Saturday, March 24, 2012

an open message to Conservatives

It's tough Right now being a Conservative.

I know that.

You know that.

And I know that you know - that.

Sure - you believe in your Conservative Values.

And you want to stick with it.

But it's just NOT YOUR TIME - right now.

So hang in there.

I JUST KNOW - that before too long - someone is gonna come along
- someone who will fulfill the longing you have in your Heart -
someone who will Lead The Way - in the Way You Want.

So don't give - up - Folks.

It's early yet.

We're gonna get Our Really Cool Country - back.

Thank you.

and God Bless The United States Of America



-FJ said...

Its not only our time... its your end time.

sue hanes said...

-FJ - Well - now that's a comment that is chock full of meaning.
And ya can take comments - any which way you like.

Here's how I take it:

In blogging - -FJ - once a comment is made - it is written in stone - unless you delete it. I used to be known as the Great Deleter - but not so much anymore.

I see you said 'our time.' I chose to take that as a committment - but then that's just my Opinion.
If it bothers you - Delete It.

And as far as 'my end time' - didja ever see End of Days - -FJ?
Well if J. ever gives the the nod -I'm gonna 'impale' myself on The Big One - quicker that you can say Jack Robinson - see?

Got a problem with that - -FJ?

Sorry but Hunger Games upset me (see my post about that.)

I'll be ok - if there's a RT rerun - then the first 20 mins.
of SNL.

Havin' a good time - folks?

I'm not - I'm having a sh*tty time.

-FJ said...

Liberalism has jumped the shark...with gay marrage. It's "progressivism" is D.e.a.d.

sue hanes said...

Here's my advice to high school students entering their senior year next fall - and seeking a career:



has that happened yet - -FJ - that ya know of?

Thersites said...

Yep. Fortunately, it doesn't apply in States that don't recognize gay marriage.

Thersites said...

Do you know what a totem pole is for, Sue? If Freud's "band of brothers" wanted to be gay, they would have never carved totem poles and eaten the Primorial Father. But they didn't like being gay, so they did. So dat is dat!

Thersites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thersites said...

I guess you had to be there.

sue hanes said...

'states that don't recognize gay marriage'

Not yet - Ther - but they well.

It's just about a few mean holdouts.

They'll recognize gay marriage - because:


sue hanes said...

Ther - When ya click on the pop-up box stuff (like 'be there') ya can't see the whole thing.

Someone told me how I can make it big - like a rightclick or somethin' - but I can't remember how tuh do it.

Do you know how - Ther?

sue hanes said...

Aw come on - Ther. I could spend a sh*tload of time researching yer 'totem pole' comment - but I've got housewife stuff to do.

Please just come right out and tell me what it means - Ther.

if ya wanna

-FJ said...

Sure. Copy the URL and paste it into a bigger window. ;)

...and you'll find the answer to your question in THAT bigger window.

...and the RIGHT THING TO DO for who?

Making Bank robbery legal is GREAT for bank robbers...

-FJ said...

...but I'm not so sure that making gay marriage legal is so "great" for kids.

sue hanes said...

Look - FJ.

What ya hafta do - is teach yer kids the moral values that you want them to have. And be kind to them - and love them. And take good care of them.

And I'm telling you that they will have those same moral values for Life.

I mean - do ya think Beav ever went back on his Catholic upbringing? Not by a long shot.
Sure - he tries to make us think he did - BUT I KNOW BETTER. :)

But we live in an age - -FJ - where not everyone is straight. And those people that are not
straight - let-s call them Gay - -FJ - it's time they have the right to get married - and 'benefit' from it.

Now at present - I'm not the one to ask about the 'perks' of marriage - since I'm PLANNING TO GET OUT OF MINE - but I say let gays get married - all of them.

And before long - they will wish they had never heard of Holy Matrimony - with all of the wholes in it.

As far as the kids go - they'll be just fine - and they will learn tolerance from this.

And we will all live Happily Ever

it's the NKan's that need to get l**d - don't ya think - -FJ?

sue hanes said...

Gee thanks - FJ.

Now what exactly is the URL - and how to ya 'copy and paste' - anyway?

Sorry - but I just can't get the hang of technology.

The problem we have here -FJ - IS
A FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE - and that you are a f-in Conservative - and I am an American Liberal.

You see - -FJ - we're not talking about breaking the law - as in bank robbery - that is something bad people do - but rather we are talking about a lifestyle - THAT IS NOT WRONG EXCEPT IN THE MINDS OF THE MORALLY UPTIGHT - PEOPLE.

Get a life - FJ. :]

Thersites said...

Sorry. But w/gay marriage its' the kids that get f'd over... literally.

Ever hear of a 'catamite', stidh? In a few years... you WILL.

Thersites said...

There's a saying, stidh. "Those who fail to LEARN from history are doomed to REPEAT it.". Was the orginator of THAT saying, full of it, stidh?

Thersites said...

You ever hear of an "incest taboo", stidh? Something that protects children from sexual predation? Do you know where THAT comes from, stidh. When you finally figure it out, come back and we'll talk. Til then, you perhaps should keep your opinions upon the subject of homosexual marriages to yourself. The future children of this world will thank you, if you do.

sue hanes said...

I googled 'catamite' - Ther.

Now the problem is - here - that I am not a woman of the World - so you might have one up on me - about gay people. YOU SURE SEEM TO KNOW A LOT ABOUT IT.

But I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt - and maybe most gay people are just interested in having a family - and not in promoting gayness.

Do You And Your Suspicious Mind Know For A Fact That That Is Not True - ther?

sue hanes said...

Never heard of him.

But I checked it out - googled it -in fact - and I wrote this Really cool guy's name down - because I think I would like to know more of what he said.

The problem is here - Ther - that:


And what I mean by that is - it's a little late to stop gays - so what we need to do is to get to know them - make sure if they are really doing bad stuff - like indoctrinating the kids about being gay - But If It Is As I Suspect - That They Really Would Just Like To
Have Kids To Raise And Love - like the rest of us folks - well - then - what's yer gripe?

What do ya think about them apples ther?

sue hanes said...


Thersites - my dear fellow - this happens to be MY BLOG - so YOU - depart - if that's what ya so desire - but I'm stayin' put.

The nerve of some People...

Next thing I know you will be saying I have a SH*TTY BLOG.

sue hanes said...


Thersites - my dear fellow - this happens to be MY BLOG - so YOU - depart - if that's what ya so desire - but I'm stayin' put.

The nerve of some People...

Next thing I know you will be saying I have a SH*TTY BLOG.

sue hanes said...

Hey Ther - ever watch the Really cool series on tv about that bad guy - Caligula?

He was so bad - now there's someone you should go after - and leave these nice gay people alone.

Thersites said...

Caligula is dead. Should I dig him up and beat him with my shovel?

There are still SOME states where kids aren't being forced to swallow sausages... so for their sake, I.'ll keep up the fight.

Thersites said...

Now go look ip the word "eronomos" and start to lecture me about the evils of Don't ask, don't tell.

Like I need lectures from those who know so very little of the "history" of the policies for which they advocate....

It's not enough to be multicultural, stidh. Learn from history, and become " multitemporal".