Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Among the many protester was the famous Mad Blogger - stidh.

We spoke with stidh during the protests and here's how it
went down:

CNN: So - stidh. How does it feel go be there in the mainstream
of American protesters?

stidh: Great.

CNN: What lead you to take part in this protest - stidh?

stidh: I'm glad ya asked that question - Anderson. And I'm
gonna give ya the answer right now.

I came here today because I'm a housewife - but in my spare time
I care about things. And I wanted to be where the action is. The
action - here in this Great Country of Ours - where folks stand
up for each Other - and where they stand up for Right.

CNN: That's great - Sue. And how do YOU think the protest is

stidh: I think it is Great - Anderson. The People here are orderly -
standing up for what they Believe to be true - that in fact this
slaying of a young Black man - was Wrong. And it was Racist. But
these People are not taking the Law into their own hands - but rather
they are just 'speaking out' - something that we here in America -
can do - without fear of repercussion. It's called Freedom of Speech -

CNN: I totally agree - stidh. Will you be staying here long?

stidh: No Anderson. My work here is done. I just wanted to come here
and see for myself - the American Spirit In Action. Now I will go
back home - to Southern Indiana - and continue to do what I love best -
what is inherent in my Life. And I'm talking about two things -
Anderson. Being a housewife - something that is the Core Of My Very
Existence - and Blogging - which is The Way Of The Future - for it is
a way for the ordinary - everyday person - to express his or her
opinion - in such a unique way - Anderson. But I want to say that it
has been a Real Privilege to be here - among such fine People. People
who are expressing how they feel - but not causing trouble - like it
used to be. Things are different now - don't ya think - Anderson?

CNN: Yes - stidh. Indeed I do. Thank you for taking time to talk
with us.

stidh: You are very welcome - Anderson. And may I say that it is my
honor to be speaking with YOU - Anderson Cooper. I am a huge fan of

CNN: Why thank you - Sue. And now back to you in the studio - Wolf.

well - that's how it woulda gone - if I had been there in Florida at
that Really Cool Protest...


::goes back to bed::


Thersites said...

Hang the Mexican, NOW!

F' the trial. He's guilty. Lynch him!

sue hanes said...

Ther - Ya don't hang Mexicans.

What do ya do with Mexicans?

I'll tell ya what we're gonna do about Mexicans - and I'll do that on Bill Maher's show - Real Time - with Bill - Maher.

Thersites said...

Hire them to clean your pool?

sue hanes said...

Don't have a pool - Ther. I leave that to rich LA celebrities.

But if I DID have a pool - I sure wouldn't smin in it. I'd let my cute little doggy smim in it. OR - have People over. I keep inviting People over only nobody Comes. But ya hafta tri - it's the onlee wy - Really.

Speedy G said...

Nothin' like swimmin' in a little 'hair of the dog....

sue hanes said...

But - Speedy - doesn't it depend on what kind of dog ya have. For instance - the dog that one the Westminuhster Dog Show - didn't that dog have long hair. But if a person had a dog with short hair - then it wouldn't be so bad - unless the dog ***d in the pool - like kids do sometimes - and probably grownups too - that's what I don't swim - Speedy.

Wasn't there a movie by that name?

Thersites said...

Caddy Shack?

Thersites said...

Oh wait, that was a Baby Ruth....

sue hanes said...

Really - Ther - that's awful. In fact it's disgusting. Have you been hangin' around that worthless piece of cr*p scumbug - B*ll M*h*r?

Cause it sure sounds like it.

Say - Ther - do ya know if Bill Murray is in a rltnshp?

he cool

sue hanes said...

Ya wanna know what - Ther?

Ya better hurry for my philosophy lesson - cause even Bill O'Reilly is starting to look good to me - and I can't Stand - Bill O'Reilly.

because of hubris