Saturday, May 12, 2012

an open field

Two things are on our mind right now. They are Gay Marriage and Commencement. And the two - believe it or not - are strangely connected.~~~~~How is that - stidh? - you might not ask - dear friends and noncommenters.~~~~Gay marriage and Commencement are connected because Commencement means many graduates will be looking for jobs - which may not exist.~~~And because of this I would like to suggest that some of you grads put in some extra study time and do that by going to law school.~~~~~LAW SCHOOL?~~~But why - sitdh? I'm gonna tell ya right now - Folks.~~~~~I am suggesting Law School because in the not too distant future - when even Billy Graham is gonna see the Light about Gay Marriage - and that will happen - I promise you - that there will come a time when those who wanted Gay Marriage so badly - Yes - some of those people will be clammoring for GAY DIVORCE.~~~~~And that is why - my dear friends - some of you will be able to step up - as divorce lawyers - and allow them to say: 'I Believe You Know Mr. Cohen.' Oh - it is gonna happen - as sure as the South will also see the Light. and they well - just give them a few more years...

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