Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Simple Plan

I have a little booklet - written by one Syl Sobel.~~~ It was published for - I would guess - six graders - in 1991.~~~A time when things were simpler here in the U.S. of A.~~~ Before 9/11 forever changed this Country of Ours.~~~~~~ The booklet lays out how our Government Works - in a simple way that even six graders can understand.~~~It tells how all the States started doing everything every which way - and the People got together and decided that there needed to be some rules laid down and they decided that we needed a Game Plan for this great Country of Ours. So then the Constitution was born.~~~And there came a uniformity in America - and the way Syl Sobel tells it to these kids in her booklet - it all sounds very simple and easy.~~~She tells about the three branches of government - and how they need to work together to make this Country work.~~~Yes - they worked together.~~~~~ We can do that now.~~~We have just gotten a little bit mixed up - and now is the time for us to strip away everything that is getting in the way of Unity - and we need what is called Civility.~~~~~Is it working this way? No - it is not.~~~I believe we will go back to Unity - like in this book. ~~~But we need to do it sooner than later.~~~We need to get to the business of electing a President - then getting together and telling him what we want in this Great Country of Ours.~~~Try going someplace where there is a giant Flag flying high on a sunny day with blue skies.~~~I saw one today and I found myself driving home singing America the Beautiful. ~~~~~Sound silly?~~~Just try it.~~~You'll like it.~~~And as Ms.Sobel says at the end of her booklet: you will come away with an appreciation of the priceless legacy left to ALL AMERICANS By The Founding Fathers. ~~~~~~~~~~ God Bless Syl Sobel~~~~~God Bless The Founding Fathers~~~~~God Bless the United States of America~~~and God Bless Us Everyone. :]