Thursday, April 19, 2012

look-alikes here Over The Rainbow

First it was Julia Roberts.

At Lowe's.

A Dead Ringer - and I just knew that she got that all
of the time.

No makeup - no little thing up buy her right eye - but
it was Julia Roberts - alright.

Then at the Stress Unit - the guy I first bonded with was
totally Jack Black. I didn't say it right off - but finally
I say,

'I know ya get this all the time - but you look exactly like
Jack Black.'

He sez, 'Yep.' and started giggling like a 13 year old.

And there was the guy who didn't say much - but he was a
walking Ashton Kutcher - except with shoulder length blond

I thought that would be the end of it - until when I checked
out. There at the desk doing paperwork - was Fred Armisen.

Fred Armisen.

He even had on black framed glasses.

I said, 'Do ya know who Fred Armisen is?'

'Nope. Never heard of him,' he said with a slight smile.

'Pity,' I replied.

'Cause he IS Saturday Night Live, and ya look just like him.'

Then I ask a nurse standing there if she knew who Fred Armisen

'Never heard of him,' she sez.

These people in this community are Conservatives - and that's why
they don't watch SNL.

But I was reassured somehow - that Fred Armisen was there in the
Looney Bin. No offense - Fred.

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