Wednesday, February 29, 2012


because you have reminded us of something that
we didn't already know - and that although:

He is




He is

according to your actions





thank ya Rev. Guarnizo -


one can only hope

that ya


rev. guarnizo


Ladies: Although it is true that I am no longer
President of the NFBMFC - Shirley has asked me
to continue on in a sort of liaison capacity in
informing you all of who the Guests are On Real
Time from week to week. And I don't mind doing

Friday Night's Guests Are As Follows:

Political Consultant James Carville - Good Choice

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson - Perhaps My Fave

Journalist - John Heilemann

Former Wisconsin Senator - Russ Feingold

Business Consultant - Bob Lutz

This Sexist All Male Show Promises To Be a Good
One - Ladies.



Also I am happy that the 'But I'm Not Wrong' t-shirts
are to everyone's liking - I wear mine all the time.

Ciao - Ladies

President Emeritus

Piers Morgan - Last Night

I'm One P*ssed Off Liberal.

I'll tell ya why - Readers and Non-Commenters - oh yeah except
for Legion.

I have made it a point for a while now to watch Piers Morgan
and see who is on his Show.

But somehow I lost the thread lately and wouldntcha know it -
it seems that Bill Maher was on and nobody told me.


But this is what makes me even madder -

and that is that Bill Maher speaks the Truth and No One Seems
To Be Listening - becuase if they were they would see that:

~We have a GUN problem in this country.

~That sure it is anyone's Right to Their Opinion On Faith - but
why don't people see that the Tewbow thing is Stupid and the Football
Field for PLAYING FOOTBALL and not summoning Jesus - just to brownnose
Him. In fact I have it on good Authority that Jesus like a good Football

~Rick Santorum is One Sick Puppy that we should let Michael Vick have

~What business is it of anybody's anyway if Bill Maher does hang around
The Playboy Mansion all the time. AND WHAT ARE YA GONNA DO ABOUT IT ANYWAY.
I mean the food is supposed to be Really good and the CHICKS THERE ARE HOTTER THAN ON OLD MACDONALD'S FARM.

~At least Bill Maher is honest enough to say that IF HE GOT MARRIED HE
WOULD CHEAT ON HIS WIFE - and what about all you guys who have cheated on
your wives (AND YA KNOW WHO YOU ARE)? Huh?

~And this is Really what P*sses me off the most - THAT YOU ARE TIRED OF

~Bill - I must say you looked very very nice in the clips of the Interview and I wish I could have seen it LIVE but hey that's the breaks. We take what we get and like it.

but next time would someone PLEASE let me know if Bill is gonna be on a live interview cause I would watch - well at least REAL Time is on Friday.
I wonder who Bill's Guests are. I AM QUITE SURE I AM NOT GONNA MISS THAT.


I Really don't see the resemblance.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


cause ya want to be for someone who is gonna win.

I mean - what good is it to be for someone who is NOT going to win.

Thanks - CNN - for getting the Opinion of these PEOPLE.

God Bless CNN.

God Bless AMERICA.



and haven't I been saying that all along?


and show us what you are made of.

Take Your Message to Every Corner of the Country -
and leave The President Alone.

Stop talking about how you are gonna get President Obama
out of office - and Just Do It - Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt

Do you not have a mind of your own - Mitt?

What's that ya say? You Do?


FDR said that he never mentioned his opponent's name and here
ya are mentioning the Prez with every other word - NOT A GOOD IDEA



he is gonna be:


not a bad accomplishment when ya think about it

No Rick - Just Walk Away With Head Held High

but please do not Quote the Declaration of Independence
as a last Shot At Us.

You've Lost The Shot - At The Shining City On The Hill So...





And Why Is Wolf Blitzer So Excited?

that Mitt Romney has won in Michigan.

What's so exciting about that.

When can we start the Final Assualt - Folks?

And get down to the Business At Hand -


Rick Santorum At This Very Moment Giving A Heartfelt Concession Speech

Boo Hoo Rick.

I for one do not feel bad - Rick.

In fact this is the ONLY BRIGHT SPOT in my Life right now.

So go back into the Whole ya crawled out of - Rick.

Arivuhderci - Rick.

Bye Bye.



Now what could have left two teens Brain Dead in Ohio yesterday?

Let us take a Wild F*cking Guess here - Folks.

Oh Yeah - Maybe It Was:


but that's not possible - because Guns Don't Hurt People.

and the hits just keep on - Coming.

life without inventions

According to the latest issue of my Kids Discover Magazine -
Major Inventions That Impact Our Life Are:




Radio & Television

Performing Underwear

Performing Underwear?





Well - that certainly covers most of them - wouldn't ya say?

And we do have much to be thankful for - when it comes to these
Really Cool Inventions though - don't we folks?

Take cars - for instance.

KDM says that few inventions have altered the lives of Americans
so greatly as The Car.

But to me Cars have contributed heavily to -


that we face today.

And Air Pollution Is Not A Good Thing - is it folks?

Not To Worry - For We Have The Electric Car - or EV.

EV stands for Electric Vehicle.

~This Really Cool Solution To Air Pollution Is Run By A Lithium Battery

~You Simply Plug It Into An Electrical Outlet Overnight - and voila -
you are good to go the next day - and without all that Really Mean
Air Pollution

~The Best Thing About An Electric Car Is That:


on the down side an electric car is only affordable by Celebrities
and Rich Folks

Still - it's a start - isn't it?

I mean Bill Maher drives one - doesn't he?

Monday, February 27, 2012

3 people who were there for me

What kind of a person would live someplace since last

A interently stupid person - folks.

So tonight when I felt the need to be around People - seeings
how I'm a Natural Born People Person - I went to the place
where People are:

The Mall

Now this isn't just any Mall folks - it's just the right size - like
the trees that Mitt Romney was raving about - and the lovely
tile floor there is always clean enough to eat off of.

As I walked along Desperately Trying Not To Lose It So That
No One Would See What A Lonely Loser I Am : ] - suddenly a
lovely petite young woman approached me and wanted to see my

Normally I would have said - in a nice way of course - Back Off -
Lady - Cancha see I'm in a Hurry?

But she was so nice and I needed that Contact that I Complied with
her Request.

Now she was so sweet - and looked like she might have been a
Native Parisian - or somethin' like that - and she said, "Don't
yell or scream when ya see what I've done to your thumbnail - as
she took a small brush and buffed my nail.

Ok. I said - feeling better already - as if I had stumbled on to

After a few moments of the buffing - she said - Here it is.

And lo and behold my thumbnail was all glossy.

Howja do that - I asked incredulously?

'I just brought out the natural gloss in yer nail' - she replied.

Now I just knew that she was gonna sell me this stuff - but I only had
$5 - I told her.

After trying to get me to pay $70 - then 40 - for a nice package that
included the buffer/a big tube of body/hand lotion/cuticle remover -
she asked if I minded a package that was damaged.

Why not at all - I responded. Because she had sold me on the stuff.

I like my nails real short and never do anything about my cuticles,
They look crummy most of the time - that's just the way I am - and I
saw that her product would be good for me. Give me a muchneeded lift.

So we arranged it that I would take her name and come back as soon as
I could come up with the 24 BUCKs.

Next I spotted The Kitchen Store - a place I am always intrigued by -
seeings how I am a housewife.

And the Really nice young clerk showed me some new products - but soon
dumped me when I assured her I wouldn't be spending any money just now.
But I did find a great grilling skillet for $8 - looks like a regular skillet - but has big holes in it and you can do vegetables on the grill. I found her and told her I would be back for it ASAP. She liked that.

My final stop was at the teenage girls' favorite jewelry hangout:


where my granddaughters always hit me up for something.

A Really nice young woman was so enthusiastic about her job - and
told me how if I came back on March 9th - I could get some Really
cool fun jewelry - which I explained that I would use to decorate
my Art Room for only one dollar.

And furthermore - and this is the best part - I asked her if there
was a dollar movie theater in town - which there isn't - but she
said that if I go to the theater down the road before 6 pm on weekdays -
it only costs $5.

I left in much better spirits than when I came - and promised her I
would be back on March 9th.

And then - folks - I went right to the theater and BOUGHT A TICKET
for tomorrow night - gonna see The Descendants.

I was gonna check out The Artist - see what all the fuss is about the
best picture - but it wasn't showing there.

FRENCHMAN - any day.


One More Thing is that earlier today I was in Target and found three
movies that I just have to see:

Johnny Depp - The Rum Diary

Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover


Tower Heist - which really looks good with all the Cool Actors
in it and I just can't afford that much so my daughter recommended
Red Box and that's what I'm gonna do.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

And Wasn't That Fun

One year it's the Italian guy - this year it's the French guy.

Isn't the Oscars an American show?

and they f*ing pick the French guy.

Stick to your own kind.


We have George Clooney - and even Brad Pitt.

And they pick the French guy.

I'd hate to choose up for Red Rover with those People.


Ho hum.


Nice gowns - though.

and it started off with - you got it right - Morgan Freeman.

liked Tom Hanks beard.

Turned the sound on for the first time when Will Ferrell and
Zach Galifianikis made an appearance.

Meryl Streep - classy broad

and Tom Cruise - YES

I mean didja ever want to quietly blow yer brains out from
sheer boredom?

If ya want to have a Real Kick-*ss Show next year - People

Get Bill Maher to host it.

I know what yer thinkin' -

No Way. Not Bill Maher.

But think about it folks:

~he's an Athiest - a pretty hot commodity these days

~stunningly handsome in a suit

~a Really nice guy - or so I've heard

~virulent - yes but is anyone funnier

~dirty jokes - to die for

~has one million of his own followers

~not sure if he can sing - but have ya seen him dance? (moon walk too)

~and he needs the money - folks

if Bill is not available for next year's Oscars...

may I suggest someone else?

President Barack Obama.

i mean have ya heard him sing? folks

The Host

Billy Crystal was born in Manhattan and raised in Long Beach -
and is of the Jewish Faith.

He grew up in a large - and by his own report - loving - family.

He attended Nassau Community College and graduated from
New York University - with a BFA.

Billy Crystal has enjoyed success in television, film and
Broadway - and his book - 700 Sundays - was made into a successful
play - and is about life growing up on Long Island.

Crystal turned to Philanthrophy in 1986 - hosting Comic Relief -
with Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg - the proceeds of which
benefit the Homeless.

This is so often the case - where Celebrities - whether they be
actors, comedians - some are both - musicians, sports figures or
artists - decide to 'return the favor' and give back some or a lot
of not only their Earnings - but their Talents - to Help Others.

This is a Good Thing.

Certainly many examples of this can be seen. I mentioned several
earlier in another post. Brad Pitt has contributed heavily to the
situation in New Orleans - helping People regain their Homes. And
Sean Penn works tirelessly for the country of Haiti - that was
ravaged not so long ago by an Earthquake. Even in important areas
like the Environment - actors like Leonardo DiCaprio - are extremely
consciencious about Saving Our Planet through steps taken in their
daily lives. And just this past week - Standup Comedian and Political
Talk Show Host Bill Maher stepped up and donated to President Obama's
Reelection Campaign Fund in a Big Way.

Why do these People do this - when they Really don't have to?

When they could just Rest On Their Laurels - because they already
are Giving To Us with their Talents - in the form of Valuable Entertainment.

They Surely Do it Because They Care.

They Care About Things When They Are Not Earning A Living.

And Because When It Comes Right Down To It - They Are Good People.

So Let's Enjoy Tonight's Show - Knowing That The Real Host Of The Oscars
Is - All Of The Really Great People in Show Biz.

and the winner is - us.


Wikipedia gives this definition of Cinematography:

Cinematography is the creation of motion picutre images.
It can involve the use of film or digital imagery, usually
with a movie camera. It is closely related to the art of
still photography. Many additional technical difficulties
and creative problems arise when the camera and elements of
the scene may be in motion.

But to me Cinematography simply means the Scenery.

I googled movies in which cinematography was singled out
and here are a few of them:


An Affair To Remember

The Eddie Duchin Story


Butterfield 8



The Night of the Iguana

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Sand Pebbles


The Wizard of oz

Jungle Book

Phanton of the Opera

Going My Way


National Velvet

When Worlds Collide

The Robe

I'll Cry Tomorrow

A Man Called Peter

The English Patient

Shakespeare In Love

American Beauty

Lawrence of Arabia

and my personal fave for cinematography


Actors Who Do Good Things To Make The World A Better Place

When I covered the Super Bowl I found out that Professional
Football Players do a Lot of Good In The World - and I wanted
to tell about actors who do the same.

And I know there are LOTS OF THEM.


Brad Pitt - New Orleans

Sean Penn - Haiti

Leonardo DiCaprio - who is extremely Environment-Conscious

Bill Maher - Who Last Thursday Night Donated One Million Dollars
To President Obama's PAC

But in trying to research this subject - I found it was not as
easy as I thought it would be - so I decided to give it a different
twist - by just listing MOVIES in which I thought good things were
done - in one way or another. Now you are going to lose the thread
here - I know I did - and sure I slipped in a few of my faves - but
hey - it's my Blog.

Pay It Forward

An Inconvenient Truth

Legends of the Fall



All The President's Men

The King & I

Out of Africa

A Beautiful Mind

The Pursuit of Happyness

Dog Day Afternoon


Broadcast News

The Man In The Iron Mask

The Day The Earth Stood Still


Dirty Harry

E.T.- the Extra-Terrestrial


Groundhog Day

The High and the Mighty

In The Heat of the Night

The Killing Fields

As Good As It Gets

Kramer vs Kramer

The Longest Day

The Passion of the Christ

Starry Night

30 Days of Night

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

The Ninth Gate

The Piano

The Red Badge of Courage


The Sound of Music

Star Wars

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Predator Trilogy


Iron Man

Creature From The Black Lagoon

The Queen

The Godfather 1 & 2

Iron Man

Guys and Dolls

The Ten Commandments



What are some of YOUR favorite movies - dear friends and non-commenters?


about the Oscars

The 1st awards were given out at a Private Brunch on May 16th, 1929 -
at the HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT HOTEL - with 270 People attending.

15 Statuettes were presented - with the 1st Best Actor Award going
to Emil Jennings.

The Origin of the name of the Coveted Statuette - OSCAR - has been under debate
for years - with Bette Davis claiming that SHE named it after her
1st husband - Oscar Nelson.

But the Academy's executive secretary - Margaret Herrick suggested
that it looked like her Uncle Oscar.

Of course there are Others.

But at any rate - don't we all just ADORE that little Gold Fellow -
folks - and no matter WHO he was named after - HE CERTAINLY HAS
EARNED HIS PLACE IN HISTORY. I know I would be honored to get one -
if I were in acting - that is.

And I - for one - will join the ranks of the MANY folks who will
be watching tonight - whether we like to admit it or not - and will
thrill to the Words - and the Oscar goes to...

I will be pulling for Two People - not because I saw their movies
or anything - but just because.

And they are:

George Clooney

Meryl Streep

because I like them -

and because they probably deserve it.

but i still think there should be a special award given to
bill maher - i mean didja see him in Cannibal Jungle of
the Avacado Women? what a hunk :]


out of my mind or stidh's best Oscar moments

To kick off my coverage for the 2012 Oscars - I would like to
list a few of my Favorite Moments from Past Oscars.

Certainly this is not all of them - but I was reading PARADE MAGAZINE
just now - a newspaper supplement which I try never to miss because
they often do Great Celebrity Cover Stories - and I like Other things
about it - and thought of a few of my Favorite Oscar Moments - and
I'd like to share them with You:

~my fave best picture - BEN-HUR

~I was so mad when Johnny Depp didn't get it for Finding Neverland
that I shut off the tv with the first syllable of the winner's name

~CRASH - folks

~any great Production Number

~TITANIC - good pick

~happy for Peter Jackson for LOTR trilogy which is SOOOOO GREAT

~CATHERINE ZETA-JONES really nailed it in Chicago

~Bill Maher presenting Outstanding Film Achievement in 2008

~GOOD WILL HUNTING both Ben Affleck & Matt Damon for Best Screenplay
and ESPECIALLY Robin Williams for best supporting actor

~really mad that Tom Hanks DID NOT WIN for SPR - give me a break here

~Russell Crowe shoulda gotten it for his SUPREME ACTING in portraying
the COURAGEOUS John Nash


~and do I have to mention that ADRIAN BRODY WAS SO AMAZING in his role
as The Pianist and showed us the Truth About The Human Spirit - and the
will to live - in spite of such excruciatingly devestating hurtful personal
feelings that must have existed in his Heart

~THE GODFATHER 1 & 2 - ya got it right there people

~JACK NICHOLSON - nuff said


~HEAT - yes


~and why wasn't bill maher recognized for d.c. cab?

Of course there are SO MANY OTHERS - everyone who won and didn't win
that make movies SO GREAT.

I heart movies.

it's as simple as that



Hey Tim Hawkins - Ever Think About Goin' Into Show Biz?

Still - We Need Ya - Tim Hawkins - right where ya are.

Why - stidh? you might ask


but if ya do have a lot of money - Tim Hawkins - ya need
to donate a sh*tload of it to the upcoming Presidential
Elections - preferably the Republicans - after all - we
want to keep this interesting - and FUN


I've got a lot to do between now and then - since
I have seen none of the movies nominated.

So I most likely will spend the entire day researching
this Monumental Event.

and they better be good - folks - because the Golden Globes
was - and anyway Rise of the Planet of the Apes - my
personal fave - was NOT EVEN NOMINATED

more later on:

~The Stroll Down The Red Carpet

~What The Men Are Wearing

~Who Ia Married : ) and who is just living togther : (

~Which Film Gets Best Cimematography

~Which Actors Do The Most To Make The World A Better Place
(like bill maher did)

~Who Gets The Loser Award This Year - Lifetime Acheivement

~Best Production Number

~Will Billy Crystal Shine - of course he will(ya know who would
be great hosting the Oscars? bill maher would he ever stick it to
those celebrities heh heh)

and much much more


Saturday, February 25, 2012

teri garr

For me Young Frankenstein is not about:

~that it is A Mel Brooks film


~Peter Boyle

~Marty Feldman

~Cloris Leachman

~Kenneth Mars

~Madeline Kahn

but rather it is about a chance for me to talk about a
Woman who acted in three of my Favorite Movies - well
two of my Very Favorite Movies - and I liked the Other
one too.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind



Mr. Mom

Teri Garr's contribution to making these film is Invaluable -
and I was always glad - in thinking back on these films - that
she was in them.

thanks Teri Garr

song lyrics comin' on

hey ya really got me goin'
ya got me so I don't know what i'm doin'
yeah ya really got me now
ya got me so I can't sleep at night

ya really got me
ya really got me
ya really got me

hey ya really got me goin'
ya got me goin' so I want to be at your side...

Enough of the song lyrics already

I've got floors to scrub - wastebaskets to empty


No One Read This Except bl:

bl jst rd yr adm crlluh ntrvw - vree gd bl
f u bl mhr
bl eye hv n eyedea 4 th nxt tm ur grlfrnd s n twn
wht ya cll t - mng a trs? - tll ya ltr bl

Thanks Kinks.

a book I just bought

Not the one I went after though.

The Name of this one is:

ALMOST PRESIDENT - The Men Who Lost The Race
But Changed The Nation

And haven't I been saying just that very thing on my BLOG -
(see my post about that) HOW WE OWE THESE LOSERS BIGTIME.

In his Book - ALMOST PRESIDENT - Scott Farris writes about
12 Men in 10 Chapters:

Henry Clay

Stephen Douglas

William Jennings Bryan

Al Smith

Thonas E, Dewey

Adlai Stevenson

Barry Goldwater

George McGovern

Ross Perot

Al Gore~John Kerry~John McCain

Men Who Almost Were President of the United States

But for me it goes Deeper than that.

My list of Almost President includes People like:

Ralph Nadar

Sarah Palin (a woman)

Mitt Romney (too soon to call)

Jon Huntsman

Geraldine Ferraro

Al Gore

and especially Ron Paul

just to name a few - and of course there are Others.

Surely some of these People just knew all along that they
didn't have a rat's *ss if a chance to be President of the United States.

Then why did they Forge on?

Why did they spend their Precious Time And Money pursuing an
Elusive Butterfly.

Perhaps Only They Know.

Maybe They don't even know.

Was it Hope?

Or Their Fifteen Minutes Of Fame?

Most likely they were All Dedicated Americans Who Wanted To
Make The Country A Better Place In Which To Live.

kinda like the Really dedicated Bill Maher who donated ONE MILLION
Dollars of his Hard Earned Money so that President Obama could have
a Second Term - and this is American folks where anything can and
does happen in a Presidential Election Year so let's not get
complacent and ASSUME anything

Whatever The Reason That These Really Cool People Ran For President
But Didn't Get The Job - I'm here to say that MY HAT'S OFF TO THEM.

and they are all going to be on my no hit list : ]

Scott Farris is a former bureau chief for United Press International
and a political columnist. He lives in Portland, Oregon - with his
wife and two children.


It's so Beautiful.

Have to hurry now before the roads get slippery.

I want to make the trip to B & N.

I can do it.

what's on stidh's agenda for today :]

Today I plan to:

~Empty two wastebaskets - done

~scrub the kitchen floor (on my hands & knees) - done

~play the Piano a little - done & will play more scales & arp.

~paint a little on the Room Divider - not yet but I will

~look at some of the backlog of magazines I have bought - tonight
RS with PMcC on the cover/MS living/Others

~trip to B & N for book - done

~write a couple of things on my many Blogs - wip

~clean out my Purse & to rummage for sm. change - done

~dinner with a friend - myself

~SNL - at least 1st half hour

~any reruns of RT


wht's n YER wllt bl - nt mch im thnkn :[

Friday, February 24, 2012

it's about time

And I'm talkin' about TIME MAGAZINE here - Folks.

Used to read it years ago (:]) - and then for a while
considered it a piece of cr*p - no offense.

But today I bought it and am looking forward to the articles
listed on the Front:

~cover story about Kim Jong Un - who I am hoping will clean
up Dad's act

~one called Santorum's Stand

~How Dangerous Is Iran?

~What Would Steve Do - CEO Lessons From The Apple Founder -
I simply adore the Late Steve Jobs and I plan to get to
Walter Isaacon's Really Cool Biography Real soon now - and
folks didja read WI's GREAT BIOGRAPHY: EINSTEIN?

~Jeremy Lin's hoop dreams - of course that is last on the list
because it's a Sports Story

so thanks TIME MAGAZINE - in advance - for what sounds like
pretty good reading for 5 BUCKs


I Can't Believe Ya Wrote The Whole Thing - Yourself

I Really like the way you combined Old and New Material.

It was Genius.

And I've never heard you yell before - that was Good.

Maybe you've done that in other shows - but then I've
Really only seen Religious, I'm Swiss and But I'm Not Wrong -
and you didn't yell in those. It was very effective.

There were Other things too that I liked - but I'm used
to being able to watch things over and over - and then I
catch things I missed the first time - but I guess I won't
be able to do this with last night's show.

I wasn't going to mention this - but in practically the whole
first half hour my computer kept cutting in and out and I was
so mad - then at about 11 it started being ok.

So I missed most of the first part - Sorry Bill.

But that last part - Bill - IT Was So Good.

I Was So Proud Of You.

And I'm Sure You Feel Good About It Too.

Doncha Bill.

Not To Mention The Donation of ONE MILLION DOLLARS so
that President Obama will have an easier time getting reelected.

Talk about Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Bill.

People rarely do that - But Then They Aren't Bill Maher - are they.

I was thinking that what made the Donation so special is that
I know that you Worked So Hard To Earn It - doing Standup Comedy.

All those shows you've done.

Now - Bill - you are going to have to continue to Work Hard to
make up for the Very Large Donation.

But then you won't mind - will ya Bill - cause you will be
Doing Something That You Love - and that comes so naturally for you.

Works Out Well - Doesn't It?


That Was So Good

It Was So Good Last Night Bill.

Your show was so good - it was better than anything I've
seen you do.

Sometimes I just sat there and watched - but some of the
jokes - I really laughed out loud.

And you wrote all that - Bill?

You Are Smart.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Thank you - Bill.

For what you might ask?

For Stepping Up And Doing This For Our Country.

from the bottom of my Heart -


bl - eye jst sed uh lttl pryr 4 u

Google/Yahoo - Everything To Me - Everyday - Everything To Me - Tonight

J.Crew/Columbia Fleece Jackets - The First Lady Is To One - As I Am - Too - The Other

People Magazine/Smithsonian Magazine - Reliable Celebrity Gossip - Simply And Possibly The Best Magazine That I Have Ever Picked - Up - Both Can Be Purchased At Krogers - For A Reasonable Price

Mark Twain Quotes/Bill Maher Twitter - Both Make A Point Of Putting Down Something That They Know Exists - Both Will End Up In H*ll - Pretty Good Huh - I Hope Satan Likes New Rules

Crazy Stupid Politics Live On Yahoo Tonight At 10:30 PM ET/Anything Else That Is On - Because Bill Never Lets Us Down - And He Always Leaves Ya Laughing - And You Can't Ask For More Than That - Folks

Robins/Quails - I Could Not Live In A Place Where There Are No Robins - Robins Are So Basic To LIfe In The Midwest - Quails Are Nice Too - They Make A Nice State Bird - We Have Really Nice Birds Here - In Southern Indiana - Cardinals - Blue Jays - To Name A Few

Schumann/Schubert - Both Wrote Good Music - Schumann Was Stupid - He Tried To Strengthen The Fourth Finger - With Some Type Of Invention - Ruined It For Life - Heh Heh - No Disrespect - Though - I Love Some Of Their Piano Music

Vegan/Foodie - I've Been Both - And It's Whatever Works For You - But Let Me Tell Ya Folks - I Dropped Forty Pounds - Just Like That - Not That I Was F*t - Mind You - : ]

Holy Bible/True Story - I've Thrown Both Of 'Em Against The Wall - Let Me Tell Ya Folks - Both Have Good Men For The Author - But He's God Bl - Are You God? - What's That Ya Say? - No? - That's What I Thought - But Ya Could Have Fooled Me - Bl

Beatles/Rolling Stones - Sure The Beatles Wrote A Few Good Songs - But For Raw Apppeal When It Comes To Rock - Ya Just Can't Beat - The Stones

Mitt Romney/Rick Santorum - Because Mitt Romney Seems LIke A Nice Guy - Why Is Rick Santorum Still In It Anyway - And Surely President Obama Will Be Reelected

Crazy Stupid Politics Live On Yahoo Tonight At 10:30 PM ET/Anything Else That is On - Because Bill Never Lets Us Down - And He Always Leaves Ya Laughing - And You Can't Ask For More That - Folks

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Truth Shall Set You Free/You Can't Handle The Truth - Ya Can't Have It Both Ways - So - Which Is It Going To Be - Stidh

Those Who Compose Great Music/Those Who Just Try To Compose Great Music - Sure You Can Try - Go Ahead - But There's Nothin' Like The Masters - Just Ask Any Golfer - Even Tiger Woods

Crappy Midwest Weather/Sunny California Weather - The Four Seasons - Can't Live With It - Can't Live Without It - It's All I've Ever Known - Folks

Roman Polanski/The Pianist - He Must Be Allowed To Come Back Home - Now

Justin Moore/Outlaws Like Me - Til My Last Day - Works For Me - Folks

Bill Maher/One Million Followers - People Who Have That Many People - Are The Luckiest People - In The World

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz/Google Doodle - I'd Gladly Line Up Next To You

President Obama/Singing - That Old Black Magic - Didn't Quite Work - This Time - Did it - Mr. President

Stidh/Rach 3 - David/Goliath - Somehow I Don't Think The Rock Is Gonna Hit The Head - This Time - Around

Bill Maher/Craig Ferguson - The Meeting Of The Minds - The King Of Wit - Meets - With The Other - One - Folks

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FINAL NOTICE FOR MEMBERS of the NFBMFC: See my post about My Future Blogging Plans - I Regret To Inform All Of You That As Of Now I Am Tendering My Resignation As President Of The NFBMFC - Ladies It Hs Been A Real Ride But Shirley Has Agreed To Step In And Take Over As Your Leader - I Know She Can Do A Competent Job; Although I Still Will Occasionaly Post Notices On My Blog About Real Time - and other activities of Bill Maher as they may occur - I WILL NO LONGER BEING DOING THE LENGTHY AND TIME CONSUMING CRITIQUES (and this should work well for everyone concerned.) Thanks for everything Ladies - and especially for your Undying Support. Shirley will fill you in on the RT t-shirts for which I was able to get a group discount : ].

MY FUTURE BLOGGING PLANS: Because I am spending way too much time blogging I will be limiting myself to - 1. A Headline Format For All Of My Blogs 2. Reading and commenting on the Blogs On My Links 3. Answering comments on all of my Blogs - including my Comments and Conversation Blog - I sincerely hope that None Of My Readers and Noncommenters will be Extremely disappointed in this change in Format on my Really Cool Blogs; I will still be able to express my opinions through this New Format I can assure you - folks and FYO stidh will now turn her attention to the Rach 3 & Chopin's Sontata No. 3 Op. 58 and will be Painting - pictures not walls - both activities of which have been sorely neglected ~Thank you for our attention to this Matter.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Bible should be capitalized

me and bill clinton - another presidents day tribute

If you didn't buy the February issue of Esquire it's
too late now folks - because tonight I noticed that the
March issue is on the stands.

So I'll tell ya who's on the cover of the February issue
of Esquire:

Bill Clinton.

Not Former President William Jefferson Clinton.

Just Bill Clinton.

I haven't even read the cover story - but I'd like to
share with you what I see when I look at the Cover:

~a hot senior citizen who just used to be President of the
United States

~Bill Clinton dressed fit to kill

~a Man who Stayed The Course when he surely - at times - wanted
to throw in the towel

Then why didn't he?

I think one the Reasons that he didn't was that there were Those
Who Believed In Him.

And although I can't remember when I started Believing In Bill Clinton -
I now see that I always did. Perhaps it was just that I saw in him
a Real Person. The Genuine Article. And I read The Man's Book. I
liked the way he made the Characters of his Early Life come alive -
and how important Those People were to him.

And after Bill Clinton left the White House I saw what he did to
Make The World A Better Place.

Yes - I'm glad I was Faithful to Bill Clinton - because he didn't
let me down - and I'm pretty sure that he's not going to.

And ya wanna know something else that I've always thought about Bill

I've always known - in my Heart - that he has Jesus.

and well ya just can't go wrong with That - Folks.

comin' up tonight on stidh

Another Presidents Day Tribute -


Former President of the United States William Jefferson Clinton

the title of which will be:

me & bill clinton - in my own words

ya won't want to miss this one - Folks

Mitt - Ya Could Score Big Points Here

the gay sheriff thing is what I'm talkin' about

Think about it - Mitt.

Act on it - Mitt.

trust me



whassup - big guy?

stidh's Presidents Day Tribute

Yesterday I wrote a Really funny Presidents Day Tribute -
to the Presidents of the United States.

Last night I ripped it up.

Oh it was funny all right - and partly stupid.

But that was not why I ripped it up.

I ripped it up because I came to the Realization that:


Sure it helps if the President has a Sense of Humor.

But Being President Of the United States is HARD.

Maybe The Hardest Job In The World.

So I'm paying Special Tribute to The Presidents of the United States -
by putting ALL Of Them on My No Hit List.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm talkin' here about James Cameron.

Leonardo DiCaprio.

Billy Zane.

Sure - it's all been said before - and I know I've
said it on my Blog.

I just wanted to say it again.

cz iv gt ckng tu du & eyem rnng t bi n mi
ktchn flt scrnilvubl - jst thght id mntn t


Shirley: You asked me to let ya know when
RTWBM is on Weekends. IT IS SHOWING AT approx.
1:45 coming up.

Pls lt th Othrs knw

Thanks Shrl


My Faith Journey

Sister Act.

It's been a long time since I first saw this Great
Movie so I decided to watch it again when I saw that
it was on my Study flat screen while hunting for the
HBO listing of Real Time. (see my next post about

And isn't Whoopi Goldberg terrific in this one -
and apparently she's Black too.

One song in particular struck me as good for a
Sunday afternoon - and fits right in my Post -
My Faith Journey.

I will follow Him
Follow Him wherever He may go,
And near Him, I always will be
For nothing can keep me away,
He is my Destiny.

I will follow Him,
Ever since He touched my Heart I knew,
There isn't an Ocean too Deep,
A Mountain so High it can keep,
Keep me away, away from His Love.

I Love Him, I Love Him, I Love Him,
And where He goes I'll Follow.
He'll Always Be My True Love, My True Love, My True Love
From Now Until Forever, Forever, Forever.

Sure there's more but ya get the Drift.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

quote from True Story

Buck woke up with a hangover and Jeannie. He wanted
to get rid of both, but the Alka-Seltzer only worked
on the headache. He wanted to get rid of Jeannie so
he could call Rita, but then he'd feel guilty about
Jeannie, who was in no mood to go anywhere anyway.

from True Story by Bill Maher (1994)

quote from WORK CLOTHES

'...a woman is asked out as much for her clothes
as for herself. The clothes are the background,
the frame, if you like: they don't make success,
but they are a part of it.


We are expected to be pretty and well-dressed till
we drop - and if we can't keep it up alone we have
to go into partnership.'

~from WORK CLOTHES - Casual Dress for Serious Work
by Kim Johnson Gross & Jeff Stone (1996)
quote by Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth

quote from The Other Wes Moore

His tribe's influence in making him a man was
obvious and indelible. At that moment, I realized
the journey I took was never mine alone either.

Our eyes met, and he smiled and nodded his head.

I nodded my head in return.

~from The Other Wes Moore
by Wes Moore (2010)

quote from Alexander Hamiton

The sacred rights of mankind are not to be
rummaged for among old parchments or musty
records. They are written, as with a sunbeam,
in the whole volume of human nature, by the
hand of the Divinity itself, and can never be

~Alexander Hamilton
The Farmer Refuted (1775)

quote from Between A Rock And A Hard Place

You've got to love the life you live, and live the life you love.

~Jerry Garcia Band, '(I'm a)Roadrunner'
from Between A Rock And A Hard Place by Aaron Ralston

New Rule

If you get to bring your baby into the public
swimming pool, I get to follow you home and
p*ss in his bathwater.

~from New New Rules - A Funny Look At How
Everyone But ME Has Their Head Up Their Ass.
by Bill Maher (2011)

quote about Lost

The Reality was if this was really
about survival, then some people were
not going to make it - Brutal As That
May Sound.

~from The Lost Chronicles - The Official
Companion Book by Mark Cotta Vaz

quote from The Quotable Rogue

I've been really busy. I picked up a gig in
Las Vegas at the Legends show, playig Tina Fey.

~Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show, March 2, 2010.
from The Quotable Rogue - The Ideals of Sarah Palin
In Her Own Words edited by Matt Lewis

quote from Illusions

Imagine the universe beautiful
and just and perfect,

the handbook said to me once.

Then be sure of one thing:

the Is has Imagined it quite a bit better
than you have.

~Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
by Richard Bach (1977)

quote from Othello


Here, stand behind this bulk; straight will he come:
Wear thy good rapier bare, and put it home:
Quick, quick; fear nothing; I'll be at thy elbow:
It makes us, or it mars us; think on that,
And fix most firm thy resolution.

~William Shapespeare

quote from Hamlet


Here, thou incestuous, murderous, damned Dane,
Drink off this potion: - is thy union here?

Follow my mother.

~William Shakespeare

Thank you Note

Thank you bathroom attendant who hands me a towel,
for making me feel guilty that I don't have a dollar
to give you. And thank you, Me, for lying and saying
that I'll bring an extra dollar the next time. We
both know I'm never coming back to this bathroom.

~from Thank You Notes
by Jimmy Fallow and the Writers of Late Night

The Journey Home

by me

Then the man saw a Light beyond. Another planet, a star?
No - I know this Light, he thought. And in one fleeting
moment - in the briefest time possible, the man saw his
life pass before his eyes. He knew then that the Light
was the One that had sustained him for all his years on

He had not just left home.

The man knew that now he was Home.

John 20:29

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have Believed.

~Jesus Christ
Holy Bible

New Rule

Stop giving me that pop-up ad for
There's a reason you don't talk to people for
25 years - because you don't particularly like
them. Besides, I already know what the captain
of the football team is doing these days - mowing
my lawn.

~from New Rules - Polite Musings from a Timid Observer
by Bill Maher (2005)

Words from The Reverend Billy Graham

Begin by committing this problem - and your whole life -
to Jesus Christ. Ask him to forgive you and cleanse
you and give you a new goal in life - to honor God in
all you do.

~from The Indianapolis Star
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

excerpt from My Grandfather's Son

by Clarence Thomas

I felt their presence as the Chief Justice escorted
me into the elegant conference room. Looking at my
new colleagues as the heavy door closed firmly behind
me, I thanked God for the lives of the man and woman
who had led me there.

Then I prayed silently:

Lord, grant me the wisdom to know what is right and the
courage to do it. Amen.


by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

i'm gonna do a little work and then post a favortie poem - a short one



Listen up People.

Tomorrow is my birthday and it doesn't look promising.

So starting right now - until tomorrow night I'm gonna
Have a Party for myself. Right here on stidh. And I'm
gonna start by posting as many of my FAVES as I can - then
when I'm tired of that I'll do something else.

My Favorite Things:

~my favorite movie is Out of Africa

~my favorite time of day is when Real Time With Bill Maher is on

~my favorite season is fall

~my favorite book is Those Who Love by Irving Stone

~my favorite person in the whole world is bl mhr

~my favorite color: don't really have one

~my four favorite interests are: painting piano blogging and politics

~my favorite g-kid is - ha - ya didn't think I'm that stupid - all 7 of
them of course

~my favorite food is Hot and Sour Soup

~my favorite song is pretty much the one I'm listening to

~my favorite cd is and always wil be Thriller

~my favorite Classical composer is Bach - followed by Beethoven
Mozart and Chopin - not always in that order

~my favorite key on the computer is: ~

~my favorite color of flowers is PINK

~my favorite late night talk show host is Dave Letterman

~my favorite tall skinny redhead comedian is Conan

~my favorite person in the whole worle is bl mhr

~my least favorite blogger is truth 101

~my favorite Piano piece is the rach 3

~my second favortie Piano piece is Chopin Sonata No. 3 Op 58

~my favorite actor is Johnny Depp

~my favorite moon phase is crescent

~my favorite man's name is bl

~my favorite man is bl mhr

~my favorite blog friend is abso

~my favorite dress mode is jeans

~my favortie artist is Jackson Pollock

~my favorite thing to do is laugh

~my favorite dog is a stuffed weiner dog named chico and the little
plaster of paris one I painted in the hospital is Buck

~my favorite housewife activity is scrubbing floors

~my favorite superhero is Ironman

~my favorite acting for fun actor is bl mhr

~my favorite Religious figure is God/Jesus/Holy Spirit

~my favorite nighttime activity from approx. 12pm - 6am is sleep

~my favorite beautiful city in the whole world is Washington D.C.

~my favorite handsome man is bl mhr

~my favorite President of the United States is John Adams






this is one birthday that I Really don't want to miss...

truth 101 is a dumb sh*t

There Were Two Funeral Services Today

Both Were Tributes To Great Women

who were surrounded by THOSE WHO LOVED


Highlights of Whitney Houston's Funeral Service

~who was that guy?

~their finest hour

~clapping for Jesus (yes I did folks : ])

~dressed so nicely


~apostle paul

~the value of a good joke

~songs worth 100 dead kids

~God is love

~a change has come - it's been a long time comin'


~the beautiful white woman who sang so well

~the guy wearing an amazing blue tie with matching handkercheif
who seemed so sincere - and humble


~the bodyguard



~her sister

~the last song

~her cousin

~he stood up

~he loved her because God gave him her

~devil colors

~(see my post on what the 2nd funniest thing I've ever seen
on tv is)

~Tomorrow - YES !!!

~coulda done without a sermon :[ just kidding cause this guy is good folks
a preacher who can sing it doesn't get any better that that & and when I start goin' to church again you can bet it will be at a Black one or I'm not a traditional idiot housewife

I had hoped they would dance in the aisles but they didn't get that jiggie


bl s nvr gnuh lt s frgt tht h ddnt gt ld n hs - BT WH CRS - GV T UH RST BL


f u wrk ut 2 mch bl u rn th rsk uv lsng th lsr appl th w ll
lv uhbt u - bl (f u dd Rl wrk lk m - uh hswf - ya wldnt hv 2
g 2 th gm bl)

Critique on Real Time With Bill Maher - February 17th

Due to extreme fatigue - both mental and physical - last
night I fell into bed after the Opening Monologue of Real
Time - but caught the rest of The Show just now this morning.

I am going to write about what I have seen thus far and
Update it throughout the Week - after seeing the Legion
of Reruns.

First and Most Importantly - I can only compare Bill Maher
to a Cameleon and this is what I mean by that:

A cameleon takes on the appearance of any surrouding it is in -
and Bill Maher can take any outfit and make it look good - or look
good in it - and in doing so come across as:

The Quinessential Handsome Man.

although he might consider pencilling in his eyebrows and
lying in one of those tanning machines like Dustin Hoffman in
Wag The Dog occasionally - surely he could afford one

Bill's grey/white plaid shirt was the highlight of tonight's
Dress (turned me on let me tell ya) and the knit tie was awesome.

IT LOOKED STUPID AND DISTRACTED ME -showing your belt buckle and
part of your shirt above that - tacky even - and not in keeping
with your overall natty welldressed appearence.

It did not escape me that the Male Guests were sporting White Shirts
as opposed to pale colors - and this is a Good Thing. Dressier Really.

LINT PROBLEM ON MEN'S SUITS: I wanted to say this when it was about Bill - I think the first show - but tonight SM had a couple of tiny pieces of lint on his left shoulder. What I suggest is that one of the crew - when
the camera is not on that person - run over and remove it - some of us
are distracted by that - and near the end I thought I saw a minute piece of lint on Bill's left lapel - not sure though.

Other remarks about tonight's show - and I will update this
critique as I watch reruns:

~the Opening Monologue continues to leave me unimpressed but as I
have said before I don't always get the jokes and sometimes
wonder if the audience is really as Sharp as they appear or is
B. Martin clueing them in as to when they should laugh and applaud?

~loved Bill's Scotch Plaid tie with the slightly wider look (MIRT)
but that is not my fave SPTie.

~I Really like it that the Thing at the start just focuses on the

~the Moment in Real Time appealed to me because of Jimmy Carter - Yes

~Bill's hair was a bit flat for my taste tonight but I still like the Tom Hanks/DaVinci Code length on him

~Good reference to Bill's Gym so that we know he works out
plus he can check out the chicks there and set up something
for later :[

~Dr. Drew was handsomly neat and I liked his outfit - and
thought his glasses were the defining feature there and I wondered
if he was fresh out of a tanning machine.

~The reference that 5% of population uses 50% of painkillers is a
timely subject that should be continued until we get to the bottom
of it and the matter is Straightened Out To My Satisfaction

~Alexandra Wentworth was Hot - she is attractive/liked the hot pink
blouse/simple jewelry and I prefer silver look to bling/her hair very
nice casual shoulder length/and she is an attribute to the show with
great throw-in remarks and she is a good storyteller

~Panel with hands folded in front of them throughout the Show reminiscent
of something - grade school I think. I like it (next they will have
to raise their hand to leave and get a drink of water ha ha)

~Bill: We Don't Need Cheers Because We Have Facts - Good

~RS/sweater vest joke - good

~The three part joke was Excellent but perhaps B*ttcheeks would have been
less crude than *sscheeks - but hey yer on HBO.

~MR moves like Mick Jaegger (sp) - good

~Wisconson f*ck cheese tour - good

~white/white something can'te read my writing - good

~The above are from the Opening Monologue which I understood more if today.

~Loved the Voter Turnout/Saturday Discussion as I think this year - and as it always should be - The Vote Will Be So Important - and about employers
letting people off work for that - this was addressed in the movie Bobby.

~Medical Marajuanna (sorry I'm in a hurry sp) good point - Pres. Obama
is 'busy' and hasn't given it a lot of attention - I'm beginning to think
this is going to be a done deal before too long - Other issues have taken
a back seat too due to Jobs/Economy/Afganistan.

~Really Gay Marriage Issues are getting ho hum - get with it folks it's over.

~Bill - Good point - and Really when aren't your point good - about being
from New Jersey and stuff like Evolution when you bring it up these people who think they 'are in charge' want to dismiss others' views - I run in to that frequently - but am Really Speaking Out About My Truth as opposed to
'their Truth.'

~I may mention New Rules as I had a phone call tonight. RT is coming on again in 15 minutes.

~About pencilling in Bill's eyebrows - just kidding why mess with a Masterpiece - if ya get my drift

~The Woman in Classic Blue Sheath (will fill in her name later) - very attractivly beautiful. Erin McPike - Pretty Woman - Good comments and
nice exchange with Stephen Moore - both talking at once and each holding
their own. I like to do that with my daughters to see who will give in first and they are now on to it.

~Eliot Spitzer - I apologize for being judgemental about you and really
you seem like a nice guy and smart too

~Tonight's Show had a casual converstation feel to it that I loved

~Vaginal Probe Discussion great

~My Pick for BEST REMARK OF EVENING - about group of White Men in Washington deciding things - let's run those People out of town on a Rail -
haven't they done enough harm already to Our Really Great Country?

~Stephen Moore - I pronounce your Wonderful Tie the Overall Winner of the
Clothing Item I Liked Best On Tonight's Show. Furthermore you were
Wellspoken and Appropriately Aggressive.

~New Rules - Can't read my notes will update this later

Last New Rule and closing monologue about Dissing Pres. Obama to His Face

Lines about 'We never called other Presidents this to their face'
things about George W. Bush - 'apesh*t in His Presence'
Good dig about 'what's different about Pres. Obama'(Bill)Spanking
joke - Colored Egg/Testicle joke - and Others made this Closing

New Rules:

1. SALAPANDER - good

2. FEEL TIME - not a bad idea

3. BRIM JOB - liked the hat

4. NON JEREMY - moo goo guy slam - yes

5. HAIR OF THE DOG - cute

6. already commented on this

Thanks Bill/Writing Staff/rest of crew For Another Over The Top

Really Great Real Good Time.

This Critique will be updated and edited later.


Real Time With Bill Maher is Directed by Paul G. Casey.

Friday, February 17, 2012

the trip home

I'm home now.

But stidh - what about your mother's funeral?

Oh sure I was planning to attend - but my brother took
me aside today and said, 'Sue - we appreciate what ya did
here. You know - stepping up and staying at the hospital
24/7 - from last Sunday night to 4 o'clock this morning -
virtually never leaving her side - and staying the course
when the rest of us went on with our lives.' true dat

Now I'm naturally intuitive - so I was pretty sure what was coming next.

He said, 'Sue - go on home now. Your job here is done.'

I Really wanted to stay - dear readers and noncommenters - but I saw that my Really Mean Family wanted me to go - thinkin' that I would disrupt the Really cool Catholic Mass tomorrow.

My first reaction was to object - but I could see his mind was made up.

He walked me to the car and said, 'Thanks, Sue - for Everything.'

'Hey Bro - No Charge,' I replied.

as I passed the checkout counter I overheard the two clerks mention that an interesting read was THE TRIALS OF LENNY BRUCE - The Fall and Rise
of an American Icon - and the 10 BUCKs included an audio cd of performances, interviews & commentary - so I decided to spring for it
even though I spent a metrof*ckload of money at the Hospital Gift Shop. : ]
this past week.

And although it is a thick book I figured the dirty stuff would make the reading go faster.

As I checked it out I chatted up the Guy Clerk and shared that I have an audio of Moby Dick - as I love hearing the way Herman Melville has a knack for putting together words.

He responded by saying that he did agree and that what a shame it was that
the Classics Were Not Read As Much As They Should Be Today.

But what I thought about on The Journey Home is something else he said -
and that is - that I should check out the Letters Of Ordinary, Uneducated
Backwoodsy Civil War Soldiers - as these letters written to their mothers and wives, etc, came across as NATURAL GENIUS POETRY.

and almost as an added bonus to an already amazing incredible day was the realization that the cd I was listening to of the first movement of Chopin's Sonata No. 3, OP. 58 - the Allegro maestoso - is in fact the same thing that Adrian Brody plays during the credits of The Pianist.

I'm gonna learn it for my mom at the same time I'm studying the Rach 3 -
folks. They don't call me stidh for nothing. :]

well madonna did the super bowl halftime show for her dad - didn't she?


When They See Her Coming They Will Wave Her On Through.

And As She Passes Through The Gates She Will Hear Those Coveted Words:


and - Were You There - stidh - you might ask?

Yes folks - I Was There.

Actually I was asleep :] but the nurse said she must
have left in the last hour. I can feel nothing but
Joy and Relief - as she held on so unusually lohg -
and it was hard on all of us.

Thanks Everybody.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the hospice lady

The Hospice Lady and I were visiting and she was telling
me about how she liked to sew.

Now I don't remember what I said - and you know me -
but I must have mentioned Politics - and President Obama.

All at once I heard her say -

President Obama is such a nice - sweet person.

That got my attention so - not being shy : ] - I said
and how would you know that?

She said very calmly because I've met him 20 or 30 times.

I snapped to attention - sensing that I was on to something -
and said:

And just where did you meet him?

It was then that The Hospice Lady took me to a place I had
never been before. And this is what she talked about for the
next 45 minutes or so:


The Hopsice Lady told me that she and her husband both worked
in a restaurant in Chicago called Mitchell's. I think he was
a chef and she said that she was in management and did waitressing.

She went on to tell about President Obama - that he was

~a man that Believed Strongly In God

~a dedicated Family Man

~and as she first said - a Very Nice - Sweet - and Sincere Man.

And then she just rambled on - as I sat at attention - with Stars
in my eyes.

I saw my chance and didn't pass it up - and blurted out:

Tell me Everything and Name Names.

And she did.

Sometimes I would interrupt her with questions - and I could
tell that I had opened up a Window To Her Past that she obviously
enjoyed talking about.

And then - without warning - I knew that it was over. And in the
next few days - when she came in to check on my mom - and the rest
of us - we never mentioned it again.

But there are two things that stayed with me the most -

The Special Tone Of Her Voice When She Mentioned Professional
Football Players - and I took it as a Tone Of Respect.

And when she said Hillary Truly Loves Bill.

Now I already knew that since I had read once that Hillary said
that 'Bill is the only Person that can Really make me laugh.'

you got that right Hillary

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

what we did today

Early this afternoon a lady came in and wanted to say a Rosary Thing.

So she and my sister-in-law started in on it - and it was Really
Repetitive. I mean like the same Stuff going on 15 minutes and
I could see each time that she would feel a different Bead - and
there were a lot of Beads - let me tell ya.

So the Nurse come in and I'm thinkin' that she would put a stop
to it - but to my Amazement the Nurse walks over and JOINS THEM.

Well I'm going on 48 hours straight of being in this room day and
night and IT REALLY STARTED TO FREAK ME OUT - so I went over and
pretended to look out the window until finally they stopped.

Not too much later - though - the Hospice Chaplain came in and we
talked - and he had a Calming Effect on me.

I said could you Pray and Read Some Bible Passages because My Mom
would like that.

So he said the 21st Psalm and we Prayed the Lord's Prayer together -
although some of the words he used were different that I'm used to.
Then he Prayed his own Prayer - and said a few Words for My Mother -
and It Was Good.

I think I speak for everyone that I Really hoped it would Happen then.

But It Didn't.

I went to the Chinese Restaurant but they didn't take a cc.
Apelbee's was right across the street so I got French onion soup
and artichoke dip and chips. It is good.

I'll hold down the fort tonight - just my mom and me -

but I know now that It Won't Be Over Until It's Time.

P.S. We had about 1 1/2 in. of snow overnight - it is pretty.
How's your weather there bl - I hope to be back in time for your
show Friday night. I can't waitiluvubl.

as she lay dying

Yesterday - early afternoon - the Nurse and the Hospice Lady both said:


So I called my Brother and My Sister-in-Law and they came to the Hospital.

There were about 6 of us there and we felt the need for Music - for my Mom.

I couldn't find my Preservation Jazz Band cd - Just a Closer Walk With Thee - and I was going to go with U-tube - something like Precious Lord Take My Hand - but I remembered that it would stop/go/stop/go so I grabbed Thriller and we partied to that for most of it. I even treated them to a few dance steps - I couldn't help myself. : ] they smiled - even when I did a little zombie stuff

I mean he's Michael Jackson - isn't he?

But nothing happened yesterday afternoon or last night - and here we are again today.

And still we Wait.

Later I'm gonna drive over and pick up Chinese - since they don't eat like I do here.

And it will Happen When It Happens.

And That Is All Ye Know And All Ye Need To Know.

but really Joe ya shouldn't have shut down your comment section - not now.

prvt 2 bl - u r hr wth me - ll uv th tm bl

Monday, February 13, 2012

these People care so much about Our Flag that they replaced the worn out

one - that I pointed out to them (see my post about that) - within TWO HOURS.

and so Old Glory will Fly Proudly In Salute To My Mother

As She Leaves The Hospital On Her Way Home.

and when might that be folks?

and still we wait

update from hospital central

Nobody thought that this 96 year old Woman could
go on this long - she is into the 7th Day of no
hydration - 10 days without nourishment.

They monitor her Very Carefully for signs of Discomfort -
and last night she slept all night.

Other Obsevations:

~I was not surprised - but Encouraged and Touched by the
Depth of Feeling - and Reluctance to let go - by the group
of 30's Grandchildren - of This Really Great Woman Who Had
So Strongly Impacted Their life

~The Cold Crisp Northeastern Air - Waning Moon In The Still
Dark Morning Sky - So Cold That You Californians Wouldn't
Last 5 Minutes - didn't bother me though - And Last Night My
Strong Young Nephew - a Veteran Of Afghanistan and Iraq -
although he didn't mind that I loaded him to the gills with
My Stuff - half the contents of The House right there in my
car - But He Lives In Nashville Now And He Remarked That -
'we aren't used to this.'

~The American Flag Is Flying Proudly Outside of the hospital -
but I reported to the lady at the desk that it needs replacing
since the ends are fraying. She said I'm going to check it out
and walked out there in the Stark Cold to see for herself.

~In Bloomington - largely due to the Health Food Consciousness
of the Large Liberal Campus - The Hospital had plently of Vegan
Choices for me - but here there was NOTHING - not even a drop of
Soy Milk to be found.

As luck would have it I had loaded up a cooler with everything I
need for a couple of days.

~Love Lives Here in this Solid Midwestern Small town - and it will Sustain
My Mother for her Last Hours - or days.

But here's the Bottom Line - Folks.

About two years ago when her ankles were swelling due to circulation
problems the doctor suggested that she lie on the couch and raise
her legs alternately to get the blood flowing.

And That's What She Did Day After Day - and when her aged body
should have shut down sooner - She Continues to Hold On -


But she had a Stroke last Saturday night and she would NOT have
wanted to live in a wheelchair depending on Others - thus the
choice of removing the Aparatus.

So Here We Are - Folks - and We will remain for the Duration.

Luckily I have my laptop - up to 15 dvds -including:

IronMan 1&2
Due Date
Evan Almighty

and others

But I'm Not Wrong
and as a last resort - I'm Swiss.

Plenty of reading material

3 more things before the doctor makes his rounds:

~I found a 75% off Ch. Ornament with the Initial
F on it (my maiden name) for my Art Studio :]

~The sign that used to read:

Have a Good Day

No - here these folks are Really on top of things:

it says -


oh - and the Prints here on the 2nd floor are Amazing -
one of the Abstracts Really caught my eye - I took several
detailed pictures of it with my digital camera...

~and finally - I jabbed my finger at the elevator
button repeatedly - and sure enough it opened back up to take
me to the second floor : )

see - ya always have to TRY - even if People say it
won't happen

and didja see Paul McCartney last night - people?

looking good I must say

and well the gift shop is now open

: ]

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :[ ladies & gentlemen

a day early

Sunday, February 12, 2012

the final countdown

I'm here at the Hospital - a different one than before.

And this time I'm not leaving until my Mother does.

Only we'll be going out different Doors.

I didn't know I was Coming - but then I never Really know
what I'm gonna do until I do it.

I took a nap at 1pm - and when I woke up I Just Knew what I
was going to do - and in an hour I was out of the Door.

Let me tell ya about it - folks.

A while back my mother told me that she had been with my aunt
when she died - when she drew her last breath.

And after that I would think - Maybe that would be something I
would like to Experience.

But I never knew that it would be my Mother that I would be with
when she checked out.

And let me tell ya folks - I am Eternally Grateful to God that
He is allowing me to do this.

And I am gonna see this through.

The signs are pointing to maybe only one more day.

Then She Will Be Home - Free.

and - My Dear Friends and non-Commenters - you are going to
be the First To Know About it - right here on stidh.

: ]


i eat fries occasionally but i wouldn't touch the gravy

Saturday, February 11, 2012

whitney houston

I was thinking just now of -

the song Say a Little Prayer for me.

And then I thought:

Oh my gosh - Whitney Houston died today.

But then I googled the song and come to find out it really
was Dionne Warwick's song - I guess.

But I'm sorry - Whitney Houston - that you had to die
at the age of 48.

I'm gonna straighten my own life out - Whitney - and I'm
not gonna die doing it.

I wish you were still alive Whitney Houston - you gave us wonderful music.

Someone always dies - and then we think that we should learn from

My mother is still hanging on - and it most likely won't be
much longer - but I can tell you this folks - I will be grateful
to her for every day that I have left - and I'm gonna make my
life better because of her - I owe her bigtime - in so many ways.

We all do - and we know it.

And I know that we are all thankful that we realized it before it
was too late.

And we will always be Grateful for that.

And we will be nice to each other because of her.

Because she was nice to everybody.

She just wanted us to be nice to each other.

Thanks Mom.

You are the Best.

a couple more pics

three magazines I like

THE OPRAH MAGAZINE {see my recent post on that}

KIDS DISCOVER {dont let the word kids fool ya - this is good}

The Economist - This is a Smart - Really good magazine folks.
since I already bought a book for my brthda I can't afford it -
pricey - but am reading the latest issue online : ]

hw did i mss ths grt pics?

thnks bl

how utube videos were there for me

I try to avoid turning to u-tube videos in my
Time Of Great Need - but last night I did just that.

And because I'm not a Selfish Person - I'm gonna share
with all of you where the Best Of Little Homemade Videos
cam be found.

Just click on ABSOLUTE MARXIST on my links - and there -
of these Really Cool little vidoes.


~little lego men act out the deepest and darkest great literary epic poems

~pinko/commie propaganda at its best

~birds sh*tting on Stalin

~the best of tim hawkins

~discover anew the Wonder Of Karl Marx

but my latest favorite is:

the precious adorable Kim dong il singing about his loneliness -

And there are Others.

But DO NOT read the comment section where Absolute Marxist:

~effortlessly exposes the innermost Secrets of the Soul of stidh

~don't read about my Socialist tendencies

~how AM tries to convince me that DIVORCE is a vicious thing

~our shared views on what Politics is all about

~and hear Absolute Marxist try to tell me that I can do better than
a loser like Bill Maher

but most of all - folks - treat yourself to these most amazing
and wonderful little videos

right there on Absolute Marxist's really cool blog

Friday, February 10, 2012

one last poem

Far from love the Heavenly Father
Leads the chosen child;
Oftener through realm of briar
Than the meadow mild,

Oftener by the claw of dragon
Then the hand of friend,
Guides the little one predestined
To the native land.

                     ~Emily  Dickinson

Good Show

comin' up

Real Time With Bill Maher.

susie asado

For a time I wanted to be called Susie.

And I was.

Then I changed my name back to Sue.

And so this from Gertrde Stein.

now i'm pretty sure that my mother has no idea who gertrude stein is -
but who knows - because my mother didn't tell everything she knew

She was Smart like that.

Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea.

~Susie Asado.

Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet

~Susie Asado.
Susie Asado which is a told tray sure.

A lean on the shoe this means slips slips hers.

When the ancient light grey is clean it is yellow, it is a silver seller.

This is a please this is a please there are the saids to jelly. There are
the wets these say the sets to leave a crown to Incy.

Incy is short for incubus.

A pot. A pot is a beginning of a rare bit of trees.  Trees tremble, the
old vats are in bobbles, bobbles which shade and shove and render
clean, reander clean must.

~Drink pups.

Drink pups drink pups lease a sash hold, see it shine and a bobolink
has pins.  It shows a nail.

What is a nail. A nail is unison.

Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea.

A Tree Fallen Across The Road

My Old Buddy Robert Frost said,  'Hey, Sue - use this one for your Mother -

No  Charge.'

Thanks Bob.

He doesn't mind if I call him Bob.

The tree the tempest with a crash of wood
Throws down in front of us is not to bar
Our passage to our journey's end for good,
but just to ask us who we think we are

Insisting always on our own way so.
She likes to halt us in our runner tracks,
And make us get down in a foot of snow
Debating what to do without an axe.

And yet she knows obstruction is in vain:
We will not be put off the final goal
We have it hidden in us to attain,
Not though we have to seize earth by the pole

And, tired of aimless circling in one place,
Steer straight off after something into Space.

do not go gentle into that good nightI

It is said that Dylan Thomas wrote this for His Father - but I'm gonna post
it tonight for My Mother - and what's he gonna do about it anyway.

do not go gentle into that good night
old age should burn and rave at the close of day
rage rage against the dying of the light

though wise men at their end know dark is right
because their words had forked no lightning they
do not go gentle into that good night

good men the last wave by crying how bright
their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay
rage rage against the dying of the light

wild men who caught and sang the sun in its flight
and learn too late they grieved it on its way
do not go gently into that good night

grave men near death who see with blinding sight
blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay
rage rage against the dying of the light

and you my father there on the sad height
curse bless me now with your fierce tears I pray

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light.

Listen Up: Members of the NFBMFC

Guests For Tonight's Real Time With Bill Maher Are As Follows:

Peter Galbraith

Mo Rocca

Zanny Minton Beddoes

Reihan Salam

Rev. Al Sharpton

I am Really sorry that I did not Post the names of the Guests sooner for
Tonight's Show.

With The exception of  The Rev. Al Sharpton - I have never heard of any of
these People; however - it is not too late to google them - and I highly
reccommend that all of you Ladies do so before tonight's show - as
it makes for a better understanding of the Content of the Show.

I know I will be researching these People.

Shirley - you had mentioned that you would like to Submit a Question
for the Overtime Segment - and I would encourage you to do so.

That is all I have for now - and please check my Blog for the usual
Post Show Critique.


the colors of my mind - and of my heart


I've got a Plan.

And having a Plan is better than not having one.

Now Is The Time For All of  You MFs to step up and Support stidh.

Why - you might ask?

Because I said so.



dear bill

I hope you aren't mad at me for saying that the Unbaptizing Ceremony of  Mitt Romney's
father-in-law (:]) was only the third funniest thing I've seen on tv.

The thing is - it was the most perfect thing I've ever seen.

The reason that I didn't laugh the most at it was that I was so proud of how
good it was - it was Reallly Perfect.

Now credit has to be given to those who wrote it - but you are the one who
delivered it - and - as with everything you do  - IT WAS PERFECT.

I just wanted to say that.

i lv yu bl - su

Thursday, February 9, 2012

new kid on the block

I'm doing an update on my links since I added:

Me? Opinionated?

Click on his name and you will be able to read his Concise and To The Point
Views on what's happening today in Our Country.

And he comes right out and says:

I just type what I feel and I don't care
what People think.

And ya can't ask for anymore than that - folks.

~Truth 101 - Still a place where you can find the Truth and Stimulating Discussion

~Geeeez! - Polite and Civil Discussion among the Best - of Conservatives

~Isorski's Musings - Totally Consistent Articles on Rock Music

~Jo-Joe Politico - Here's a Place where Differing Views are Acceped - on Joe's Terms

~The Blog - Cube interrupts her Family Life so that we can Comment In The Box

~Absolute Marxist - For Me Only

~White Hip Suburban Guy - Inner Intelligence and Photography Coexist

~Chuck Thinks Right  - Solid Subjects and Great Commenters

~jus' sayin' - Ticker is Running a Dear Abby for Folks Who Need Help With Faith - Really Good

~ducky's here - No Blog but ducky's a Hot Commodity in Commenting

~The Crank Files - BA needed to Comment here

And beamish's music - currently STANDUP'S The Prodigy - is to die for.

~Me? Opinionated? - See above

three moments of funny

Last night as I lay awake  - at 2:30 in the morning - in a State of Limbo -

Waiting For Word That The Rug That Was Slowly Being Jerked Out
From Under Me And Bringing My Life To A Screeching Halt - With
My Most Cherished Childhood Memories Marching Before My Eyes
Like A Parade Slowly Fading Into The Distance...  (pretty good huh)

Had Indeed Become Final -

I turned once more to the One Person Who - For The Last Four Years -
Has Always Been There For Me - even though I have never met him:

Bill Maher

And to my amazement - There He Was.

On HBO - in the middle of the night - on Real Tiime With Bill Maher.

I watched Bill's really cool show - this time with Heaviness in my Heart - but
I couldn't help smiling weakly at the end when he donned the Blue Velvet Wizard's Hat
and Performed an Unbaptizing Ceremony on Mitt Romney's Dead Uncle (?).

It was Good. 

Both Written and Delivered PERFECTLY.

But this morning when I woke up two other Funny Moments in tv came to my mind -
and I thought to myself - which one of these three funny moments in tv would I choose
as the best?

And this is what I came up with:

3.   Bill's Unbaptizing Ceremony

2.  When Conan Caught Me By Surpirse - fresh from having being sucked in by
Oprah's really great parting shows - with his so hiliarious line that I virtually Screamed
In Laughter from the Sheer Truth and Comedic Joy of it:


1.  But - folks - for me the Reigning Champion and Forever In My Heart Ten Minutes

Or So Of  Sitting There In Sheer Awe And Amazement At What I Was Seeing:

Zach Galifianakis as Annie on SNL - singing - The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

I'm Quite Sure It Doesn't Get Any Better Than That - Folks. 

Check it out on u-tube today - that is if you really want to.  : ]

and of course there are Others.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

more on Bill's New Show

I am so excited about this.

I've even come up with a Name for Bill's New Show:

It is -


think it'll fly?

and maybe then he'll lay offa the rest of us...

this could be the start of something - good

It's like exploring another planet except this one is ours.

                           ~Columbia University glaciologist Robin Bell
                              in talking about recently exploring Lake Vostok -
                              under Antarctica


and speaking of something good -

Didja hear that Bill Maher is considering starting a new Show on HBO in
which he wil tackle World Problems - and Kick Some Really Mean Ass - such as:

~Siberian Slave Labor Camps

~North Korean Virtual Slaves

~Child Suicide Bombers in Afghanistan

~Teen Assassins in Peru

W A Y    T O    G O      B I L L

I can see it all now as Bill walks in - looks around - and asks,  'You folks
doin' some Bullying here?'

And they'll say, 'Oh no Bill.  We're just havin' ourselves some fun...'

And then Bill will continue to look around - all the while Knowing that:


and well - I think it's gonna be ok

because I'm Bill Maher


Ladies:   I can find no info on who the Guests are for Real Time With Bill Maher
for this Friday night - February 10th, 2012.

Does Anybody Know What's Happening Here?

Because I don't - I can assure you.

Old Business:  I am still working on getting bulk prices for the But I'm Not Wrong
t-shirts.  I will keep you posted on that.

New Business:  We need to keep abreast of when Bill will be appearing in Indianapolis
for Standup Comedy.  I did see that he would be there - but at the time that I read it there
was no date set for that appearance. 

We will be ready - however - for this Contingency and we proceed to drive up to
Indianapolis to hang out  - at least - outside of Bill's Dressing Room and can only
Hope that we will be The Chosen Ones to 'talk' with him after the Show.

Shirley - Thanks for offering the use of your Van.  We will take you up on that.  If
there are too many of us Nanette has said that she can drive also.

That brings up another Very Important Matter - The Birthday Present - which has had
to take a back seat because of my Mother - and while I'm talking about that Thank you
so much - From The Bottom Of My Heart - for the way All Of You have stepped up and
offered your Support - especially with Prayers.  I have told Shirley that I will contact her
when the Time Comes and she will in turn call the rest of you.

That's it for now.


Lord should be Capitalized

if you insist on being an Athiest at least get it right

I mean - goddamit - I'm showing Respect for your Religion by capitalizing
Athiest - so you can do the same for mine - see?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

three quotes

Everything in this book may be wrong.

                         ~Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
                           by Richard Bach

that was helpful

Only when you have been in the lowest valley can you know what it is
like to be on the highest peak.

                          ~Richard Nixon

lowest - been there and I will dish on that with piers morgan
highest - hasn't happened yet

It's not what you are that counts.  It's what they think you are.

                             ~Andy Warhol

see my Post about Andy Warhol on my art Blog - but not yet

what I'm doin' today

~Scrub the Kitchen Floor.  : [

~Do the last 2 days dishes before I get my *ss kicked  : [

~Make new batch of Hot & Sour Soup

~Run Due Date on my kitchen flat screen : ]
(i will post other movies i'm runnin' by - most likely comedies)

~Write on my blog  : ]

stidh - three quotes

post about meeting of the NFBMFC


update on my links  - new kid on the block

art blog - andy warhol

miniature presidents - haven't decided yet

tih blog - a miracle product

religion blog - see my stidh post on athiests

piano seminar blog - maybe something on Hanon/Chopin Etudes

movie blog - my personal fave btw and not sure yet

constitution blog - something - I got confused on that one

I just decided that Iron Man is up next - can't get enough of the Really Hot
Robert Downy, Jr. - folks

and zach galifianikis

then Iron Man 2 (and that should me until a rerun tonight of RTWBM)

update on my mother

My mother has decided what she is going to do.

She Is Going To Be With My Dad.

We wanted her to stay her longer - but her mind is made up.

So when she Finally Breaks The Surly Bonds Of Earth -

And Begins Her Journey Home...

the first thing I'm gonna do is Post it right here on stidh - for my Real Friends to read.

But Picture It This Way:

My Dad Will Be Standing At The Top Of The Stairs - like in Titanic -

Of course there will be Others there  - like:



and andy williams...

She comes from the Big Band Era so the First Thing She Will Want To Do Is -


With my dad - of course.

I Can See It All Now...

They Will Go Dancing -

among the Stars.