Sunday, March 25, 2012

the long and rambling post

Get a snack - maybe go to the bathroom first -
Dear Nonreaders and Noncommenters - cause this
could get long - and incoherent.

But ya know what?

It's gonna be good.

5 Things That Happened Today While I Was Away

I. I was gonna get a can of Orange Soda - Sunkist I think -
out of the big cooler at a Chinese CarryOut Place - but luckily
I checked the ingredients - and I DISCOVERED THAT IT HAD
CAFFEINE IN IT. Caffeine in a orange soda - folks?
Why? I thought orange soda was supposed to be caffeine free.
All I need right now is to have caffeine working against me - too.

II. Passing a Bicycle Shop I encountered a Quote by John F. Kennedy
that read:

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Well - I know a little bit about our late President -
John F. Kennedy - and I just know that what he considered to be
'simple pleasure' had very little to do with riding a bike.

III. On Real Time With Bill Maher - last Friday night - there was a
good discussion during which Real Time guest - New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow - talked about how young Black men often face the
extra unwanted responsibility of having to be careful of things like
body language - making sudden moves - wearing hoodies - anything that
gives suspicion to their actions - BY PARANOID WHITE FOLKS.

But I observed - today - a young Black high school age guy - who I
don't think we are gonna have to worry about - as far as doing anything
threatening - to us white folks. I was watching the situation from my
daughter's backyard - while entertaining her three small children - who incidentally happen to be my g-kids folks :] - and the young Black guy -
was doing yard work - learning the ins and outs of handling a rake - and perhaps picking up sticks - even unwillingly - under the sharp supervision
of his father - who was also Black. And I thought to myself - I don't this
young man is gonna be a problem - and I was wearing the (purple) hoodie.

IV. On my visit to my daughter's today - I hauled a load of Creative stuff
along in the car - so that my five year old g-son and I could comiserate
together in creating - something - Creative. This all because I am not allowed to buy him $50 Imaginext toys - any longer - not that I have the money anyway - seeings as I am on a new restricted pred*v*rc* budget. :[

Now everyone who doesn't read my Blog - doesn't know that I am huge on
Responsible Gun Control - and I'll go a step further and say that

But here's the irony of it all:

When I presented my g-son with several items - like an empty paper towel
roll - and other meaningless stuff he could spraypaint - to make something
Creative - this is what he came up with folks:

A Gun - that Really looked like an assault weapon - or as my daughter
put it - a pipe bomb.

and we had a heck of a time convincing him that he simply COULD NOT take
this homemade - albeit harmless - weapon into the airport tonight to pick up his father. We told him that to those TSA people - it might seem a little threatening.

V. Now I DO NOT READ THE NEWSPAPER - but rather I took some along so that
it could be used to put on the patio for the spraypainting. But we didn't use one section - and later I was glancing at it - NOT READING - this newspaper - and my eyes - not me - but my eyes - happened to fall on a Really Cool Article.

My eyes said, 'Sue - lookee here at this great article.'

And I said, 'Shutup. I don't read the newspaper.'

But my eyes insisted, 'But Sue - this is a good one.'

So I'm gonna share that with ya tomorrow - Folks - cause I'm getting tired -and anyway - there is a rerun of Real Time With Bill Maher on right now.


nicrap said...

You write beautifully...

sue hanes said...

Why nicrap - thank you so much for that - wonderful compliment.

Becuase you see - dear nicrap - writing is one the great innate desires - in my life - the Other one remains - unfulfilled - but I'm workin' on it.

I used to want so badly to be a great writer - or at least to be a mediocer (sp) one - and TO BE PUBLIISHED - but when that didn't happen quickly enough - for me - and yes - I had heard about how all successful writers must first struggle - and suffer - but thankully I discoverd:


Blogging is where ya can write to yer Heart's content - and not ever have to worry about some editor - changing the content of your work -and you just know - that Someone Out There - is reading it - even if they refuse to give ya the satisfaction of a comment.

Say - nicrap - I have a couple of short stories - in the works - do ya think I should finish them - and post them on my Really Cool Blog?

I respect yer opinion on writng - nicrap. Not that I have ever read yer true confessions book - at least all the way through - although I have thrown it up against wall a couple of times.

And for that I do beg your forgiveness - dear nicrap.

You see - I don't mean to offend.

nicrap said...

No offence taken, ma'am. Why if i was the man i was five years ago, i would take a flame-thrower through it myself. ;)

sue hanes said...

But ya want to know what - nicrap?

Even thought True Story is a source of great - how should I say it - PAIN IN THE *SS - for me - it remains:

SENSE OF THE WORD - but here we are talking Literary Genius -

and that person would be - none
Other than -


ever hear of him - nicrap?

He cool.