Wednesday, May 2, 2012

leadership in women

A few posts ago I brought up the subject of the possibility of a Woman President - of the United States. Today I want to suggest that we follow the suit of other countries - some of which are far ahead of Our Country - in allowing women to lead. However it is only fair to say that we here in the U S of A - we are a bit younger in years established - so that we are now just coming into our own - in seeing women rising up and taking charge. Three women from our country - coulda and shoulda been leaders - but the first one just wasn't born in the right year. I'm speaking of First Lady Abigail Adams who - as I've said before - is thought to be a person - had she lived today - most likely could have held the honored position. Now we know that Hillary Clinton could have done the job - but she came with too much baggage. Just kidding - but I believe she would have done the job competently - but it just wasn't to be. And though I've never heard it mentioned that Eleanor Roosevelt could have been President - she probably had the ability - but again - it was just not the right time. All three of these First Ladies - come to my mind when I think of possibilities - for a Woman President. And the following women WERE leaders of their country: Indira Gandi ~ India Golda Meir - Israel Queen Victoria - Great Britain Queen Elizabeth I and II - Great Britain Margaret Thatcher - Great Britain Eva Peron - Argentina Angela Merkel - Germany to name just a few Womem have made their mark in this World and in History - it just takes a little more time - and I feel they have to work harder to obtain these positions. But it is happening - and it should and could happen here.

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