courage - by being invited to share a drink with these very men. Now we are at the brink - I believe - of allowing a woman to join this exclusive men's club - the Presidency of the United States. Not only could this happen - but it will most likely happen very soon. Why - you might ask? Because we seem to have exhausted our supply of good men for that position. Would this woman please step forward - and take her rightful place - as the first woman President of the United States of America? I believe we are ready for her. Wherever she is - and whomever she might be - God Bless Her - and Give her the Courage to Lead Us. I believe it can - and will - happen. The Sooner The Better.

stay tuned here at stidh for a glimpse of what the most exclusive men's club is - here in the US of A.

last but not least - I will add the position of Cinderella to my list - of defining my self - for even Cinderella is allowed an evening of Opera at the MAC - and is planning to go see Don Giovanni next season - for she is quite sure that Prince Charming is a huge supporter of The Arts :]

Friday, April 27, 2012

friend goes after grandmother - how could I forget that - won

one defining moment

~member of the Universe ~child of God/Scu - see my post about that ~human being - of the Planet Earth ~resident of the Northern Hemisphere ~American ~American Liberal ~Hoosier ~Christian ~Methodist ~Democrat ~Housewife ~Mother ~Grandmother ~aunt/cousin/sister/mother-in-law/sister-in-law ~pianist/writer/artist of pictures not walls ~student of Spanish ~Blogger ~local idiot For those of you NOT reading this post - know that it is all in fun - but the fun is just thinking about how we define ourselves. Certain categories hold a different place at different times in our lives. Feel free - after not reading this - to not comment - and to challenge stidh - while at the same time - not commenting. : ]

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time flies...

when yer havin' fun. And when ya reach the ripe old age of 67 - time flies Really fast - anyway ya slice it. Now it's not hard to get into a denial mode at my age - but I was not ready for this one. IT HAS BEEN ONE YEAR SINCE OBAMA GOT OSAMA. with the help of our Brave Navy Seals - that is. : ] Seriously - folks - I would have guessed it was more like a couple of months. But I've had a lot going on in my life - and the way things look - there is a lot more to come - my way. Or as Tom Cruise said in A Few Good Men - And the hits just keep on coming. But I just keep hittin' em back - trying to dodge 'em - kinda like former President George W. Bush dodged the shoes thrown his way by the stupid Iraqi reporter. NOBODY HITS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IN THE HEAD WITH A SHOE. And thanks - Prez W - for proving that. And while we're on the subject - I'm glad our troops got him - Osama Bin Laden - that is. I'm quite sure that the fish got a tasty meal out of that bad guy - maybe some indigestion too. Good ridance to bad rubbish - is what we said in my day - when speaking of bad people. But has it Really been a whole year? what have i been doing all that time...

new format

Ok. I can write posts again - but can't figure how to edit my posts. pls bare w/ meee

I've Got A Friend

She's always been my Friend.  It's just that now I'm able to handle it.

Whatever are ya talkin' about  - stidh - about handlin' a Friend?

Don't get yer panties in a bunch - dear readers and noncommenters -
cause I'm gonna tell ya the whole story right now.

But first - I want to warn ya that this is a PERSONAL post - something
I never do  : ] but I think that this is important to say.

For you see - this post is about how Friendship can be tainted - and ruined
by Jealousy.

Yes - I said Jealousy.

And it wasn't the kind of Jealousy that ya normally think of - whatever that
is - but I Was Jealousy of her - BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS KNEW WHO
SHE WAS -  and she seemed to have a 'handle' on things.

And I didn't.

But now I do.  I still don't know where I 'm going  - but I pretty much know
who I am.  And for the first time in my life -

I Am Proud Of My Country.

Wait a minute - that's what Michelle Obama got in hot water for saying.

For the first time in my life - I'm Proud Of Myself.

Sure I still make mistakes - and I'm still wrong a lot of the time.
And Yes - I'm Growing Old.  : [


No matter where Life Leads Me - I'm really for it.

I think.

But getting back to my Friend - now I can deal with having her for a friend - because
I like myself.

And That's Pretty Important.

So Thanks - God - for showing me who I am - even if I don't know who I am.

and did I mention that this was going to be incoherent

Oh well - better luck next time - you people who don't read my blog - and
especially youse who don't comment

so there     :o)

Friday, April 20, 2012

3 girlfriend things

This post is about three things. When I write a post like
this one I like to do it in threes - but I can't think right
off of the third one - which I was going to write about as
the second one - so I'll add it later if it comes - to me.

The title of this post - has the word 'girlfriend' in it - and
I would like to say that the use of that particular word is
in the generic form. Such as a person that ya like to hang
out with - and it can be a actual girl friend - or a guy. Or
it can be a person of any age. But here is the important part:
you just Hang Out. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine
and Jerry talk about how ya can't bring S*x into a friendship -
or it won't work. That's what I'm thinkin' about here.

This post - as incoherent as it may be - is just talking to you
as if we were girlfriends - in the generic sense of the word.
If you are totally confused at this point - go to another blog -
but you will miss the best part - that follows.

about my face

It has not escaped me in the last six months that my bathroom
mirror has been cruelly trying to tell me that I am growing old.
Yes - unwelcome wrinkles have come to live in my face. And my
bathroom mirror is saying - What Are Ya Gonna Do About It - stidh -
anyway. Well - right now I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do:


I could do treatments - get a face lift - stuff like that - but I'm
not going to. Becuase my wrinkles tell me something - like I have
lived most of my life - and now is the time to go for something
more important than looking good - or young. I'm 67 years old - and
I want to live THAT PART OF MY LIFE.

That's it folks. I am getting old and anyone who doesn't like my
wrinkles - and you know who ya are :[ can just stuff it.

just say no/Nancy Reagan

It's no secret that when Nancy Reagan was First Lady - I didn't like her.
That is until I found out that the reason she was so standoffish is that
she LOVED RONALD REAGAN SO MUCH that she was distracted - and she just
wanted to have a life with him. After I found that out I have nothing
but respect for her. And that leads to why I am even bringing her up.
And here it is:


When I was in the Stress Unit last week I tried to help the other patients
out - and many of them were sadly young with alcohol and drug addiction
problems. But I always came up with these two things:

It's Consuming Your Life - I got that one from watching Robin Williams on
Letterman last year. He said that's the first thing they tell you in


Just Say No - is what First Lady Nancy Reagan embraced as her motto -
and an extremely important & and wise saying - and I would say that
in group therapy - and everyone picked up on it.

It is my most earnest hope that these great people that I was with in
the looney bin :] - will remember those three words - and the one about it comsuming your life.

Those words could save the life of many - & the combination is - well -
just amazing.

That's it. Is that incoherent - or what?

Thanks for being my girlfriend while ya read this - and would it kill
ya to comment?

if I think of the 3rd thing I'll post it later.


Thursday, April 19, 2012


They are finally - 6 kids later - gonna tie the knot.

Not that it's any of my business - but I couldn't be
happier - for them.

I'll be back later for my predictions about the Wedding -
which incidently - is OUR ROYAL WEDDING.

Here is how stidh thinks it will go down:

~Midnight Cowboy/great actor will walk Angie down the aisle

~Gown will be amazing - maybe strapless

~Kids will all take part in wedding

~Jen will shed a tear - boo hoo

~Wedding may be private - but we will be allowed a peek - after

~Reception - a celebrity blow out - why?

Because Angie and Brad are our Beautiful People

and they are not only Beautiful - on the outside -


anyone want to argue that point?

I didn't think so.

look-alikes here Over The Rainbow

First it was Julia Roberts.

At Lowe's.

A Dead Ringer - and I just knew that she got that all
of the time.

No makeup - no little thing up buy her right eye - but
it was Julia Roberts - alright.

Then at the Stress Unit - the guy I first bonded with was
totally Jack Black. I didn't say it right off - but finally
I say,

'I know ya get this all the time - but you look exactly like
Jack Black.'

He sez, 'Yep.' and started giggling like a 13 year old.

And there was the guy who didn't say much - but he was a
walking Ashton Kutcher - except with shoulder length blond

I thought that would be the end of it - until when I checked
out. There at the desk doing paperwork - was Fred Armisen.

Fred Armisen.

He even had on black framed glasses.

I said, 'Do ya know who Fred Armisen is?'

'Nope. Never heard of him,' he said with a slight smile.

'Pity,' I replied.

'Cause he IS Saturday Night Live, and ya look just like him.'

Then I ask a nurse standing there if she knew who Fred Armisen

'Never heard of him,' she sez.

These people in this community are Conservatives - and that's why
they don't watch SNL.

But I was reassured somehow - that Fred Armisen was there in the
Looney Bin. No offense - Fred.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Fox Nation - I pick Ted Nugent - as the d *psh*t

grow old with - stidh

While spending a few days in the Really Cool
Stress Unit - at Bloomington Hospital - aka
the Looney Bin - or to put it more bluntly -
the Psycho Ward - just kidding - it's a great
place - an amusing thing occurred.

I - stidh - not my Real name - was enjoying the
company of two young men - also inmates in the
Stress Unit - well - and Toy - his Real name - was
regaling me and Jack Black - not his Real name - about
how the police were chasing him.

So Toy was animatedly illustrating his True Story -
with hand gestures - and all - when he happened to
use the phrase 'old lady' - which phrase I did not
object to - but Toy suddenly turns tuh me and says:

'No offense.' - about sayin' old lady.

Now - instead of sayin' 'none taken,' I'm thinkin'
Whassup with that?

I say to Toy - why you say 'old lady' then say no offense
to me - stidh?

But Toy - as in Story - continues his Really cool story and
ignores me.

I let it go - since I was totally enjoying his story - about
gettin' chased by the cops.

And anyways - Stacie also called me on my age - by saying that
I am so sweet and I remind her of her grandma.

'D*mn,' I think - still enjoying Toy's Story.

All the time I'm remembering at CVS how the young guy clerk
made reference to my age by saying - during the conversation
'at your age.'

But here is the worst part - when last night Connor was listening
to me talk about how my husband-now-guardian :[ was a veteran - and
Connor sezs - 'of WW2?'

I nearly faint from the shock of it but shoot back 'no - The Civil War.'

The Others liked that and we all collapse in laughter.

But it doesn't escape me that these youngins - think of me as old.


RIP - Dick Clark

What a great guy you were...

You Will Be Missed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Thank You Note To - Rick Santorum

Thank you - Rick Santorum - for staying the course in your
attempt to become the Republican Nominee - for
President of the United States.

Sure - I didn't want you to get it - but I'm glad that you
cared enough for your Country - to stick it out until the end.

It showed that you cared enough about Our Country - to give it
all you had.

We owe you - and we owe ALL of these people who try for the
Gold Ring.

So Thanks - Rick Santorum.

I mean it - from the bottom of my Heart.



don't even THINK about



Could it be - Zimmerman - that ya are Fleeing The Interview.

tsk tsk

Usually the guilty run.

But then we Just Knew all along - that you are guilty.


Now let's get your little girl home - and concentrate
on what's Really important...

your little girl.


Sure ya missed a couple - but it's never too late -

to sink won.

And didja see that won?

nothin' but net

Monday, April 9, 2012


but first - if it is possible - try to get l**d.

Ya might just change yer mind - about doin'
somethin' like BLOWING US ALL TO BITS.

Ya see - We Can Work It Out.

H*ll yeah - there's gotta be a different solution than...

them NUKES.

thanks - SON

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sen. Grassley - stupid is as stupid does - Forrest Gump's mother said that

And I am calling YOU stupid - My Dear Idiot Senator?

Yes - I am.

Do ya know Jan Brewer?

Maybe the 2 of ya should get together.

Maybe have a Summit For Dummies - ya could also invite
the jerkoff Bill O'Reilly.

Because He Lives

These song lyrics are actually PART TWO - of My Faith Journey -

but it will appear first - that's just the way it is.

God Sent His Son - They Called Him Jesus

He Came To Love - Heal And Forgive :)

He Lived And Died - To Buy My Pardon - and my sins are Legion

An Empty Grave Is there To Prove


How Sweet To Hold - A Newborn Baby - nothing like it Really

And Feel The Pride - And Joy He/She Gives

But Greater Still - The Calm Assurance

This Child Can Face Uncertain Days


And Then One Day I'll Cross The River - euphemism for die :[

I'll Fight Life's Final War With Pain

And Then As Death - Gives Way To Victory :)

I'll See The Lights - OF GLORY - YES








B E C A U S E ~ H E ~ L I V E S

My Faith Journey - Easter Sunday - 2012

Here it is - Folks.

Where I am in my Faith Journey - as of today.

Chapter One

Sounds good tuh me - They got me when I wuz a kid.

Chapter Two

God shows me what it's like to have a Personal Realationship
with Him - for the most part I liked it. There were huge ups
and downs - but I stuck with it

Chapter Three

I finally make a lasting commitment/bond with God - because at the advanced age of 66 - HE GIVES ME JESUS.

Chapter Four

The Really good stuff is over - and now I'm in it for the
Long Haul.

But on a daily basis - I find myself thinking -









But it no longer matters Who He Is.

BECAUSE HE LIVES - I can too - even when I want
to quietly BLOW MY BRAINS OUT...

with the handgun that I don't have or never have even
touched but maybe I can borrow one from one of those

responsible gun control - ASAP

but please God

Wouldja please bless

Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama

and most of all


thanks SCU


U 2 athiests who Really aren't
i know that & you know that i know - that

Saturday, April 7, 2012



ducky - no blog to leave this on - HAPPY EASTER

give it up - Tiger

'cause it ain't gonna happen.

But then ya have to find it out - for yerself.

the five days of Easter

Here is stidh's take on the five days of Easter. Now
since none of you People are reading this - I will
expect NO COMMENTS. But feel free to comment anyway -
as I may have a differing opinion than ya all - on this
exhilarationg - wonderful Holiday.

Here it is - the five days of Easter - all according to stidh:

Ash Wednesday - A serious time - no doubt - which takes place just
six weeks before Easter - and this day kicks off the Easter season.
A church service is held after which the congregation goes forward
for Communion - and if it is so desired - a cross of ashes is placed
on the forehead or the back of the hand. One can indicate that the
cross of ashes is not desired - and this is what I've always done
to reject the cross of ashes. I don't object to admitting that I'm
a siinner - because I sin big time like everyone else - but to me
the cross of ashes are a bit much - especially on the forehead -
but I don't mean to offend.

Maundy Thursday - At the old place - there was a church service
on Maundy Thursday evening - at which time there was - a couple
of times - a Last Supper sort of thing. The food was duplicated -
as much as possible - and it amounted to something like bread and
water. The Washing of the Feet was also done - like when Jesus
washed the feet of His Disciples. What stands out here - is when
Peter at first refued to allow Jesus wash his feet - saying that
he was not good enough to allow this - but after Jesus said that
if Peter didn't allow it - then he could not be a follower of
Jesus. A very Meaningful and Significant church service.

Good Friday - The most painfull of the five - and especially
for Jesus. I love Good Friday services almost as much as I do
Easter Sunday - although it is still a notch below the Wonderful
Easter morning service - especially the Sunrise Service. At the
old place - they sometimes had reenactments - and other dramatic
stuff. I always liked that.

Easter Saturday -Easter Saturday is a Happy Day for me. It
is about - for me - waiting for something that I JUST KNOW
is gonna happen. It is just knowing that Jesus is goinng to
appear to Mary and Martha - and to all of us - and it is
about just knowing that He Is ALIVE. He was alive then - and
He is alive now - for ALL OF IS. So we can - now that we got
through Good Friday - rejoice in Easter Saturday - and then
we can go to bed Saturday night - resting assured - that we
are going to Celebrate Life - in the morning - His Life.

Easter Sunday - The Most Glorious Day Of The Year - is here.
But whatever do ya mean - stidh. Christmas is that day.
Nope. It's Easter. You see - Christmas is a party - Jesus'
Birthday Party. It's when we have FUN - and help Jesus
celebrate his birthday. When even Scientologists can put
up a Christmas Tree. But Easter - dear friends - is a
huge theological celebration. When everything we dream
about comes true. Jesus Is Alive. HE HAS RISEN! ! !

I will be back throughout the day to fill in the spaces -

with my take on the five days of Easter. I might add that

I am writing this - you might say - out of my mind - just

to see what I come up with. I will - no doubt - be as

surprised at not writing this - as you will be - in not

reading it.

on my roses

They're here.

At least two of my Legion of rosebuds are going to be blooming
in the next few days.

Am I excited about this?

You bet I am.

You see I have never had roses - anywhere - where I have lived.
When I moved here last year - around the 1st of November - there
were still red roses on the three rose bushes.

Now the roses are back. And I will be able to see them 'come out' -
in all of their glory.

To help me celebrate - I am not going to share a few rose quotes
with all of you - my nonreaders & especially my noncommenters:

A rose is a rose is a rose.
~Gertrude Stein

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.
~Emma Goldman

Everything's coming up roses - for me.
-Ethel Merman

and my fave

God gave us memory so that we may have roses in December.
~James M. Barrie

Friday, April 6, 2012

on the lottery

Smart move - winner of $218 million... on remaining anonymous.

But - Really - does anyone need to win THAT MUCH MONEY - in
the Lottery?

Why not revise the Lottery - so that more people could get

I know I would like to just win a million dollars.

What would be wrong with limiting the lottery to one
million dollars?

Let's spread the wealth around - a bit.

And I'm sure Maher would like to win since he gave away
a million to our Really Cool Guy Prez' campaign fun.

just a thought~but i like to think about how much shopping
I could do with a million $~yes - just a thought

WAY TO GO - HIPPO ! ! ! !

Rick Santorum - Prayin' for your daughter...

Because when it comes to children - politics aside.

I know I speak for everyone - that we hope she does

well and is able to go home - soon.

loving you

I got sidetracked just now - I wuz tryin' to find different
utube videos that played Were You There - in honor of
Good Friday - and I did find a couple of good ones - like
Willie Nelson & also Johnny Cash - but then I thought I'd
try Elvis - and I happened upon his video of Loving You.

Of course it was so great - but with it were some amazing
pictures that showed while he was singing LOVING YOU.
You know - when he was just starting out - like 1957 or
something like that.

The lyrics are so great:

I will spend my whole life through

Loving you~Loving you

Winter~Summer~Springtime 2

Loving you Loving you

Makes no diff'rence where I go or what I do

You know that I'll always be Loving you

If I'm seen with someone new

Don't be blue Don't be blue

I'll be faithful I'll be true

Always true True to you

There is only one for me and You know who

You know that I'll always be - Loving you



Shirley: Just a reminder that you and the ladies
of the NFBMFC - Really need to check out
on google - the Bill Maher images section. Ya just
have go to google and type in Bill Maher images - and
then click on images. There are some Really good
pictures of Bill there - and also you can see who
his friends are. CHECK IT OUT - if ya want to - that is.

Also Shirl - have a Wonderful Easter Weekend. Isn't
the weather great here? And we can chat on Monday
about how much this Easter weekend means to us all.

I may be posting stuff tomorrow about Easter - that
whatever comes to my Mind.

Take care - Shirley - and HAVE FUN - I know I am. : ]

HAPPY 48TH ! ! ! ~ kid - 'n play

aka Christopher Reid

Hey Ryan - I'm watchin' Religulous 2 - on Gud Fridee

It's up to run by on my ktchn flt scrn -

right after Frrs Buellr and soopr 8.




hands down

How stdh Is Gonna Honor Easter

I haven't had any requests for me to list what I'm
gonna do to Honor Easter :[ - so here they aren't:

~listen to the Easter section of The Messiah - ran
this by twice with the movies on mute - work fer me

~color Easter eggs - I myself do not eat eggs anymore
but my Guardian does I'll dye a dozen eggs and even
make DEVILed eggss - did that and the eggs turned
out ABSTRACT - cool

~work in my patio garden - took out some weeds and
finished pruning the dogwood (?) tree

~pick out a movie(s) that most is like Easter - but off
hand I can't think what that would be - but I'll post it
here when I decide

Ok. I just picked out 12 movies that I'm gonna run by
on my kitchen flat screen this Glorious Easter Weekend -
starting now. I'm going to list them here and then say
why I chose them:

Evan Almighty - It's about how Evan Baxter/Steve Carell
deals with being chosen by God To Make The World A Better Place

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Easter is kinda a New Beginning type
of thing - and like Cameron starts over by standing up to his
dad - and Ferris' sister learns to be herself - thanks to the
Really cool Charlie Sheen. :] Also - this is on the top of my
list of Fun Movies.

This time 3 things spoke to me during FB'SDO

Careron Frye
Twist & Shout
John Hughes' Appreciation of Fine Art - for me it's always
about Art

& cs

Super 8 - For me this movie is - and always will
remain - about - the video during the credits. And
the music after that - my sharona - and the very
end of the movie when the nice alien gets the ride
home. Plus the relationship stuff between the father
and son.

Religulous - I already gave a review of Religulous on my
Religion Blog. Now I would just say that EVERYONE SHOULD
Faith - know that YOU WILL BE OFFENDED. So you need to plan
on that but try to watch it with an open mind. And also -

Eight Below - What a PERFECT BEAUTIFUL movie. Frank Marshall
must be a very special person. And Paul Walker - I forgive him
for the crazed trucker movie - which I loved - but it did get
a little mean at the end. :]

Starry Night - Nice little video - but Really a bit of a downer -
and it choked me up - the ending too depressing. I liked the
theme song - though.

2001 A Space Odyssey - Here is a movie that - for me - is never
not good. And it is a segue to Rise of the Planet of the Apes -
sort of. My favorite part - along with all of it - is when the
two astronauts go up against HAL - kinda like moi. In order to
get the full benefit of this movie - IMHO - ya have to also watch
2010 The Year We Make Contact. I love Roy Schneider(sp)and I
personally like the sequel virtually as much as the first one.
Helen Mirren too. 2001 is smart scifi at its best - but then
you already know that. And The Music - by what's his name is
so exhilirating. Furthermore - there is the WARNING - to stay
away from Europa. So let's do it People.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - CAESAR! CAESAR! CAESAR!

City of Angels - Well. That one was excruciatingly slow - and
borrring. But still - it had a nice little ending - it was
about 'living.' and now - a Really good one. That will usher
in Easter morn. I'm gonna go for it.

Michael - Love this won.

Alice In Wonderland - If Judi Dench can get an Oscar for
8 minutes of great acting in SIL - WHEN ARE YOU PEOPLE
GONNA recogonize JD's great acting. GIVE ME A BRAKE - HEAR.

O Brother Where Art Thou - nothing left to say - here -
this is simply a Giant of a Great movie. That's all.

~not watch Real Time With Bill Maher - since Bill does not
have a show on Good Friday - pretty good for an avowed Athiest -
dontcha think?

~paint a small plastic Cross with flowers on it to hang in
my sunroom/where I paint - did it - and wouldya believe it
looks like my almost 3 yr old g-dau did it? Those things are
HARD to do. But it's up and running...

~find some good religious music videos on utube - stuff like
He Arose~Up FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE and scenes from BenHur
only the best Easter movie EVER i mean chuck heston was in
it wasn't he?

~not go to church this year since I am not happy :[ with my
lot in life - kind of punishing myself - but maybe next
year I'll go when things are better

That's about it - Dear Blogging Friends - and I'll update this
from time to time if there's anything else.

~almost forget - I'll read approprite sections of the Holy Bible
and check Joe's - Z's - & Ticker's Eeaster Sunday Videos

~one more thing - I may write a My Faith Journey post on Easter
I've been thinking of a good won

Thursday, April 5, 2012

note to Shirley

Hey - Shirl.

Sorry that I did not think of this sooner - but there
is not a Real Time show on Friday. Bill is taking a
break - but will be back on Friday the 13th: LOOK OUT!
Just kidding - my dad was always superstitious about
Friday the 13th - but not me.

I will post the guests for April 13th when I get the

Also - thanks for yer support - Shirley - about my current
situation. Yes - it has been tough - and may even get
tougher - but ya know what 'they' say:

When The Going Gets Though - The Tough Get Going -

or something like that.

I'll keep you updated on it.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hungry Games :] - the second time around

Tonight I went to see Hunger Games - for the second time.

Earlier - I wrote a post about it (see my post about it.)

I came down pretty hard on Hunger Games -

Because I Didn't Get It - Since I Hadn't Read The Book.

I'm gonna read the first book - I already bought it in

The reason I'm pursuing this is that both my daughters -
my 12 year old granddaughter -and my sister-in-law/friend
are all reading it - and I trust their opinion when they
say it is very good.

And late this afternoon - I only had to stay for about
45 minutes of Hunger Games. Since I had seen the whole
thing - after the first part - I THOUGHT - NOW I GET IT.

I understand it now.

And ya wanna know what? It makes sense - to me.

Correct me if I'm wrong - but the whole idea seemed to me
that in order to give up the bent for killing that we
humans have - in order to never have war - again - was
that there would be this sacrifice - of a young man and
a young woman. Or rather that the young man and the young
woman would fight to the death - and the one remaining
young person would be the hero.

Now I'm not suggesting that we do that. I believe there is
a better way - for us to stop the wars - and killing each
other off.

But this post is about Hunger Games - and I think that it is

So here is what I say to:

Suzanne Collins - I'm looking forward to reading your Really cool book.

Gary Ross - Thanks for such a great movie.

Woody Harrelson - You did a great job in HG - and you are a great actor.

The rest of the cast - Great job also.

And that's all I have to say about that - although I reserve the
right to write more after I read the book. Alright?

The Little BOY Apologized?

His Freakin' Mother Should Be Doin' The Apologizing -
for having a loaded gun in the glove compartment.

Did I get the story wrong?

Did the gun shoot a little girl - by itself?

Now I'm Really sure that -



instead of just wounded.

Let's get with it folks -

and have


before something else happens -

to someone we love

someone out there -

who is just waiting for a gun to not hurt them


If ya think that 5 days in the Stress Unit was a
challenge - for moi - listen to this - one - Folks -

I'm being hauled before da judge - tomorrow -
that's Thursday - April 5th - at 2 pm ET - to try
and prove that I'm competent to take care of myself -
after the divorce. Well - isn't that fine - stidh -
not competent to take care of herself.

Now I can use a few prayers - and however ya people
who are not Christian/Judeo - do pray - even you
mean athiests - I could use some sky God support.

in a big way

Thanks - and carry on. Blogging is very Important.


Thanks Sunshine - for the support

And I would like to say - in addition -


: )

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

stidh spends 5 days in the Psycho Ward

aka the looney bin.

Just kidding - about it being the pyscho ward or the
looney bin.

But I Really did spend 5 days on lockdown :[ - as a
guest - in the Stress Unit of Bloomington Hospital
- no thanks to my d*psh*t soon-to-be-ex h*sb*nd - who
went behind my back and obtained a Court Order - for
me to have three days of psychiatric observation.

Now the worthless piece of sh*t and I have been going
back and forth about this for about a month and ya
might say I was ForGainst - it. : ] kinda flipflopin'
on the subject.

So - a week ago - last Thursday - I said yes.

Yes - I'll submit to having a psychiatric evaluation.
And much to my surprise - the worthless piece of sh*t
f*in picks up the phone and calls the local police to
come and escort me - there.

There was no struggle - on my part - when two of our
Really cool Liberal College Town's finest - knocked on
the door - and after exchanging a few amenities - I
was interviewed by the man-cop and after that I was
interviewed by the lady-cop.

Now I may be stupid - but I just knew that to resist
would not be the Right thing to do - oh you know what
I mean. I knew that struggling would most likely land
me - somewhere NOT over the rainbow.

And that said - those who dare not read - nor comment -
on my blog - we rode through the campus - convoy style -
and next I will report on being admitted - and much more.


back where ya came from.



and you too - great basketball players - and

most of all - Coach John Calipari.

I wuz rootin' for ya - and you came through big time.

I mean - didja ever see such perfect three's - I will never
be able to accommplish that - ball's just 2 heavy.

A word to Sunshine

Thank you so much for taking time to comment - and yes -
I did remember my Faith - it is what got me where I am
right now -

Back home - and let me tell ya - it Really feels good.

I hope you'll come back soon - Sunshine.


'cause they're not hurt - just dead...

see - that's because -


well that's what they say - anyways


or asap

I Just Wish I Could Remember That Fallacy OF Fallacies.

stidh is - what i like to call - back

To Legion - I will be answering my comments this evening.

And after I post a couple of generic things - I will be
spilling my g*ts about my incarceration.

It's gonna be good - people - ya won't wannna miss this - won.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fire That Pilot - Good won - Bill

Why is it that you always seem to know what the Right
thing is - to do?

r u vr wrng - bl?

on keeping the faith

I wanted to write something about what is going on right
now in Our Country - you know - the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman

Right off - I will say what I think happened - and that is that
Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin - in cold blood.


I watched several different coverages throughout the day and
tonight - and here's what I saw - and was encouraged by:

I saw people speaking out - in a CIVILIZED way - saying what
they thought happened. I heard Black people speaking out about
their concern for the mindset of America against young Black men.
I read blogs on which white people gave their concerns about
what had happened - and the reasons for their concern.

I was truly encouraged by ALL of the people I heard speak -

And what I felt I was seeing - were the NEW AMERICANS THAT

Even though the 2012 Presidential Elections haven't even taken
place - I think we already have started that GREAT SECOND HALF -
that Clint Eastwood was talkin' about - and ya gotta love Clint
Eastwood - folks. I mean - he's Dirty Harry - isn't he?

Seriously - I think we are gonna be ok.

THAT SPOKE OUT - and that goes for all ya folks over at Z's
blog - too.

God Bless Americans.




sorry folks but I just couldn't stop myself...

Shirley: Dr. Drew is on at 9 pm ET - and I assume Bill (Maher) will be 2 - HLN

Sherl: Bill (Maher) Is Gonna Be Interviewed on Dr. Drew Tonight -

that's HLNews - not sure what time - yet - but I'll letya
know - it's about the Trayvon Martin thing.
Gotta run - going Krogering - I just can't get used to HOW
Much groceries cost these days - I just don't know how women
with families do it - but my older daughter - Julie (not her
Real name) - leans heavily on coupons - works for her.

I'll definitely get back to ya on the time of Dr. Drew's
interview with Bill (Maher) - and I - for one - am anxious
to hear his take on that subject.

open message to Shirley

Hey Sherl:

Whassup - girlfriend?

Yes - I'm also trying to find out who the guests are on
this Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher. What I'm thinkin'
is - is that they wait unitl the last possible minute to -

So I'll keep checkin' it out - and ya can read all about it
here on stidh.

Say Shirl - I'm walkin' 30 minutes a day now - the doc said I
experienced the shortness of breath thing - because I'm out of
shape. I'm trying to remedy that now - so as to be able to
go in for layups - and I'm Really getting good at shootin'
hoops - and please tell your older son - the one who is 16 -
the tall one - Damon - that I challenge him to a game of
H-O-R-S-E. Again. He killed me the last time.

And Sherl - the Borscht I made is to die for. Freezes well -
& if ya put it into serving size Tupperware - ya can get it
Right out for lunch or supper. Looks and tastes just like
Ham & Beans. Amazing - and deeeelicious!

Catch ya later - Sherl.

I just saw a sign on the top of comment section - THAT BLOGGER IS GETTING A NEW LOOK IN APRIL

Please - No - Blogger.




please - no more new stuff

Here is what I mean by that - blogger:

Don't go changin' - to try and please me
Ya never let me down before
Don't imagine yer too familiar
And I don't see ya anymore.

I would not leave ya
In times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times - I'll take the bad times
I take ya just the way you are.

I Need To Know That You Will Always Be
The Same Old Someone That I Knew
Ah - What Will It Take Until You Believe In Me
The Way That I Believe In You?

I said I Love You - and that's Forever
And this I promise from my Heart -
I could not love you - any better
I love ya just the way you are.

I don't want - clever conversation -
I never want to work that hard
I just want someone I can talk to

I WANT YOU - just the way you are.

See what I mean - Blogger?

Thanks - Billy Joel - You're The Greatest.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Man Doing Well With Face Transplant

I used to have a problem with Face Transplants.

To me they seemed a little weird.

But then I see more and more how these Face Transplants
are giving People a New Lease On Life.

And so now I say More Power To Ya - Face Transplants.

And it also makes me see that some of these doctors -


Sure there are a few quacks in this World - but i see all of
the good that so many doctors do -

And I Say To Myself:


and they are the Good Ones.

Thanks - Good Doctors.

humbly - from the bottom of my Heart

I've said this before and I need to say it again...

Bloggers are the best people in the world.

Even people who don't have blogs - but particiape in
the world of bloggers - ARE THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Even bloggers who fight to give the opposite opinions - are

I Heart Anyone I Have EVER Come Into Contact Either Directly -
Or Indirectly Through Blogging.

Someone once said to me Bloggers aren't your friends.

B*llsh*t. That is pure B*llsh*t.

And anyone want to disagree with me - can make - a - comment.

Fat Chance Of That Happening - Right?

except for you legion - i love you guys :]

National Hoodie Day

I - stidh - By The Power NOT Invested In Me By Anyone -

Do Hereby Declare - Today - to be:


in honor and respect - of and for:


who died - saving us - from our sinful selves.

And anyway - that's the least we can do - put on our hoodies
today - I'm gonna wear my Really Cool Purple One.

Don't have one?

Then go right out to Walmart or Target - AND GET ONE.

and wear it today - ALL DAY.

And when ya do - just remember Trayvon Martin - who right now -
is wearing his - and chatting it up with Michael Jackson - and Jesus -
and I'm quite sure they are wearing one too.

::wipes a tear from her Heart::

: ]


Among the many protester was the famous Mad Blogger - stidh.

We spoke with stidh during the protests and here's how it
went down:

CNN: So - stidh. How does it feel go be there in the mainstream
of American protesters?

stidh: Great.

CNN: What lead you to take part in this protest - stidh?

stidh: I'm glad ya asked that question - Anderson. And I'm
gonna give ya the answer right now.

I came here today because I'm a housewife - but in my spare time
I care about things. And I wanted to be where the action is. The
action - here in this Great Country of Ours - where folks stand
up for each Other - and where they stand up for Right.

CNN: That's great - Sue. And how do YOU think the protest is

stidh: I think it is Great - Anderson. The People here are orderly -
standing up for what they Believe to be true - that in fact this
slaying of a young Black man - was Wrong. And it was Racist. But
these People are not taking the Law into their own hands - but rather
they are just 'speaking out' - something that we here in America -
can do - without fear of repercussion. It's called Freedom of Speech -

CNN: I totally agree - stidh. Will you be staying here long?

stidh: No Anderson. My work here is done. I just wanted to come here
and see for myself - the American Spirit In Action. Now I will go
back home - to Southern Indiana - and continue to do what I love best -
what is inherent in my Life. And I'm talking about two things -
Anderson. Being a housewife - something that is the Core Of My Very
Existence - and Blogging - which is The Way Of The Future - for it is
a way for the ordinary - everyday person - to express his or her
opinion - in such a unique way - Anderson. But I want to say that it
has been a Real Privilege to be here - among such fine People. People
who are expressing how they feel - but not causing trouble - like it
used to be. Things are different now - don't ya think - Anderson?

CNN: Yes - stidh. Indeed I do. Thank you for taking time to talk
with us.

stidh: You are very welcome - Anderson. And may I say that it is my
honor to be speaking with YOU - Anderson Cooper. I am a huge fan of

CNN: Why thank you - Sue. And now back to you in the studio - Wolf.

well - that's how it woulda gone - if I had been there in Florida at
that Really Cool Protest...


::goes back to bed::

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Yeah - He looks like a Real Threat - I Mean His Picture Scared the LIVING CRAP -

outta me.

Now I plead attention to my own 'tragic plight' in Life - that
I haven't followed this story like I should have.

And this is the first time that I Really noticed what his picture
looked like.

Well - I mean I'm so glad that I didn't happen upon this Fierce and
Mean Looking Young Black man.

Ya say he had a hoodie on?

Well - why shoot him?

Shooting's too GOOD for a sweet - innocent looking young guy like that -


oh that's right - because guns are easier - and more civilized.


I do believe that what Ronald Reagan said about Russia:


was MUCH worse than this.

Anyone remember that one?

I do.

did I read that right?

NK is gonna move a rocket to the lauch pad?

Now why on Earth would ya wanna do that?


Are ya plannin' on shooting it at someone?


This could be the start of somethin' big.

Like WW3?

I sure hope not.

the newspaper article that I didn't read


Stop Telling Me That The Newspaper Is A Good Thing -
I'm Already Not Reading It

The newspaper from which the article was taken - the post -
that I'm about to write - is:

The Indianapolis Star

and the article seems to be a part - possibly - of a series
that are entitled:

JOBS in partnership with

and the heading of the article is

Prepare for TOUGH interview questions.

Now - I just glanced at the article and since my 5 year old
grandson was also at the table - and my daughter was close by
working in the kitchen - I decided to gear it to the 5 year old -
and - perhaps - have some fun with it.

Now the questions that I presented my g-son with were supposed to
be questions that an emloyer would ask a prospective employee.

Here I include the questions - along with the answers my grandson

Me: Why should I hire you instead of some other candidates (for the
job - and at this point I explained to him that he should pretend
that someone was thinking about letting him work for him and he
SEEMED to understand - that)

Joel: (certainly not his Real name - to protect family privacy I'll
call him Joel) Because I am good at putting legos together

Me: What are your weaknesses?

Joel: (again I must insist that Joel is NOT Joel's Real name)
I like to do legos.

Me: If you could be any kind of tree - what would it be?

Joel: A sycamore tree.

At this point I would say that both his mother (my younger daughter)
and I were quite pleased with this intelligent answer and we questioned
him briefly - and he did agree that he said 'sycamore' tree because of
having learned about the sycamore tree in Sunday School - ya know what
I'm talking about here - the time when the stort guy Zaceeus (sp) -
from the Bible - climbed up in the sycamore tree so that he could get
a better look at Jesus.

Me: What is your worst quality?

Joel: I like to build legos. (again the legos - it's always about the legos)

Me: What was the last book you read?

Joel: The Cat In The Hat. (Dr. Seuss)

Me: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Joel: As a Ninja.

Here his mother and I were again pleased as Joel is quick and could easily
take some sort of lessons on the art of that sort of self-defense - in
case he should ever encounter mean bullies on the playround. :[

And the article went on to list ten of the most bizarre questions that
the online career communitiy - - listed - and that I would
like to not share with all of you - right now - because I think they
are very clever - folks:

Remember when not reading this list - these interview questions are
meant to be VERBAL - not - not read.

~Just entertain me for five minutes. I'm not going to talk.

~If Germans were the tallest people in the world, how would you prove it?

~What do you think of garden gnomes?

~Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good software engineer?

~How would you cure world hunger?

~Please spell diverticulitis.

~Name five uses for a stapler without stapler pins.
~How would you get an elephant into a refrigerator?

~If you could be a superhero, what power would you posess (Joel - not his
Real name - answered - to be Really quick - or fast.)

~Pepsi or Coke?

Pretty good huh?

Of course - folks - that's because these questions were taken from a
newspaper in the Really Great City Of Indianapolis - and certainly not
from a Really sophistocated newspaper like - let's say - The New York Times.

Next up: Possibly another long and rambling post - about a Great Actor -
that caught my eye - not an American actor - but a Brit. actor - and he's Black - folks. :]

All this and more - right here on stidh.

DON'T READ ALL ABOUT IT - and especially - DO NOT COMMENT!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the long and rambling post

Get a snack - maybe go to the bathroom first -
Dear Nonreaders and Noncommenters - cause this
could get long - and incoherent.

But ya know what?

It's gonna be good.

5 Things That Happened Today While I Was Away

I. I was gonna get a can of Orange Soda - Sunkist I think -
out of the big cooler at a Chinese CarryOut Place - but luckily
I checked the ingredients - and I DISCOVERED THAT IT HAD
CAFFEINE IN IT. Caffeine in a orange soda - folks?
Why? I thought orange soda was supposed to be caffeine free.
All I need right now is to have caffeine working against me - too.

II. Passing a Bicycle Shop I encountered a Quote by John F. Kennedy
that read:

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Well - I know a little bit about our late President -
John F. Kennedy - and I just know that what he considered to be
'simple pleasure' had very little to do with riding a bike.

III. On Real Time With Bill Maher - last Friday night - there was a
good discussion during which Real Time guest - New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow - talked about how young Black men often face the
extra unwanted responsibility of having to be careful of things like
body language - making sudden moves - wearing hoodies - anything that
gives suspicion to their actions - BY PARANOID WHITE FOLKS.

But I observed - today - a young Black high school age guy - who I
don't think we are gonna have to worry about - as far as doing anything
threatening - to us white folks. I was watching the situation from my
daughter's backyard - while entertaining her three small children - who incidentally happen to be my g-kids folks :] - and the young Black guy -
was doing yard work - learning the ins and outs of handling a rake - and perhaps picking up sticks - even unwillingly - under the sharp supervision
of his father - who was also Black. And I thought to myself - I don't this
young man is gonna be a problem - and I was wearing the (purple) hoodie.

IV. On my visit to my daughter's today - I hauled a load of Creative stuff
along in the car - so that my five year old g-son and I could comiserate
together in creating - something - Creative. This all because I am not allowed to buy him $50 Imaginext toys - any longer - not that I have the money anyway - seeings as I am on a new restricted pred*v*rc* budget. :[

Now everyone who doesn't read my Blog - doesn't know that I am huge on
Responsible Gun Control - and I'll go a step further and say that

But here's the irony of it all:

When I presented my g-son with several items - like an empty paper towel
roll - and other meaningless stuff he could spraypaint - to make something
Creative - this is what he came up with folks:

A Gun - that Really looked like an assault weapon - or as my daughter
put it - a pipe bomb.

and we had a heck of a time convincing him that he simply COULD NOT take
this homemade - albeit harmless - weapon into the airport tonight to pick up his father. We told him that to those TSA people - it might seem a little threatening.

V. Now I DO NOT READ THE NEWSPAPER - but rather I took some along so that
it could be used to put on the patio for the spraypainting. But we didn't use one section - and later I was glancing at it - NOT READING - this newspaper - and my eyes - not me - but my eyes - happened to fall on a Really Cool Article.

My eyes said, 'Sue - lookee here at this great article.'

And I said, 'Shutup. I don't read the newspaper.'

But my eyes insisted, 'But Sue - this is a good one.'

So I'm gonna share that with ya tomorrow - Folks - cause I'm getting tired -and anyway - there is a rerun of Real Time With Bill Maher on right now.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


What a SH*TTY movie.

If I had known it was such a mean movie - I woulduv saved
some money and rented Mad Max or Pulp Fiction.

Here are some highlights of Hunger Games:


~he must have hated yer guts - good one woody


~doesn't even touch john carter

~liked his Really cool beard

~reminiscent of the best picture on a few years ago about the quiz show

~not even close to being as good as the descendents



~LMFAO when the dingo almost got her baby

~far from home - when she rolled down the hill

~bullying in its meanist form

~bill's not gonna like this one

~i'm thinkin' wtf - people are packin' it in for this?

~devil colors

~it's about stayin' alive

~sonsuvb*tch*s will vote it best picture fer sure

~you mean the stupidest part - you're ok you're ok

~district 9

~andrew sullivan was wrong about rioting

And another reason I didn't like it -

it made me cry - like

Man on Fire
Million Dollar Baby
Gran Turino

I hate to cry

but they did end up together - lucky them

But looking on the Brighter side - I see that Cape Fear :]
is on direct tv - and maybe later a rerun of Real Time - and
to finish off the evening - SNL!

Woo Hoo.


the little 500

will take place this year here at this Large Liberal College Town -

Indiana University.

Now The Little 500 is a bicycle race - modeled after the
Indianapolis 500 - in which college men ride their bicycles - for 200 laps -to the Finish - line.

Now - dear nonreaders and noncommenters - ya may think that the
Little 500 is a joke.


These poeple here at IU take the Little 500 serioulsy.

And they are dead serious.

These college students F*in' stand up for the ENTIRE RACE -
over two hours. Not me - though - in fact I don't even go
to the race itself anymore. There's no way I'm standing up
for ANTHING for that long. And if ya do sit down - you are
looking at some serious b*utt for two hours. : ]

The Little 500 takes place on Saturday, April 21st - this
year - at 2 pm ET. It costs around $20 to get in - but the
money all goes to a worthy cause. And it's fun. The campus
is SOOOOO beautiful right now - with flowering trees.

What I've done is to invite People to come here to IU - for
the Little 500 bicycle race. Some family, some old friends and
a couple of new friends. And I hope they Come. Because it could
be Really great. And instead of goin' to the Race - I'm gonna
stay home and cook - so that when those folks get back from the
Little 500 bicycle race - we can eat lots of good food - like
chili, fried asparagus, fried mushroom, fried zucchini, etc.

In the meantime - I'm gonna get ready by Really cleaning my house.

Because - as they said in Fields of Dreams:

If You Build It - They Will Come.

and if they DO come - then I will be ready - for them - folks.

an open message to Conservatives

It's tough Right now being a Conservative.

I know that.

You know that.

And I know that you know - that.

Sure - you believe in your Conservative Values.

And you want to stick with it.

But it's just NOT YOUR TIME - right now.

So hang in there.

I JUST KNOW - that before too long - someone is gonna come along
- someone who will fulfill the longing you have in your Heart -
someone who will Lead The Way - in the Way You Want.

So don't give - up - Folks.

It's early yet.

We're gonna get Our Really Cool Country - back.

Thank you.

and God Bless The United States Of America


the world's greatest college weekend

And what would that be - stidh?

I'm gonna tell ya what.

Right after I run a few errands.

But I'll say this much - folks.

It's Real.

And it's Spectacular.

and ya can read all about it Right here on - stidh.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Critique of Real Time With Bill Maher - Friday March 23 2012

What A Great Show From Start To Finish!

And For Different Reasons Than Last Week.

A Moment In Real Time (Sept 28 2007) - with Rahm Emanuel - YES.

and another old Real Time clip I caught this morning was a Really Good
One - with Martin Short~Tavis Smiley~Stephen Moore~Bob Costos - on
steriods in baseball :[ - but this was one of the BEST - folks and as
I looked at the set in the background - I found myself thinking excitedly:


Opening Monolgue - Over The Top Great:

~number of times Bill mentioned the Etch a Sketch thing - 7

~pres. speech/boring bs'ers everywhere - good

~knobs/boobies joke - funny

~reference to SP: ipad/stupid joke - hilarious

~thing about Arizona & women's reproductive rights/watch another woman
get an abortion - good one - will they ever give up on that?

~something about student loan deferment/abortion? - good joke

~joke about Florida shooting/foodie responsible - good use of a delicate situation

~Bill's stand yer ground law/his lawn/Jehovah witnesses - great

~Pope in Mexico

~John Edwards/not cheat on mistress - funny

This Opening Monologue was Really funny.

First Interview

Charles M. Blow/Bill

Bill - These things (Florida shooting) always makes us pay attention to race

CB - These days there doesn't seem to be an ending to the problem that ends
in riots as it used to be/more ablility to express ourselves/difusses violence/people's attitudes more sophisicated

~Bill - Now we have Denying racism as the New Racism

~CB - Bringing it up means being Racist

I would like to say at this point that I wrote about that on my Blog:

and that is that I ALWAYS mention when someone is Black - whereas I do
not do that with Other races - and I consider that a form of Racism - and
I'm not sure I will ever stop doing that

~Bill brought up good point about young Black kids having a hard role in that they must guard against seeming threatening

~CB agreed and went on to say that it is a heavyweight on the shoulders of young Black men/can't wear hoodies/must watch their body language/no
sudden moves/how they position body and this discussion brought to my mind
the scene in Crash when the two Black guys confronted the couple and stole their van - they discussed this very thing right before they did this.

I felt that this was a valuable discussion with important points being brought up - about how hard it must be - at times for young Black guys.

On the other hand - just the other day I saw a group of young Black men speed by in a car with a huge dog hanging its head out the window - and I thought to myself - Isn't that a Redneck thing - jus' sayin' : ] - no shotgun - that I could see - though - with Rednecks there woulda been the shotgun.

~good shot by Bill about capri pants

I thought Charles Blow was an excellent Guest - very poised - and even later
in the show I felt that he had the possiblilty of saying things - more than he did - even - on tonight's show - and I would like to see more of him.

Panel Discussion

Bill begins by bringing up Hate/Thought Crimes

Andrew Sullivan says that there must be equality in considering what is a crime and citizens MUST be held responsible for their actions

Wendy Schiller said that if you have a tendency toward violence - you always run the risk of eventually committing a crime

Glenn Greenwald spoke up that the reason for a crime makes a difference

Bill said that he disagrees - that crimes of Passion are not excusable

The Point was made by Bill that kids are too often put in jail FOR DOING SOMETHING STUPID - That is not necessarily a crime - and AS agreed and said that it is not appropriate to give 9 years for a prank - and Bill joked that they should be sent to Harvard.

WS suggested that if you do have Hate Crime Laws - then they should be carried through and used

Good point was made that PEOPLE OFTEN ARE SHUT DOWN IF THEY 'STEP OUT OF LINE' FOR BEING OUTRAGEOUS - this point has been made before here

A good discussion on something about Yeman then ensued.

At this point Bill introduced the Stupidest State Elite Eight - and
California/Oklahoma entered the contest:

~California - Free Stuff/porn condoms/ban circumncisions/Dicks about yer dick?

University on the same sign - good/funny about OK's Muslim Person
fetues in food/Little Debbie Snack cakes - I used to devour them let
me tel ya/but they are not made out of Little Debbie - cool joke

At This Point I Would Like To Say That Tonight's Panel Worked For Me -
because there seemed to be more genuine sparks flying than usual - but the panel did so well with that - I loved the lively discussion with conflict in a Civil but almost fighting and exciting opposing ideas with the three Really getting in to it - and Bill too.

There was a Tension on tonight's show that I hadn't felt - or maybe just hadn't noticed - before - and it was good - folks - and the reason for that is - is that it just made Real Time With Bill Maher more REAL - and you can't ask for more than that.

And another thing - THESE PEOPLE ARE SMART. All of them.

Second Interview

What can ya say about Fred Armisen folks - he seemed so cute - precious -
Really - and I kept wondering how it would be to talk to him - and not knowing if he was going to do something funny at any moment.

He began the segment with a pretty fair imitation of Bill.

There was a discussion - coming from Andrew Sullivan - about how FAME -
and about how hard it is to be famous - at times - about living under a microscople. And AS mentioned Princess Diana - as an example.

I would like to say - on record - that I have resolved my love/hate
relationship with Princess Diana - having run the gamut with her - sometimes admiring her for her striking beauty/charm/celebrity/wit and just in general everything that went with it all. Then I went through a stage - having read articles about her - thinking that she was not such a good person - and that maybe she deserved what she got. But now I see that it
must have been so hard - to live the life she was handed - and I would just like to see the good in her - and Let It Be - and may she rest in peace - or whatever ya do at that point in your nonlife.

New Rules

~Dick Clerk - Very Good about how a clerk should not wear a blue shirt and expect not to be mistaken for a clerk and the thing about the bloody apron was great.

~Persion of interest - Very Funny

~Branch Du Blah - Good

~Screen Saver - Chr*st who watches this sh*t - Hilarious

~Leaker of the House - So Good

BEST JOKE OF THE SHOW - Show Me The On The Doll - Bill

~Raging Bullshit - This whole brouhaha about Robert DiNero and what
he said has had me wondering why it was even brought up in the first place -

Ending Editorial - So Good

~National Day of Outrage - Such a good idea - we Really go off on this type of thing in this Country - and as Bill says if you don't like what someone says on that show - THEN DON'T WATCH IT


~Line of jokes about Mitt Romeny at end were VERY FUNNY -

About Mitt's stance on apologizing

Least interesting man in the world

Miett Romney is - FORGAINST it - hee hee

Paint watches him dry - Ha ha

When Ambien can't sleep it takes him - heh heh

Hangin' it up now - I am too tired to go on - will finish tomorrow.


oh and Bill just had to say something about Tim Tebow not getting LAID
way to go Bill but you were very nice about Tim otherwise - but I'm not surprised Bill you are such a great person.

Almost forgot:

Everyone looked SO nice.

Bill: lose the tie

And A Special Thanks to the Cameramen on Real Time - who do such a
Great Job - especially catching the expressions of the Guests and the Audience reactions - That Takes Special Talent - so THANKS - guys.

And what an EXCELLENT picture - that is Really a good one of you - Bill.
I'll print out for my album. And that reminds me - LIVE TONIGHT - IT'S Saturday Night - Live. and maybe I can catch Real Time on a rurun...the
sun is out - so today is shapin' up - not to be so bad after all.