Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Fox Nation - I pick Ted Nugent - as the d *psh*t


Anonymous said...

The media has trotted out Newt Gingrich’s ex. They trotted out an alleged mistress of Herman Cain. Why are they so silent about Barack Husein Obama’s ex?

Thersites said...

Ted Nugent ROCKS!

sue hanes said...

Anon - Is that like in Al.Anon?

Let's leave Pres. Obama - alone.

He is looking pretty much older now - and we want to take care of him since the alternative is Joe Biden.

Now I simply adore Joe Biden - but we don't want a nutjob for prez.

I cannot stand even the thought of NG. Such a slimey bastard. What kind of woman would even consider kissing him - let alone anything more?

sue hanes said...

Ted Nugent - my dear Ther - makes me want to THROW UP.

Thersites said...

One for Levon...

sue hanes said...

Liked it - Ther.

Did he just die or somethin'?

Am I gonna die - or somethin'?

Anyway - that was a good one - and along the lines of my belief.

sue hanes said...

I see where the SS cleared Ted.

I didn't clear him - though.

Talk about a nutjob.

Thersites said...

Now the Secret Service has BOTH our pictures... ;)

sue hanes said...

If the SS has MY picture - I hope it is a good one. If not - I would be able to provide them with a GOOD one.

I see GZ - has apologized to the Martin family.

Woo Hoo. That should make them feel better.


sue hanes said...


For murdering their precious son - he APOLOGIZED.

I'll pray for him on Sunday as I'm gonna go to church now - on a regular basis. Maybe even join a Bible Study. Get to know some folks.

How about them apples - Ther.

The Absolute Marxist said...

His apology was a but self-serving, but its more than most people get from a killer.

I'd say he has a few more sacred springs that he needs to bathe in before the gods grant him absolution.