Saturday, April 28, 2012

the world's most exclusive club

is right here in the United States of American. I'm talking about the Presidency - and it is all reported in a recent issue of TIME magazine. Not only is the article about this exclusive club well written - but the pictures that are included - are to die for. Never before seen photos of recent Presidents with Other Presidents - one would not expect. When I was growing up - the term men's club usually meant things like Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions. But in time - women were included in these service clubs. For those who are familiar with the movie - my fave - Out of Africa - there is a scene that is hard to forget - when Karen Blixen - unwittingly makes her way into the exclusively male bar and lounge - shocking the male members. But by the end of the movie - she is paid tribute - for her courage - by being invited to share a drink with these very men. Now we are at the brink - I believe - of allowing a woman to join this exclusive men's club - the Presidency of the United States. Not only could this happen - but it will most likely happen very soon. Why - you might ask? Because we seem to have exhausted our supply of good men for that position. Would this woman please step forward - and take her rightful place - as the first woman President of the United States of America? I believe we are ready for her. Wherever she is - and whomever she might be - God Bless Her - and Give her the Courage to Lead Us. I believe it can - and will - happen. The Sooner The Better.

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