Saturday, March 24, 2012

the little 500

will take place this year here at this Large Liberal College Town -

Indiana University.

Now The Little 500 is a bicycle race - modeled after the
Indianapolis 500 - in which college men ride their bicycles - for 200 laps -to the Finish - line.

Now - dear nonreaders and noncommenters - ya may think that the
Little 500 is a joke.


These poeple here at IU take the Little 500 serioulsy.

And they are dead serious.

These college students F*in' stand up for the ENTIRE RACE -
over two hours. Not me - though - in fact I don't even go
to the race itself anymore. There's no way I'm standing up
for ANTHING for that long. And if ya do sit down - you are
looking at some serious b*utt for two hours. : ]

The Little 500 takes place on Saturday, April 21st - this
year - at 2 pm ET. It costs around $20 to get in - but the
money all goes to a worthy cause. And it's fun. The campus
is SOOOOO beautiful right now - with flowering trees.

What I've done is to invite People to come here to IU - for
the Little 500 bicycle race. Some family, some old friends and
a couple of new friends. And I hope they Come. Because it could
be Really great. And instead of goin' to the Race - I'm gonna
stay home and cook - so that when those folks get back from the
Little 500 bicycle race - we can eat lots of good food - like
chili, fried asparagus, fried mushroom, fried zucchini, etc.

In the meantime - I'm gonna get ready by Really cleaning my house.

Because - as they said in Fields of Dreams:

If You Build It - They Will Come.

and if they DO come - then I will be ready - for them - folks.

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