Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fire That Pilot - Good won - Bill

Why is it that you always seem to know what the Right
thing is - to do?

r u vr wrng - bl?

on keeping the faith

I wanted to write something about what is going on right
now in Our Country - you know - the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman

Right off - I will say what I think happened - and that is that
Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin - in cold blood.


I watched several different coverages throughout the day and
tonight - and here's what I saw - and was encouraged by:

I saw people speaking out - in a CIVILIZED way - saying what
they thought happened. I heard Black people speaking out about
their concern for the mindset of America against young Black men.
I read blogs on which white people gave their concerns about
what had happened - and the reasons for their concern.

I was truly encouraged by ALL of the people I heard speak -

And what I felt I was seeing - were the NEW AMERICANS THAT

Even though the 2012 Presidential Elections haven't even taken
place - I think we already have started that GREAT SECOND HALF -
that Clint Eastwood was talkin' about - and ya gotta love Clint
Eastwood - folks. I mean - he's Dirty Harry - isn't he?

Seriously - I think we are gonna be ok.

THAT SPOKE OUT - and that goes for all ya folks over at Z's
blog - too.

God Bless Americans.




sorry folks but I just couldn't stop myself...

Shirley: Dr. Drew is on at 9 pm ET - and I assume Bill (Maher) will be 2 - HLN

Sherl: Bill (Maher) Is Gonna Be Interviewed on Dr. Drew Tonight -

that's HLNews - not sure what time - yet - but I'll letya
know - it's about the Trayvon Martin thing.
Gotta run - going Krogering - I just can't get used to HOW
Much groceries cost these days - I just don't know how women
with families do it - but my older daughter - Julie (not her
Real name) - leans heavily on coupons - works for her.

I'll definitely get back to ya on the time of Dr. Drew's
interview with Bill (Maher) - and I - for one - am anxious
to hear his take on that subject.

open message to Shirley

Hey Sherl:

Whassup - girlfriend?

Yes - I'm also trying to find out who the guests are on
this Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher. What I'm thinkin'
is - is that they wait unitl the last possible minute to -

So I'll keep checkin' it out - and ya can read all about it
here on stidh.

Say Shirl - I'm walkin' 30 minutes a day now - the doc said I
experienced the shortness of breath thing - because I'm out of
shape. I'm trying to remedy that now - so as to be able to
go in for layups - and I'm Really getting good at shootin'
hoops - and please tell your older son - the one who is 16 -
the tall one - Damon - that I challenge him to a game of
H-O-R-S-E. Again. He killed me the last time.

And Sherl - the Borscht I made is to die for. Freezes well -
& if ya put it into serving size Tupperware - ya can get it
Right out for lunch or supper. Looks and tastes just like
Ham & Beans. Amazing - and deeeelicious!

Catch ya later - Sherl.

I just saw a sign on the top of comment section - THAT BLOGGER IS GETTING A NEW LOOK IN APRIL

Please - No - Blogger.




please - no more new stuff

Here is what I mean by that - blogger:

Don't go changin' - to try and please me
Ya never let me down before
Don't imagine yer too familiar
And I don't see ya anymore.

I would not leave ya
In times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times - I'll take the bad times
I take ya just the way you are.

I Need To Know That You Will Always Be
The Same Old Someone That I Knew
Ah - What Will It Take Until You Believe In Me
The Way That I Believe In You?

I said I Love You - and that's Forever
And this I promise from my Heart -
I could not love you - any better
I love ya just the way you are.

I don't want - clever conversation -
I never want to work that hard
I just want someone I can talk to

I WANT YOU - just the way you are.

See what I mean - Blogger?

Thanks - Billy Joel - You're The Greatest.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Man Doing Well With Face Transplant

I used to have a problem with Face Transplants.

To me they seemed a little weird.

But then I see more and more how these Face Transplants
are giving People a New Lease On Life.

And so now I say More Power To Ya - Face Transplants.

And it also makes me see that some of these doctors -


Sure there are a few quacks in this World - but i see all of
the good that so many doctors do -

And I Say To Myself:


and they are the Good Ones.

Thanks - Good Doctors.

humbly - from the bottom of my Heart

I've said this before and I need to say it again...

Bloggers are the best people in the world.

Even people who don't have blogs - but particiape in
the world of bloggers - ARE THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Even bloggers who fight to give the opposite opinions - are

I Heart Anyone I Have EVER Come Into Contact Either Directly -
Or Indirectly Through Blogging.

Someone once said to me Bloggers aren't your friends.

B*llsh*t. That is pure B*llsh*t.

And anyone want to disagree with me - can make - a - comment.

Fat Chance Of That Happening - Right?

except for you legion - i love you guys :]

National Hoodie Day

I - stidh - By The Power NOT Invested In Me By Anyone -

Do Hereby Declare - Today - to be:


in honor and respect - of and for:


who died - saving us - from our sinful selves.

And anyway - that's the least we can do - put on our hoodies
today - I'm gonna wear my Really Cool Purple One.

Don't have one?

Then go right out to Walmart or Target - AND GET ONE.

and wear it today - ALL DAY.

And when ya do - just remember Trayvon Martin - who right now -
is wearing his - and chatting it up with Michael Jackson - and Jesus -
and I'm quite sure they are wearing one too.

::wipes a tear from her Heart::

: ]


Among the many protester was the famous Mad Blogger - stidh.

We spoke with stidh during the protests and here's how it
went down:

CNN: So - stidh. How does it feel go be there in the mainstream
of American protesters?

stidh: Great.

CNN: What lead you to take part in this protest - stidh?

stidh: I'm glad ya asked that question - Anderson. And I'm
gonna give ya the answer right now.

I came here today because I'm a housewife - but in my spare time
I care about things. And I wanted to be where the action is. The
action - here in this Great Country of Ours - where folks stand
up for each Other - and where they stand up for Right.

CNN: That's great - Sue. And how do YOU think the protest is

stidh: I think it is Great - Anderson. The People here are orderly -
standing up for what they Believe to be true - that in fact this
slaying of a young Black man - was Wrong. And it was Racist. But
these People are not taking the Law into their own hands - but rather
they are just 'speaking out' - something that we here in America -
can do - without fear of repercussion. It's called Freedom of Speech -

CNN: I totally agree - stidh. Will you be staying here long?

stidh: No Anderson. My work here is done. I just wanted to come here
and see for myself - the American Spirit In Action. Now I will go
back home - to Southern Indiana - and continue to do what I love best -
what is inherent in my Life. And I'm talking about two things -
Anderson. Being a housewife - something that is the Core Of My Very
Existence - and Blogging - which is The Way Of The Future - for it is
a way for the ordinary - everyday person - to express his or her
opinion - in such a unique way - Anderson. But I want to say that it
has been a Real Privilege to be here - among such fine People. People
who are expressing how they feel - but not causing trouble - like it
used to be. Things are different now - don't ya think - Anderson?

CNN: Yes - stidh. Indeed I do. Thank you for taking time to talk
with us.

stidh: You are very welcome - Anderson. And may I say that it is my
honor to be speaking with YOU - Anderson Cooper. I am a huge fan of

CNN: Why thank you - Sue. And now back to you in the studio - Wolf.

well - that's how it woulda gone - if I had been there in Florida at
that Really Cool Protest...


::goes back to bed::

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Yeah - He looks like a Real Threat - I Mean His Picture Scared the LIVING CRAP -

outta me.

Now I plead attention to my own 'tragic plight' in Life - that
I haven't followed this story like I should have.

And this is the first time that I Really noticed what his picture
looked like.

Well - I mean I'm so glad that I didn't happen upon this Fierce and
Mean Looking Young Black man.

Ya say he had a hoodie on?

Well - why shoot him?

Shooting's too GOOD for a sweet - innocent looking young guy like that -


oh that's right - because guns are easier - and more civilized.


I do believe that what Ronald Reagan said about Russia:


was MUCH worse than this.

Anyone remember that one?

I do.

did I read that right?

NK is gonna move a rocket to the lauch pad?

Now why on Earth would ya wanna do that?


Are ya plannin' on shooting it at someone?


This could be the start of somethin' big.

Like WW3?

I sure hope not.

the newspaper article that I didn't read


Stop Telling Me That The Newspaper Is A Good Thing -
I'm Already Not Reading It

The newspaper from which the article was taken - the post -
that I'm about to write - is:

The Indianapolis Star

and the article seems to be a part - possibly - of a series
that are entitled:

JOBS in partnership with

and the heading of the article is

Prepare for TOUGH interview questions.

Now - I just glanced at the article and since my 5 year old
grandson was also at the table - and my daughter was close by
working in the kitchen - I decided to gear it to the 5 year old -
and - perhaps - have some fun with it.

Now the questions that I presented my g-son with were supposed to
be questions that an emloyer would ask a prospective employee.

Here I include the questions - along with the answers my grandson

Me: Why should I hire you instead of some other candidates (for the
job - and at this point I explained to him that he should pretend
that someone was thinking about letting him work for him and he
SEEMED to understand - that)

Joel: (certainly not his Real name - to protect family privacy I'll
call him Joel) Because I am good at putting legos together

Me: What are your weaknesses?

Joel: (again I must insist that Joel is NOT Joel's Real name)
I like to do legos.

Me: If you could be any kind of tree - what would it be?

Joel: A sycamore tree.

At this point I would say that both his mother (my younger daughter)
and I were quite pleased with this intelligent answer and we questioned
him briefly - and he did agree that he said 'sycamore' tree because of
having learned about the sycamore tree in Sunday School - ya know what
I'm talking about here - the time when the stort guy Zaceeus (sp) -
from the Bible - climbed up in the sycamore tree so that he could get
a better look at Jesus.

Me: What is your worst quality?

Joel: I like to build legos. (again the legos - it's always about the legos)

Me: What was the last book you read?

Joel: The Cat In The Hat. (Dr. Seuss)

Me: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Joel: As a Ninja.

Here his mother and I were again pleased as Joel is quick and could easily
take some sort of lessons on the art of that sort of self-defense - in
case he should ever encounter mean bullies on the playround. :[

And the article went on to list ten of the most bizarre questions that
the online career communitiy - - listed - and that I would
like to not share with all of you - right now - because I think they
are very clever - folks:

Remember when not reading this list - these interview questions are
meant to be VERBAL - not - not read.

~Just entertain me for five minutes. I'm not going to talk.

~If Germans were the tallest people in the world, how would you prove it?

~What do you think of garden gnomes?

~Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good software engineer?

~How would you cure world hunger?

~Please spell diverticulitis.

~Name five uses for a stapler without stapler pins.
~How would you get an elephant into a refrigerator?

~If you could be a superhero, what power would you posess (Joel - not his
Real name - answered - to be Really quick - or fast.)

~Pepsi or Coke?

Pretty good huh?

Of course - folks - that's because these questions were taken from a
newspaper in the Really Great City Of Indianapolis - and certainly not
from a Really sophistocated newspaper like - let's say - The New York Times.

Next up: Possibly another long and rambling post - about a Great Actor -
that caught my eye - not an American actor - but a Brit. actor - and he's Black - folks. :]

All this and more - right here on stidh.

DON'T READ ALL ABOUT IT - and especially - DO NOT COMMENT!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the long and rambling post

Get a snack - maybe go to the bathroom first -
Dear Nonreaders and Noncommenters - cause this
could get long - and incoherent.

But ya know what?

It's gonna be good.

5 Things That Happened Today While I Was Away

I. I was gonna get a can of Orange Soda - Sunkist I think -
out of the big cooler at a Chinese CarryOut Place - but luckily
I checked the ingredients - and I DISCOVERED THAT IT HAD
CAFFEINE IN IT. Caffeine in a orange soda - folks?
Why? I thought orange soda was supposed to be caffeine free.
All I need right now is to have caffeine working against me - too.

II. Passing a Bicycle Shop I encountered a Quote by John F. Kennedy
that read:

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Well - I know a little bit about our late President -
John F. Kennedy - and I just know that what he considered to be
'simple pleasure' had very little to do with riding a bike.

III. On Real Time With Bill Maher - last Friday night - there was a
good discussion during which Real Time guest - New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow - talked about how young Black men often face the
extra unwanted responsibility of having to be careful of things like
body language - making sudden moves - wearing hoodies - anything that
gives suspicion to their actions - BY PARANOID WHITE FOLKS.

But I observed - today - a young Black high school age guy - who I
don't think we are gonna have to worry about - as far as doing anything
threatening - to us white folks. I was watching the situation from my
daughter's backyard - while entertaining her three small children - who incidentally happen to be my g-kids folks :] - and the young Black guy -
was doing yard work - learning the ins and outs of handling a rake - and perhaps picking up sticks - even unwillingly - under the sharp supervision
of his father - who was also Black. And I thought to myself - I don't this
young man is gonna be a problem - and I was wearing the (purple) hoodie.

IV. On my visit to my daughter's today - I hauled a load of Creative stuff
along in the car - so that my five year old g-son and I could comiserate
together in creating - something - Creative. This all because I am not allowed to buy him $50 Imaginext toys - any longer - not that I have the money anyway - seeings as I am on a new restricted pred*v*rc* budget. :[

Now everyone who doesn't read my Blog - doesn't know that I am huge on
Responsible Gun Control - and I'll go a step further and say that

But here's the irony of it all:

When I presented my g-son with several items - like an empty paper towel
roll - and other meaningless stuff he could spraypaint - to make something
Creative - this is what he came up with folks:

A Gun - that Really looked like an assault weapon - or as my daughter
put it - a pipe bomb.

and we had a heck of a time convincing him that he simply COULD NOT take
this homemade - albeit harmless - weapon into the airport tonight to pick up his father. We told him that to those TSA people - it might seem a little threatening.

V. Now I DO NOT READ THE NEWSPAPER - but rather I took some along so that
it could be used to put on the patio for the spraypainting. But we didn't use one section - and later I was glancing at it - NOT READING - this newspaper - and my eyes - not me - but my eyes - happened to fall on a Really Cool Article.

My eyes said, 'Sue - lookee here at this great article.'

And I said, 'Shutup. I don't read the newspaper.'

But my eyes insisted, 'But Sue - this is a good one.'

So I'm gonna share that with ya tomorrow - Folks - cause I'm getting tired -and anyway - there is a rerun of Real Time With Bill Maher on right now.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


What a SH*TTY movie.

If I had known it was such a mean movie - I woulduv saved
some money and rented Mad Max or Pulp Fiction.

Here are some highlights of Hunger Games:


~he must have hated yer guts - good one woody


~doesn't even touch john carter

~liked his Really cool beard

~reminiscent of the best picture on a few years ago about the quiz show

~not even close to being as good as the descendents



~LMFAO when the dingo almost got her baby

~far from home - when she rolled down the hill

~bullying in its meanist form

~bill's not gonna like this one

~i'm thinkin' wtf - people are packin' it in for this?

~devil colors

~it's about stayin' alive

~sonsuvb*tch*s will vote it best picture fer sure

~you mean the stupidest part - you're ok you're ok

~district 9

~andrew sullivan was wrong about rioting

And another reason I didn't like it -

it made me cry - like

Man on Fire
Million Dollar Baby
Gran Turino

I hate to cry

but they did end up together - lucky them

But looking on the Brighter side - I see that Cape Fear :]
is on direct tv - and maybe later a rerun of Real Time - and
to finish off the evening - SNL!

Woo Hoo.


the little 500

will take place this year here at this Large Liberal College Town -

Indiana University.

Now The Little 500 is a bicycle race - modeled after the
Indianapolis 500 - in which college men ride their bicycles - for 200 laps -to the Finish - line.

Now - dear nonreaders and noncommenters - ya may think that the
Little 500 is a joke.


These poeple here at IU take the Little 500 serioulsy.

And they are dead serious.

These college students F*in' stand up for the ENTIRE RACE -
over two hours. Not me - though - in fact I don't even go
to the race itself anymore. There's no way I'm standing up
for ANTHING for that long. And if ya do sit down - you are
looking at some serious b*utt for two hours. : ]

The Little 500 takes place on Saturday, April 21st - this
year - at 2 pm ET. It costs around $20 to get in - but the
money all goes to a worthy cause. And it's fun. The campus
is SOOOOO beautiful right now - with flowering trees.

What I've done is to invite People to come here to IU - for
the Little 500 bicycle race. Some family, some old friends and
a couple of new friends. And I hope they Come. Because it could
be Really great. And instead of goin' to the Race - I'm gonna
stay home and cook - so that when those folks get back from the
Little 500 bicycle race - we can eat lots of good food - like
chili, fried asparagus, fried mushroom, fried zucchini, etc.

In the meantime - I'm gonna get ready by Really cleaning my house.

Because - as they said in Fields of Dreams:

If You Build It - They Will Come.

and if they DO come - then I will be ready - for them - folks.

an open message to Conservatives

It's tough Right now being a Conservative.

I know that.

You know that.

And I know that you know - that.

Sure - you believe in your Conservative Values.

And you want to stick with it.

But it's just NOT YOUR TIME - right now.

So hang in there.

I JUST KNOW - that before too long - someone is gonna come along
- someone who will fulfill the longing you have in your Heart -
someone who will Lead The Way - in the Way You Want.

So don't give - up - Folks.

It's early yet.

We're gonna get Our Really Cool Country - back.

Thank you.

and God Bless The United States Of America


the world's greatest college weekend

And what would that be - stidh?

I'm gonna tell ya what.

Right after I run a few errands.

But I'll say this much - folks.

It's Real.

And it's Spectacular.

and ya can read all about it Right here on - stidh.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Critique of Real Time With Bill Maher - Friday March 23 2012

What A Great Show From Start To Finish!

And For Different Reasons Than Last Week.

A Moment In Real Time (Sept 28 2007) - with Rahm Emanuel - YES.

and another old Real Time clip I caught this morning was a Really Good
One - with Martin Short~Tavis Smiley~Stephen Moore~Bob Costos - on
steriods in baseball :[ - but this was one of the BEST - folks and as
I looked at the set in the background - I found myself thinking excitedly:


Opening Monolgue - Over The Top Great:

~number of times Bill mentioned the Etch a Sketch thing - 7

~pres. speech/boring bs'ers everywhere - good

~knobs/boobies joke - funny

~reference to SP: ipad/stupid joke - hilarious

~thing about Arizona & women's reproductive rights/watch another woman
get an abortion - good one - will they ever give up on that?

~something about student loan deferment/abortion? - good joke

~joke about Florida shooting/foodie responsible - good use of a delicate situation

~Bill's stand yer ground law/his lawn/Jehovah witnesses - great

~Pope in Mexico

~John Edwards/not cheat on mistress - funny

This Opening Monologue was Really funny.

First Interview

Charles M. Blow/Bill

Bill - These things (Florida shooting) always makes us pay attention to race

CB - These days there doesn't seem to be an ending to the problem that ends
in riots as it used to be/more ablility to express ourselves/difusses violence/people's attitudes more sophisicated

~Bill - Now we have Denying racism as the New Racism

~CB - Bringing it up means being Racist

I would like to say at this point that I wrote about that on my Blog:

and that is that I ALWAYS mention when someone is Black - whereas I do
not do that with Other races - and I consider that a form of Racism - and
I'm not sure I will ever stop doing that

~Bill brought up good point about young Black kids having a hard role in that they must guard against seeming threatening

~CB agreed and went on to say that it is a heavyweight on the shoulders of young Black men/can't wear hoodies/must watch their body language/no
sudden moves/how they position body and this discussion brought to my mind
the scene in Crash when the two Black guys confronted the couple and stole their van - they discussed this very thing right before they did this.

I felt that this was a valuable discussion with important points being brought up - about how hard it must be - at times for young Black guys.

On the other hand - just the other day I saw a group of young Black men speed by in a car with a huge dog hanging its head out the window - and I thought to myself - Isn't that a Redneck thing - jus' sayin' : ] - no shotgun - that I could see - though - with Rednecks there woulda been the shotgun.

~good shot by Bill about capri pants

I thought Charles Blow was an excellent Guest - very poised - and even later
in the show I felt that he had the possiblilty of saying things - more than he did - even - on tonight's show - and I would like to see more of him.

Panel Discussion

Bill begins by bringing up Hate/Thought Crimes

Andrew Sullivan says that there must be equality in considering what is a crime and citizens MUST be held responsible for their actions

Wendy Schiller said that if you have a tendency toward violence - you always run the risk of eventually committing a crime

Glenn Greenwald spoke up that the reason for a crime makes a difference

Bill said that he disagrees - that crimes of Passion are not excusable

The Point was made by Bill that kids are too often put in jail FOR DOING SOMETHING STUPID - That is not necessarily a crime - and AS agreed and said that it is not appropriate to give 9 years for a prank - and Bill joked that they should be sent to Harvard.

WS suggested that if you do have Hate Crime Laws - then they should be carried through and used

Good point was made that PEOPLE OFTEN ARE SHUT DOWN IF THEY 'STEP OUT OF LINE' FOR BEING OUTRAGEOUS - this point has been made before here

A good discussion on something about Yeman then ensued.

At this point Bill introduced the Stupidest State Elite Eight - and
California/Oklahoma entered the contest:

~California - Free Stuff/porn condoms/ban circumncisions/Dicks about yer dick?

University on the same sign - good/funny about OK's Muslim Person
fetues in food/Little Debbie Snack cakes - I used to devour them let
me tel ya/but they are not made out of Little Debbie - cool joke

At This Point I Would Like To Say That Tonight's Panel Worked For Me -
because there seemed to be more genuine sparks flying than usual - but the panel did so well with that - I loved the lively discussion with conflict in a Civil but almost fighting and exciting opposing ideas with the three Really getting in to it - and Bill too.

There was a Tension on tonight's show that I hadn't felt - or maybe just hadn't noticed - before - and it was good - folks - and the reason for that is - is that it just made Real Time With Bill Maher more REAL - and you can't ask for more than that.

And another thing - THESE PEOPLE ARE SMART. All of them.

Second Interview

What can ya say about Fred Armisen folks - he seemed so cute - precious -
Really - and I kept wondering how it would be to talk to him - and not knowing if he was going to do something funny at any moment.

He began the segment with a pretty fair imitation of Bill.

There was a discussion - coming from Andrew Sullivan - about how FAME -
and about how hard it is to be famous - at times - about living under a microscople. And AS mentioned Princess Diana - as an example.

I would like to say - on record - that I have resolved my love/hate
relationship with Princess Diana - having run the gamut with her - sometimes admiring her for her striking beauty/charm/celebrity/wit and just in general everything that went with it all. Then I went through a stage - having read articles about her - thinking that she was not such a good person - and that maybe she deserved what she got. But now I see that it
must have been so hard - to live the life she was handed - and I would just like to see the good in her - and Let It Be - and may she rest in peace - or whatever ya do at that point in your nonlife.

New Rules

~Dick Clerk - Very Good about how a clerk should not wear a blue shirt and expect not to be mistaken for a clerk and the thing about the bloody apron was great.

~Persion of interest - Very Funny

~Branch Du Blah - Good

~Screen Saver - Chr*st who watches this sh*t - Hilarious

~Leaker of the House - So Good

BEST JOKE OF THE SHOW - Show Me The On The Doll - Bill

~Raging Bullshit - This whole brouhaha about Robert DiNero and what
he said has had me wondering why it was even brought up in the first place -

Ending Editorial - So Good

~National Day of Outrage - Such a good idea - we Really go off on this type of thing in this Country - and as Bill says if you don't like what someone says on that show - THEN DON'T WATCH IT


~Line of jokes about Mitt Romeny at end were VERY FUNNY -

About Mitt's stance on apologizing

Least interesting man in the world

Miett Romney is - FORGAINST it - hee hee

Paint watches him dry - Ha ha

When Ambien can't sleep it takes him - heh heh

Hangin' it up now - I am too tired to go on - will finish tomorrow.


oh and Bill just had to say something about Tim Tebow not getting LAID
way to go Bill but you were very nice about Tim otherwise - but I'm not surprised Bill you are such a great person.

Almost forgot:

Everyone looked SO nice.

Bill: lose the tie

And A Special Thanks to the Cameramen on Real Time - who do such a
Great Job - especially catching the expressions of the Guests and the Audience reactions - That Takes Special Talent - so THANKS - guys.

And what an EXCELLENT picture - that is Really a good one of you - Bill.
I'll print out for my album. And that reminds me - LIVE TONIGHT - IT'S Saturday Night - Live. and maybe I can catch Real Time on a rurun...the
sun is out - so today is shapin' up - not to be so bad after all.


What's about to happen - stidh? - ya might ask.

Why Real Time With Bill Maher - that's what.

Now there's a couple of volatile situations going on
in the World at present - i.e. France/Florida - and I
- for one - am looking forward to how Bill/his Staff will
handle them - expertly - of course.

My Pick 4 Guest Tuh Keep Yer Eye On: F r e d A r m i s e n -

of course.

So as if I'm not excited enough about Real Time Tonight -
we just had an exciting rainstorm here in So. Indiana -
rain poured in a couple of the windows - I had to help

And I just finished cooking a great homemade meal of
Lo Mein noodles and Baked Apples - thanks -
accompanyed by a HAWAIIAN PUNCH juicy red/Sierra Mist

and did I mention that IU plays Kentucky tonite?

GO IU !!!!!

it's gonna be a good evening - folks

Reminder: Tonight Is Real Time With Bill Maher

and I am going to be posting pictures today on my Constitution Blog -
of how Spring is unfolding here in Southern Indiana - it is
Real - and it is Spectacular.

Ya might want to check it out - folks - and well - ya might
even want to make a comment - of course that is entirely up tuh

And may I remind ya that it is not too late to:

~watch A Week In Real Time - to get insight on how this Really
great show - Real Time With Bill Maher - is astutely put together

~to get an HBO hookup - to enable ya to watch Real Time - and the
Other great HBO shows

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Members of the NFBMFC: Lineup for this Friday's Real Time - With Bill Maher

Ladies - here is the lineup for the guests - for Friday, March 23rd - 2012
Real Time With Bill Maher. I will do a quick lineup for ya - telling
what each guest's primary occupation is - then I have obligations here
at home - after all - I am no longer your President - I believe the
correct term is - President Emeritus - so here it is:


Glenn Greenwald - is an American Lawyer, Columnist, Blogger
and Author. He is a Contributor to - focusing on political
and legal topics.

Glenn Greenwald has authored four books - two of which have appeared
on the New York Times bestsellers list. His current book is entitled:
With Liberty And Justice For Some: How The Law Is Used To Destroy
Equality And Protect ThePowerful. (2011)

Wendy Schiller - is an Associate Professor of Political
and Public Policy at Brown University.

Wendy Schiller has co-authored the book - Gateways To Democracy:
An Introduction To American Government, 1st Edition - with John
Gl Geer and Jeffrey A. Segal. (2011)

Andrew Sullivan - is a British Author, Editor,
Political Commenter and Blogger. He is a self-described
Conservative - with a focus on American political life.

He has authored the book - The Conservative Soul: How We
Lost It, How To Get It Back. (2006)

First Interview Guest

Charles M. Blow - is an American Journalist, and
the current Visual OP-ED Columnist for The New York TImes.
He has also worked as Graphic Director and Art Director for
the New York Times and National Geographic.

Second Interview Guest

Fred Armisen - is an American Actor, Comedian and Musician -
best known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.
Fred Armisen has also protrayed off-color foreigners in comedy
films such as EuroTrip, Anchorman and CopOut. He is the co-creator
and costar of the IFC sketch series Portlandia.

Now the only guest that I am familiar with is the Really Hot
Comedian - Fred Armisen. Fred Armisen first caught my attention
when he would play President Obama on Saturday Night Live. If
ya haven't seen this - folks - ya need to check it out on utube.
IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. And Fred Armisen - Really - is just
over the top funny - in any segment of SNL. It's about his eyes -
Really - ya gotta watch his eyes. Now I am especially interested
in seeing him on Friday night - as I have never seen him interviewed
- you know - as a Real person - I have only seen him as an actor -
so this should be good. I'm thinkin' that he and Bill together
will be great - like when Bill was on Craig Ferguson's show:
comedic genius/comedic genius.

I will be back before the day is done to give profiles - not only
on Fred Armisen - but on the rest of Bill's Guests - for Real Time
this coming Friday Night - 10 pm ET - on HBO.

Shirley: I don't mind doing this - but ya might think about getting
the Other ladies involved too. I'm glad that more of them have been
watching A Week In Real Time also - as I have strongly suggested.
Also - Shirl - after I do some HARD yard work - such as trimming
dead branches off of this one tree in the front yard - and picking
up the stuff in the yard in general(& shooting a couple of hoops) -
I will be cooking your recipe for Borscht tonight - with the shredded cabbage and red beets - and white beans. Yummy - I can hardly wait.
Also Shirl - you had been asking me if People had bought the house
adjacent to me - well it finally has a for sale sign up - and I'm hoping that there will be an Open House on Sunday - so that I can check it out.
I will keep ya updated on that - my friend.

Shirley - I did get the Borscht made - and it is great! I ate some
tonight - and froze the rest in small containers for future use.
I found that it reminds me of ham and beans - with the julienne
stirps of red beets reminisencent of ham. It is going to be a good
dish for me - and I heartily recommend it for those who are on a
similar diet as me. : )

Friday Night's Real Time With Bill Maher Promises To Hold Up The
Previously Set High Standards - With Intelligent Discussion By
These Extremely Smart Forty-Something Age Range Guests - With Top
Of The Line Humor - All Led By - The Master Himself - Bill Maher.

Ya Surely Won't Want To Miss This One - Folks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Attention All You Art Aficionados - -FJ in particular

Exciting new post on my art blog.

Ya won't want to miss this.

It's Abstract - and it's Spectacular.

Real good - 2.

a poem - by langston hughes

Let America Be America Again

Let America be America again.
Let it be the dream it used to be.
Let it be the pioneer on the plain
Seeking a home where he himself is free.

(America never was America to me.)

Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed -
Let it be that great strong land of love
Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme
That any man be crushed by one above.

(It never was America to me.)

O, let my land be a land where Liberty
Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath,
But opportunity is real, and life is free,
Equality is in the air we breathe.

(There's never been equality for me.
Nor freedom in this 'homeland of the free.')

Say who are you that mumbles in the dark?
And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?

I am the poor white, fooled and pushed apart,
I am the Negro bearing slavery's scars.
I am the red man driven from the land,
I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek -
And finding only the same stupid plan
Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak.

I am the young man, full of strength and hope,
Tangled in that ancient endless chain
Of profit, power, gain, of grab the land!
Of grab the gold! Of grab the ways of satisfying need!
Of work the men! Of take the pay!
Of owning everything for one's own greed!

I am the farmer, bondsman to the soil.
I am the worker sold to the machine.
I am the Negro, servant to you all.
I am the people, worried, hungry, mean -
Hungry yet today despite the dream.
Beaten yet today - O, Pioneers!
I am the man who never got ahead,
The poorest worker bartered through the years.

Yet I'm the one who dreamt our basic dream,
In that Old World while still a serf of kings,
Who dreamt a dream so strong, so brave, so true,
That even yet its mighty daring sings
In every brick and stone, in every furrow turned
That's made America the land it has become.
O, I'm the man who sailed those early seas.
In search of what I meant to be my home -
For I'm the one who left dark Ireland's shore,
And Poland's plain, and England's grassy lea,
And torn from Black Africa's strand I came
To build a 'homeland of the free.'
The free?
A dream -
Still beckoning to me!

O, let America be America again -
The land that never has been yet -
And yet must be -
The land where every man is free.
The land that's mine -
The poor man's, Indian's, Negro's, ME -
Who made America,
Whose sweat and blood, whose faith and pain,
Whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain,
Must bring back out mighty dream again.

Sure, call me any ugly name you choose -
The steel of freedom does not stain.
From those who live like leeches on the people's lives,
We must take back our land again,

O, yes,
I say it plain,
America never was America to me,
And yet I sear this oath -
America will be!
An ever-living seed,
Its dream
Lies deep in the heart of me.

We, the people, must redeem
Our land, the mines, the plants, the rivers,
The mountains and the endless plain -
All, all the stretch of these great green states -
And make America again!


Langston Hughes knew.

Just as Clint Eastwood knew.

I think we all know - that everything that has taken place
in America - our History - has prepared us for what is to
be - and that is that America is about to become what the
Founding Fathers intended for us - to be.

Langston Hughes was an American poet, a social activist,
playwright and columnist.

He was born on February 1st, 1902 - and died on May 22nd, 1967.

On A Personal Note:

Is There Anyone Not Reading This Post That Doesn't Like - or
even understand what this Beautiful Black Poet is saying as
he pours out his Heart to us?

If ya are that Person - my advice to you is that you -


: ]


Much Better.

In fact - I like it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ladies of the NFBMFC


Ladies - I do know one Guest that is going to be on Friday
Night's Real Time With Bill Maher - someone who is very
dear to my Heart. I learned to Love this Really Cool
Comedian - from watching Saturday Night Live - a show
on which he plays Our Really Cool Guy Prez - Barack Obama.
Sure he plays Other roles - but even then - all ya have to
do is watch his Eyes - and ya start laughing. He Is Magic -
and his name is:

Fred Armisen.

I will Post the name of the Other guests as soon as I learn
Who they are. But I have it on the best authority that in
the very near future - there are gonna be some Really big
names on Real Time With Bill Maher.

And here are two of them:

David Axelrod

Former President Bill Clinton

As soon as I have a confirmation on the dates when these
two men will appear on Real Time - I'll let ya know.

But ya know what the best thing to do - to make sure ya
don't miss any of these Really Cool Guests?

Watch Real Time With Bill Maher - every week.

stidh - on the vote

I wanted to write something on The Vote - but I wasn't sure what.

And I wanted what I write about The Vote - to be intrinsically
mine - without rambling on and getting incoherent.

But darn it - if what I suspect is true - that no one reads my
blog anyway - what's the difference if I do ramble on - and get

So I said to myself, 'stidh - ramble away.'

I Believe that The Right to Vote is a Sacred Thing - especially
when ya consider that not everyone has always been able to do it.

Why even right here in this Great Country of Ours - there were
actually times when the only People who could Vote were white Men.

Well that doesn't seem Right - does it?

And even then - when Other folks were allowed to Vote - certain
restrictions were placed on that Vote - such as things that made
it HARD for them to Vote - oh you know what I mean.

And Women - they weren't even allowed to Vote - for a long time.

Why is that - do ya think? Aren't Women People too?

But now - folks - everyone can Vote - as it should be.

So what we're left with are two things:

Whether or not People actually get out and Vote


Voter Fraud

Now the first thing - is more ambiguous - but we can talk about it.

The second thing - can also be ambiguous - and things are being
done to correct Voter Fraud - and that is Good. Because Voter Fraud
is - in my opinion - pretty bad. Ya have to be a low life to be a
part of Voter Fraud. That is plain and simple. There should be a
nationwide crackdown on Voter Fraud. These People should be dealt
with harshly - AND THE SOONER THE BETTER. Kind of like how we should
deal with the problem of bullying. Harshly - and the sooner the better.

But about People who don't get out and Vote - well that 's a horse of
a different color - because there are those who would say that IT IS
THEIR RIGHT TO CHOOSE NOT TO VOTE. And ya know what - folks? They are
right. I know that - and you know that - and I know you know that.

Because since we live in a Country where we can choose our own Leaders -
that is our Right - we also live in a Country where we can CHOOSE
Choice. And while I Believe that Every Person In This Country Who
Meets The Qualifications To Vote should Vote - I would be Willing To
March Into H*ll & Die for the Right of anyone to exercise this Right
right of choice is called:


William Wallace knew the meaining of that Word - and we must protect
that Word - and make sure we never give it up.

But back to the Vote - I Believe that there is only one sure way to
convince People that they should get out and Vote in November. And
that is through the process of Educating them - on how important it
is to do just that.

Sure - it is not a quick or easy process. But the important thing is -
is that we try.

And ya can't do much more than that - folks.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Take On - Reenactments of the Civil War

I am writing this Post - just because.

Kind of for fun.

I got the idea to write it - just now - after watching a
rerun of Real Time With Bill Maher. During Bill's show there
was a discussion between Bill and Ed Helms - and Bill threw
out the question - Should They Let It Go? - meaning - I'm
assuming - should they Really have reenactments of The Civil
War - or is it better for them to just 'let it go.'

Right away it came to me that I had been forming up an opinion
of this - off and on - for a long time - and here is what I
think about the subject of - Civil War Reenactments.

I think that it is a good thing - and that if Civil War Buffs
want to have Civil War Reenactments - then they should go ahead -
and do it.

The Civil War is a Great Historical Event - and there is no getting
around that.

Now it is also a Very Tragic Historical Event - in which Brothers
Fought Brothers - and Sons and Husbands - and Fathers - Died.
The numbers of Lives Lost in the Civil War are Astronomical -
when you consider that even one life is Precious.

But the Civil War was fought for a Cause - A Cause So Great - that
in my mind it is Justified. Slavery - to me - is an Unspeakable
Occurence - and one that needed to be Corrected. Men tried to do
that in different ways - for years - but failed. It is a Travesty
that it took a Horrendous War to correct it - But It Did - Folks.

Now - enough time has passed - since the Civil War - so that the
Wounds surely have Healed and well - If People Want To Dress Up In
Costumes and Reenact The Civil War - then I say More Power To Them.

I'm not into that sort of thing - but I think it would be Exciting
to watch something like this. I'm sure an Amazing Amount of planning
goes into it - and I think it is Great.

Let's just make sure those formidable-looking weapons aren't loaded -
I believe that did happen once or twice - but accidents do happen.

an open letter to john nash

Your Beautiful Mind.


Ron Howard.

Russell Crowe.

Thanks John Nash.

Why - for what - stidh?

For your Courage.

and for stayin' alive so that I could thank ya.

Saturday, March 17, 2012





What - stidh? You say ok and then you don't say what - ya
are talking about.

I'm not gonna tell ya.

Just ok.

but it's a good ok

A Really Good Ok.

stidh is on to something now.

And That's All I'm Gonna Say About That.

maybe I woulda said more - if ya had read my Really Cool Blog -
and Commented. It's all about the comments.

Know what I mean?

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Everybody

I - in and of myself - am not Irish.

Never Really cared about St. Patrick's Day.

But I used to love the corned beef and cabbage.

Now it's just all about the cabbage.

In fact - I think I'll celebrate this Wonderful Holiday -
by cooking some cabbage - and putting some red beets with
it too. And maybe some small white beans - caraway seeds -
vegetable broth - minced garlic - salt to taste - a little
chopped green onion - ya gotta love green onion folks -
sautee them in olive oil - and now let's see - what shall
I call it? I know:

Beet & Cabbage Borscht

and the rest of ya folks who want to - go ahead and celebrate -
drink some green beer - have at it - hoist a few. : ]

Knock yerself out.

I know what I'm gonna do in just a little over four hours -

I'm gonna start a new chapter in my Really cool life.

And you can not read all about it - and NO ONE COMMENT -

right here on stidh.

oh - and did I mention that it freezes well?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Critique 0f Real Time With Bill Maher - Friday March 16th 2012

I Really have to come up with a new name - other than
Critique - for Real Time...

because it has just gotten so good - that there is only
good to say about it.

Tonight I'l just mention a few things about it that I liked:

The Real Time Moment

It was a Real treat to have George Carlin give his Really
Intelligent views on The Illusion of Choices in America.

The Opening Monologue

was GREAT. I was eating my diiner and didn't take notes -
but I may mention the jokes after a rerun. (The second time
around I was asleep. :] sorry)

First Interview

Alexandra Pelosi is so Real and she is GREAT.

I simply LOVED her inner city video - and it spoke to me in
a very different way than the Redneck video - which greatly
disturbed me. And it is because of what Bill said - not that
I didn't have my own opinion on this because I did - the two of
that the Blacks had more of a 'Real Legacy' than the Rednecks -
who are clinging to the loss of the Civil War - give me a break
here - and the Blacks - certainly had a legitimate complaint.
I thought the guy who said that getting out of jail limits
employment - had a good point. I've always thought that was

Of course - it is obvious that it is because I am a Liberal - I
would naturally like the second video better - that's just a
fact of life - and of Politics - folks.

A good remark was made by Bill about his 'imaginary child's
college fund' - I liked that.

Furthermore - I'm going on record to say this - and I DON'T

Those f*ing Rednecks scare me - because nobody calls the
President of the United States A HALFBREED. And those Black
guys - they were just being honest - like saying they would
rather have a welfare check than a job. And here's something
I've been meaning to say for a long time. Who is mean and who
NOT MANY I'LL WAGER. I personally think that White Folks are MUCH
meaner that Black Folks - People. So what are ya gonna do about it
anyway. If you don't believe me - WATCH IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

Now at this point I am going to say this - but I'm not criticizing
Alexandra Pelosi - but rather this comment is just in fun:


I will say right now that everyone on the Show LOOKED SO NICE.
I LOVED the colors - on everyone.

Panel Discussion

~Dylan Ratigan - that the two Political Parties are 'racing each other
to the bottom' Good One

~something Bill said about that in American the two factions are miles
apart - DR disagreed with Bill and I disagree with DR - I think we are -
miles apart

~Bill said that the problem - perhaps - with the South voting God - is
simply that the Economic Staus in American has not changed

~Mick Cornett said that we need to keep our finger on the pulse of Iran - and that was emphasized last week in the interview with Michael Oren

~Good Gas Price discussion -

Amy Holmes brought out that this is a Global Economy and that people
now believe that the President is responsible for gas prices - but Bill disagreed - sayig that with Bush - it wasn't considered his fault

~DR made a good point that This Conversation Has Existed For So Long - and that no president has Really seized the oppurtunity to lead this Country
like he could - and should

~Bill suggested taxing BAD things instead of good things

Bill introduced the Plaque with the man having 'his head up his *ss -
then brought on the Segment which I love - The Stupidest State.

My vote went to Arizona for:

Jan Brewer - need I say more

Sheriff Joe - fake birth certificate

Doctors lying to women to prevent abortions

And my own thing: packing heat in bars

Oh - and the one about the guy in South Carolina eating cocaine that
had been up his brother's b*tt - that is too funny

Second Interview

Ed Helms was so great. He seems to have such a nice personality
and a twinkle in his eye.

Good discussion on The Lorax.

Good remark from Ed that he is really just making money off of his movies.

Also - his remarks about Civil War Reenactment was good - and how some
people talk about 'a nobler time' but we have always just been *ssholes.

I have thought something similar - when blogging friends have said that they wished we could go back to the time when things were so great in America - like the 50's - for example - but I always say - WERE THINGS GREAT FOR EVERYONE?

I LOVED Bill remarks about Afghanistan - WHY CAN'T WE JUST GET OUT?

Well - folks - we could - but we just don't.

The discussion on this went on - and DR talked about how it is not a
mission - if the Troops are going back just to make sure they get their
buddies 'back.' Good Point. And he said, 'Why are we staying for
ONE MORE SUMMER. I couldn't agree more with that.

Bill pointed out the high rate of suicide in Veterans.

Point was made about Vietnam - and how this War Thing has been going
on for a long time - and I say Will We Never Learn. Bob Dylan might
chime in on that too - like How Many Times Must A...

APOLOGIES: The Bubble - Mitt Romney says He Will Not Apologize
For America - and I say Hey Mitt - people apologize for their mistakes
all of the time - and Really aren't countries made up of people - PEOPLE?

~discussion about Goldman/Sachs and the corrupt banking system - good

New Rules & Ending Editorial

Both were So Great - I loved Bill dissertation directed toward the
college students - everything was so true - THIS WAS JUST TOO GOOD.

Among the New Rules I liked were:

~Having A Holiday Once A Year So That Southererns That So Wish Can Wave The Confederate Flag - and kiss me I'm yer sister - So Funny

~Stab Hunter - the *sshole is the one with the knife - Good One

~Mom and Dad Know Where Ya Hide Yer Weed - and the rest of it - Brilliant


Discussion on questions submitted by the audience included:

~how rich people are more likely to lie than poor people - this is
probably true - and anyway - I have lived in the presence of lies for
too long now - and I can tell ya that it is not a good way to live -
I'm taking care of that

~money comes from Politicians

~exploring Morman issues: Mitt Romney is a high official in the Morman
church - Mick Cornett expresses the opinion that we can't prioritize
this issue in the upcoming elections - but I take exception to that comment because I find that magic underwear is just going TOO far - and I do not
want my President to wear magic underwear

~the question is raised as to whether a poor candidate has a good chance
of becoming President - as opposed to a rich one - here Bill states that
he thinks that No - the poor candidate is more likely to lose - But it
shouldn't be that way - now should it - folks - we can change that mindset -how - you might ask - why by getting out the Vote

~good discussion on what constitues a gay city - Bill raises the point that San Francisco is NOT a gay city but rather just has the reputation of being a gay city - then Ed Helms jokingly calls Bill on Why He Knows Which Cities Are Gay

Good Overtime - Folks

The Show Was - Once More - ABSOLUTELY GREAT.

Thanks to Bill/His Guests/the Staff/and the audience seems pretty sharp

Don't Forget What's On Tonight - People

Oh - you know what I'm talking about.

Real Time With Bill Maher.

Only The Best Show On TV.

It's not too late to watch A Week In Real Time - so that
ya know how much goes into this Great Show - and call up
a friend - if ya don't have HBO - and say, Hey - can I
come over and watch Bill's show with ya.

You'll be doin' them - and yourself a favor.

It's gonna be a good one - folks.

Real Time Always Has Stimulating and Important/Timely Discussion.

And Bill Always Leaves Ya Laughing.

just under three hours till SHOWTIME ! folks


These incessant phone calls have got to stop.
Yes - I agree that tonight's show -
Real Time With Bill Maher is GOING TO BE A GOOD ONE.
But how many times do I have to discuss it with you all.
I am BUSY - writing on my Really cool blog - walking at
the Mall this morning - trying on my new clothes to make
sure they are just right - getting ready for my daugher
who is visiting tomorrow with her three small children -
and much much more.

Shirley - will ya double check with the Others to ensure
that they have watched A Week In Real Time - the great
video that has been provided 4 all of us - so that we can
c what goes into the weekly show - Real Time With Bill Maher?

And Shirl - do check out Christopher Banks - there clothes are
over the top - especially with the 40% sale through Sunday.

Thanks - all of you - and ENJOY - Bill's show 2nite - I know I will.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guest Lineup For Real Time With Bill Maher - Friday March 16th 2012

Ladies of the NFBMFC - I've got it.

The Guest List for tomorrow night's Real Time With Bill Maher.

I'll post the names now - and give further details throughout
the evening - and tomorrow.

Thanks for yer patience - Ladies.

Shirley: Yes I did get the clothes that we talked about - and
What A Deal! Everything in the store was 40% off - so I made a
killing - and this Really nice lady helped me - but since I've
lost a metricfkldof weight in the last 9 months - I hardly
recognized myself with my 'new look.' Sherl - ya have to go
down to Christopher Banks and check out this great sale. They
have some good stuff.

OOOOPS - Almost fergot to list the names for Real Time:

I've only heard of the first one - but I'm gonna google the Others:

Alexandra Pelosi

is a Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker and Writer - based in New York City.
She is a Democrat. Alexandra Pelosi made the video that was shown on Real Time With Bill Maher on last Friday's night's show - about Conservatives in Mississippi. I have seen her on Real Time at least twice before. She is a very Patriotic Person and she is Smart.

Ed Helms

An American Actor and Comedian who has been a Correspondent on
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, has acted in The Office - as Andy Bernard, and played the role of Dr. Stu Price in The Hangover.
Ed Helms most likely will appear in the Second Interview Segment on
Real Time tonight - and this should be a good one.

Dylan Ratigan

The Host of MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show - a show on which he aims his
'guns' at the untoward relationship betgween Big Business & Government.
Dylan Ratigan is also a contributor on The Huffington Post. Ratigan is
the former Global Managing Editor for Corporate Finance at Bloomberg L.P.
and among the broadcast shows he has developed and launched are CNBC's
Fast Money and Closing Bell - plus - which is home to his
podcast 'Greedy Bastards Antidote.' In addition - his first book -
Greedy Bastards - was published on January 10th, 2012.

Mick Cornett

Mick Cornett is the current Mayor of Oklahoma City. He is the National
President of the Republican Mayors and Local Officials - and serves on the
Board of Trustees for the U.S. Conferences of Mayors. Mick Cornett was
also Chairman of the U.S Conferences of Mayors Urban Economic Affairs
Committee - until 2007.

Amy Holmes

Amy Holmes is a news anchor on Glenn Beck's GBTV. She was formerly an
Independent Political Contributor for CNN and has appeared on Fox News.
Holmes has co-hosted The View and co-hosted Fox News' Glenn Beck's
on the road 'Unelectable' Show. Amy Holmes was an anchor to a morning
radio program syndicated by the Washington Times - called
American Morning News' - and has appeared with Cenk Uygur on MSNBC live.
She has been a past guest on Real Time several times. Amy Holmes is
an Independent Conservative.

The Guest List for Tonight's Real Time With Bill Maher promises that
the show will be good - with a Nice Mix Of Liberal & Conservative
Viewpoints Being Presented.

Michael-Ware-Type-Guest to keep yer eye on tonight:

DYLAN RATIGAN - but then that's just my opinion - folks.

Prayers needed

I'm gonna tell ya right off - folks - I'm not kidding about this.

Let's have a few prayers for Rod Blagojevich.

I've been thinkin' about it - and I don't think he's a Really
bad guy - he just made some mistakes - and he has to do his time
in jail now.

I wrote some mean things about him earlier - but I deleted them.

I was mad at him - but Justice Is Being Done - now isn't it.

And that's all we can ask.

Mabye if he is good - he'll get some time off - for good behavior.

But Most Importantly - While He's In There - Maybe He'll See The
Error Of His Ways - and when he comes out - he can spend the rest
of his life with his family - and hopefully:

Contribute Something Good To Society.

I've already said a Prayer for him - and maybe I will again - if
I think of it.

So if anyone doesn't read this - then Please - just say a little prayer -

for Rod Blagojevich...

anyway - if yer gonna do time - Colorado isn't a bad place to do it -
ya know - looking out yer jail cell window - with the mountains & all

and - oh yeah - I read once in a book called New Rules - that we should treat our people in prison well - so that when they get out - they will be better members of Our Society - something like that - and the author of the that book? Bill Maher

this would be cool

Bill Maher & Tim Hawkins

on the same stage

Each doing their own thing - and I think Bill would come out
ahead - cause when he wants - when he chooses to give us just
a little sample of it -


course tim is cool too bt im nt n lv wth tim hawkns -
im n lv wth bl mhr - flks

w t f ?

You're not sure - David Axlerod?

You're not sure - if ya wanna go on Bill's show?

You're not sure - if ya wanna go on what is the BEST -
Hottest Show - on tv?

Not just on HBO?

but on tv - period.


Give me uh break - here - David Axelrod.

Look - just think about it.

You would be a Really Cool Guest.

And I always listen to what ya have to say - when I see ya
on tv.

i'll be checkin' the Real Time Guest - list - David Axelrod -
for yer name. But ya wanna know who would be a Really Cool Guest
for Bill's show? Rahm Emanuel. He cool. Maybe he's already been
on Real Time and I just don't remember...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

while going through my stuff...

I may start a new Blog - folks - called:

While Going Through My Stuff

Now since I already have nine blogs and a Comment & Conversation
blog - I'm not Really gonna do that - but I have been finding stuff
while going through my papers - that I might want to Post.

One of the things I found today is something I've Posted before -
and I'd like to share it with you - tonight.

It is about how we can Change The System - here in Our Really Great
Country - all according to stidh


by stidh

Choose One Candidate From Each Party - for the office of President.

The One Who Gets The Most Votes - is the President.

The Candidate Who Gets The Second Most Votes - is the Vice President.

For The Cabinet Posts - we start with the Newly-Elected President - who gets to choses the most important cabinet post - most likely Secretary of State. Then the Vice President chooses the next one - and each party chooses then next - and on down the line. Everybody gets to take part in choosing the cabinet posts.

This method insures that all the parties - and different political factions will work together.

The Issues - and problems - to be discussed and worked on - will be submitted by all parties - and everyone will have a say in the decisions.

Civility - will be emphasized - and an effort will be made by all - to accomplish this.

Certainly there are 'problems' with this method - but it could work.
It is only a suggestion - in a time when perhaps something 'different'
is in order.

Next up - right here on stidh:

How We Are Gonna Make Our Really Cool Constitution - a best seller.

Seriously - folks - Our Constitution Is a great document - and should be made more accessible - and readable - to all of the Citizens - of the United States.

Some ways we could do this are:

~Hold Constitution Studies - like Bible Studies - where portions of the Constitution are read individually - then small groups gather to discuss
the Articles/Sections.

~Parents can encouage their children to read - a little at a time - parts of Our Constitution.

~Publishers could brainstorm - and think of new ways to present Our Constitution - so that all ages could learn more about it.

~Americans could get in the habit of reading - and even studying Our Constitution - keeping a copy on the nightstand - beside their bed -
before they turn in.

I thought of these ideas - as I was trying to outline Our Constitution
on my Constitution Blog - and felt inspired to write out these ideas - because - well - I just started thinking how much - I Really Like
Our Constitution - and decided that perhaps the Founding Fathers -
were on to something there.

Marcal - Good For You

Seeings how I'm a housewife - and all - yesterday I picked
up a package of paper napkins - and as I was about to toss
them in my shopping cart - I did a doubletake - and this is

MARCAL - saving trees since 1950

the package read.

Sounds good to me - MARCEL - tell me more.

Small Steps - A Small Easy Step to a Greener Earth


the package read.

and there was more -

100% Premium Recycled

You Can Help Save 1 Million Trees

See Front Panel For Environmental Facts


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

stidh goes to the doctor

Yesterday I get a call from my family doctor and the nice
nurse says I should come in for a followup appointment.

'Followup on what?' I ask.

'Could ya come in tomorrow at 12:30?' She asks.

'Sure,' I say. 'I'm easy.'

So I'm sitting in the examination room, and the doctor walks
in and starts in on me.

'Sue,' He says. 'I've been reading your blog.'

'Great, Doc.' I say. 'Howdja like it? Didja read the way I
covered Bill Maher's interview with the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.-
on his show Real Time With Bill Maher? Pretty good, huh?'

He looks at me real serious and says, 'Sue, I've been reading what
you wrote about Bill Maher.'

'Oh, that.' I say, a little bit disappointed that he hadn't read my
piece on the interview. 'Doc, everybody knows I'm in love with
Bill Maher. But nobody takes that seriously.'

He looks me right in the eyes and says, 'Sue, do you know Bill Maher?'

'I sure do, Doc.' I answer cheerfully.

'Have ya ever met Bill Maher?' He counters.

'No.' I say.

'Have ya ever talked to Bill Maher?' He also asks.

'No.' I say again, thinkin' he may have me now.

'Well, Sue, then ya really don't KNOW Bill Maher, do ya?'

'Well, no.' I concede.

'Sue, for all ya know Bill Maher may be a jerk - or worse -
a Republican.'

Now I know he's trying to make a joke - cause he's Conservative
himself. He wants to get on my good side - cause he knows
I'm a little upset with him.

But I don't laugh - cause no one talks mean about Bill Maher to me.

The doc sees he's getting nowhere with me, so he says, 'This
appointment is what I like to call - over.'

Now this is where I decide to make my move - cause I'm mad at him
for calling Bill a jerk.

But first I have to give ya a little background on the doc. Ya see -
his wife and two kids are in Colorado - and have been since last fall.
Tomorrow - he's driving out there to pick them up - so they can all
move into their new house here.

Then I let him have it with both barrels.

'Doc,' I say. 'If Bill Maher were here he would tell ya that what's
wrong with you is that ya need to get laid.'

Well - folks - the doc shoots me a dirty look - as we start to walk
out of the office. But I'm on a roll now - so I say, 'And that's not
all, Doc, Bill Maher says that those mean religious people - like in
9/11 - well they might not be doing all that mean stuff - if they
could have just gotten laid.'

That did it. The doc turns to me and says, 'Sue, that's awful. That
is really disgusting.'

I say, 'Doc, I didn't say that - Bill Maher did.'

Then I say, 'Hey Doc, when do ya want to see me next?'

'Come back in a month, Sue.'

'Ok, Doc. And have a nice trip.'

Monday, March 12, 2012

stidh sees JOHN CARTER

Before ya read my Great Review of John Carter - know that my
critique of last Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher - is now
complete. Ya might want to read what I say about the interview
with Israel Ambassador to the U.S. - Michael Oren - or maybe not.:]

John Carter is about:

~the color blue

~he realizes he's not in Kansas anymore

~he says 'I don't fight for anyone' but has a change of Heart when the pretty young darkhaired girl is threatened - it's always about the pretty
young darkhaired girl - isn't it folks

~sand dunes

~the writing on the wall - always the writing on the wall

~what I call cinematography was over the top - STUNNING

~no 'Cs' on the Planet

~the so cute little doggy monster

~the jar jar binks look works - even the double set of arms

~reminiscent of Prince of Persia only much better - sci fi better

~beautifully executed

~he proposes on one knee - is there any other way?

~they don't do the dance - though

~the sword fight - it always gets down to the sword fight

~JOHN CARTER - you're the Man

~he catches the sword in mid-air - YES

~blue blood in the monster - it's about blue blood

~movies that came to my mind while watching JC:

Jeremiah Johnson
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
The Last Samurai

I resist the urge to jump up and chant - clenched fist held high

Caesar! Caesar! Caesar!


Max-i-mus Max-i-mus Max-i-mus

~Such Wonderful Music - lasting even through the credits

~such great credits - different - Really - than I have ever seen

and much much more


well it is dedicated to the memory of STEVE JOBS - isn't it?

Next: The Avengers (May)

and the nice young ticket man assured me that there should be a
Midnight Showing.

a different side of Richard Nixon

I just read - on - that some Love Letters - which
Richard Nixon wrote to a former First Lady of ours - Pat Nixon -
reveal a kinder - gentler - side of him. A side of our former
President - that the article said that might surprise most

Not me.

It didn't surprise me - though.

Why is that - stidh? Everyone knows that Richard Nixon
was a Mean, Ruthless Liar - who betrayed us all - and
could never have loved ANYONE - let alone the woman that
he adored.

Well - dear Friends - that's not how I see Richard Nixon.
And right now I'm gonna tell ya how I've always seen him

I don't remember when I actually formed my opinion of our
37th President. But I think it is time that we just -
LET IT BE. After all - he resigned - didn't he? And that
is a big deal - for a President of the United States.

Sure he lied.

Wouldn't anyone who was backed into a corner - someone who
was Leader Of The Free World - who had done Really good things
for This Great Country Of Ours?


Richard Nixon just got caught.

So I don't know about the rest of you - but I'm gonna continue
to honor the memory of this Great Man and Former President - by
continuing to Remember The Good Things About Him - instead of
obsessing over - that one little mistake he made.

After all - He Was Our President - and that's a Really hard job.

and you can start by watching Frost/Nixon - and if ya do - I Can
Guarantee ya that it will change your mind about this Great Man -
and you will not believe - that Frank Langella is Really not
Richard Nixon.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Critique on Real Time With Bill Maher - or how I learned that things don't always look better in the morning

on a clear day
rise and look around you
and you'll see who - you are

On a clear day
How it will astound you

That The Glow Of Your Being


You'll feel part of
Every Mountain, Sea and Shore,



How They Looked & What They Wore

These People Looked Great

And what was it about them That Looked Great?



And who looked best of all?

Bill did.

Bill Maher.

Because Bill Maher is so Handsome - folks.


Moment In Real Time

This consisted of a Sharp - and Intelligent - exchange between
Real Time Host Bill Maher and Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu - which
took place origianlly on September 8th - 2006.

In this Brief - But Amazing - segment - Bill suggests to Mr. Netanyahu - now the Current Prime Minister of Israel - that he (Bill) be allowed to cover the Israel Network - in the same capacity as Bill does so competently here in the U.S. - and Mr. Netanyahu replies that if he - in fact - does become Prime Minister - BILL HAS THE JOB.

Well - Mr. Prime Minister - ya are - So Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is.

This segment Really was - in my humble opinion - the Best MIRT to date.

The Opening Monologue

Last night's Open Monologue was chock full of Great Jokes - and a few of them are:

~a sister/wife reference

~Mitt Romney wanted to see President Obama's gift certificate - funny

~regional pandering - good

~re the Solar Storm/need an umbrella when visiting on the Sun - good

~Rick Santorum against contraception/college - wants us to be f *ing
stupid - brilliant

~Rush Limbaugh - 5 minutes of dead air/still elequent - good shot

~Sarah Palin/vetting - thinks President should be vetted by ALL sorts of
doctors - genius

~Mitt Romney said that his wife was the heavyweight champion of his life/
rode home strapped to top of car - absolutely hilarious

~no birth control/sl*ts/f*t joke - great

~MR - best friends used to oil in the Mississippi Gulf - very funny

~ATT (solar storm)out of whack/people getting reception - good one

~Republicans jump Bill because of what Rush said - right on it

and finally my fave

~Pat Robertson is for Legalized Marajuanna - YES

Bill's Opening Monologue is ALWAYS funny - and last night's
OM was no exception - and the fun part is - listening carefully
so that ya don't miss any of Bill's OVER THE TOP GREAT JOKES.

The First Interview - I will be talking about that as soon as I can rewrite it - my first - and Really good report about the exchange between
Bill and Ambassador Michael Oren has been lost - into the Blogospere. :[
Not to worry - folks - for I am confident that I can reproduce it in its
entirety. :] Thanks for your patience.

The First Interview

The interview opened with Bill introducing Ambassador Michael Oren -
suggesting that his parents must be very proud of him - to which
The Honorable Ambassador responded that indeed they were.

And I thought to myself - that Bill Maher's parents would indeed be
very proud of him - too - to see how far he has come in his Career -
and how Respected he is - and most importantly - well liked.

This interview - with Michael Oren - was very good. Bill handled the
situation in the best way possible. And there are two things that I
believe were present here:

A Potentially Explosive World Concern - That Iran Has Joined The
Exclusive Club Of Nations With Nuclear Power Capability

The Interview - Of Course - Was Slightly Limited By The Necessity
For Ambassador Oren To Maintain A Level of Diplomacy

Some of the discussion covered the following points - as far as I
could grasp it - that is:

~at one point there was the hope that Iran would give up the Nuclear
Program but MO pointed out that in fact they extended it

~Bill said that Nuclear Weapons tend to make People 'pull back'

~Michael Oren said that something we have to confront - is the Reality
that the usual Sanctions have not worked

~there was discussion about 'Supporters' - who would support which
parties in Iran and also discussion about what Israelis - regular
citizens - Really support the government policies - such as not
supporting the settlement of the West Bank :] a bit over my head

~Bill brought up the 'elephant in the room' - Would Iran end up
giving others - Hamas - in particular - Nuclear Weapons

~Michael Oren said that any irrational behavior on the part of Iran
didn't just center on the giving away of the NWs but just what they
do with their Newly Found Power in general - and how they would deal
with being able to possibly wield this Power - to bully Others?

I felt that MO made a good point when he said that we are lookin at a country here who has Heavily Supported Terrorism (Iran)

AND - I thought MO's point was very good when he suggested that
It Is Crucial That We Deal With The Issue Of Iran's Nuclear Capability
NOW And Not Let It Ride

~Michael Oren said - in talking about what Israel would do about this
Problem - that most Countries recognize Israel as a Sovereign Country
who will deal with this in Their Own Way - and certainly we should go with this

~I would like to note that Bill interjected - at one point - with a joke
about Who Has Been Killing Off Nuclear Scientists in Finland (?) and my point here is this:

I noticed that the Real Time audience was slightly delayed in their laughter - AND I BELIEVE THAT THIS WAS BECAUSE THEY WERE CAUGHT UP IN
THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS TOPIC - and I also thought that it was good - because Bill was reminding us that although things do get serious and very intelligent on Real Time - it is a comedy-base show.

~MO talked a bit about how Israel was considering different scenarios
-while dealing with this - examples of what could possibly happen - and that sounded like a good idea

There certainly were other points of discussion - but these were the ones that I picked up on - and I would like to state that I may not have gotten all of this exactly straight - and would admit to having not done so if called on it.


Panel Discussion

Last night's Panel Discussion - with Bill, Catherine Crier, Andy Stern
and Michael Steele was Top of the Line. I am doing something different today by trying to recall it in 'conversation' form - using a sort of code:

Bill Maher - BM
Catherine Crier - CC
Michael Steele - MS
Andy Stern - AS

I could not possibly cover every remark - but did my best - and also
will be including my Own Viewpoint - at times.

The remarks are not necessarily Direct Quotes - I just tried to give
an idea what the Discussion was about.

In a few instances I was not clear on what they said - but I try to
say at least something about the remarks.

Bill opened with Super Tuesday.

BM: Mitt still could win. People may get to the voting booths and
look at it as being 50/50 - two Centrists to choose from.

MS: It would be good of the Candidates would - in the time left - go
one on one and give their views in discussions on the issues.

My take on this is that perhaps seeing the choices - of two Centrists -
the voter may lean toward Mitt Romney - ERRONEOUSLY BLAMING THE INCUMBENT

CC: ...something about bringing the Tea Party Movement into it.

BM: The Primaries will be moving to the South...

MS: The people are showing a desire for a change in the White House.

AS: This has been like a Demolition Derby. But the whole thing -the
recovery of this country from the recession is definitely better on paper -than in the reality of it all. An example of how hard it has been - is about a guy who had applied for over 900 jobs.

BM: Tom Friedman (NY Times columnist) has been promoting the idea of the
Third Party.

CC: ...there is a fine print - that we must recognize and be aware of - that the Committee(?) can override the public vote - in elections.

MS: Yes - that is true - there is...

BM: Really? Name names.

MS: The Republicans and Democrats - could work together...

BM: There is a comment here about...something - and Bill interjects
that the OWS is a leftist party.

CC: Barbara Bush has said that Compromise is not a Dirty Word.

CC: Something about Arab Spring...and spuring the government on to
do things.

AS: Comment about how everybody has to be made to pay for war crimes.

At this point there is video shown - sent to Bill by Alexandra Pelosi -
who was a guest recently on Real Time. She went to Mississippi - and
made this video - showing the attitues of certain people there - back
woods/very low income types - and she emphasizes that when these people
made these remarks - they fully understood that they would be used in the

I found these remarks to be disturbing - although they may not be representative of a very large group - but still - I find it hard that
people like this actually exist in this country.

Pelosi tells us that Mississippi is the poorest State in the U.S. -
that the people shown are Conservative in their views - and that they reside in the Bible Belt - all of them rejecting any sort of gay lifestyle -saying that the Bible promotes the Adam and Eve theory - not Adam and Steve.

Some of these remarks are as follows:

~the President should be 'American' - not Muslim

~I don't like him - at all (the President)

~he's a half-breed

~the remarks showed heavy support of Food Stamps

~an attitude of having lost the war (Civil War)

~several of the men interviewed expressed the feeling that they would
never back down from their moral standards

~one man was confident: that the South would rise again

Continuing the Panel Discussion -

AS: Michael Bloomberg is not running because he knows he cannot win.

BM: remarks that Bloomberg would be another Obama (I think that's what he meant)

MS: People should push Political Parties to new levels - to make the
political impact - happen.

Mention of Bill's One Million Dollar Donation to President Obama's PAC
fund - and MS offers that it was good that Bill did that.

BM: remarks something about millionaires and billionaires

At this point there is a discussion that I thought was very good -

BM: referring to how Rush Limbaugh lost sponsers for the Sandra Fluke
brouhaha - Bill empahsizes that People Should Not Be Made To 'Disappear'
when they say 'outrageous' things - especially on a one time basis.

And here is where I think Bill has an excellent point:

He says that people should not be made to feel afraid of Going Out Of Bounds - for a short time. I agree with this strongly - because it could
stifle important opinions - for fear of losing a job - something that is
very important.

BM: Says that the Right attacked him for the remarks that Rush Limbaugh
made - and Bill calls this False Equivalency.

Bill goes on to say that he is Not a misogynist - as he has been called.

But rather he is a 'potty mouth' - one who talks dirty.

I would like to add a word of support here for Bill - and since I read his
Website on a regular basis - I have seen that two of Bill's good friends - are women - Ann Coulter and Arianna Huffington - and my point here is that
a man who has two women - who are good friends - probably cannot be accurately called a 'woman hater.'

But because he is an honorable person - Bill apologized to any women who
think he has been offensive to them - as women.

And Bill goes on to say - that his negative remarks about Sarah Palin are not directed to her - AS A WOMAN - but rather as a political figure.

CC: Brief but very good discussion about how Republicans tend to be against
the Sexual Revolution - where women have sex for reasons other than procreation - and outside marriage.

MS: Very good remarks here about the 'safety net' - and how it bounces you back out of it - like a trampoline - instead of being like a hammock - although I don't recall what the safety net that they were talking about is.

CC: Comments on how Rick Santorum wants to get rid of Public Schools.

Next: New Rules

Short Segment called Dispatches From The Bubble in which Mitt Romney
accuses President Obama of allowing failed Sanctions on Iran.

Next up: New Rules

At This Point I Would Like To Say That:




After I get back from the movies - gonna see John Carter :) I'll finish this off with New Rules - and after trying to write about the interview with The Honorable Michael Oren - it should be a piece of cake - folks.


New Rules

These were great:

~fodder of our country - good - looks like him to me

~hoddy by nature - funny

~yahoo syria - Very Good - sh*ts & g*ggles heh heh

~red stare - So Good

~radical seussialist - too funny

~Parochial Fool - Excellent

Ending Editorial

Now - this is one that is dear to my Heart - not only that it
is about Rick Santorum - but that it Challenges such a longstanding
thing concerning the Bible - namely The Tree of Knowledge. Now - what I
mean here is - no one is knocking the Bible - are they Bill. It's just
that we need to get Real here - Folks - because God himself is very Smart -(see my post about that on my Religion Blog) and since we were made in His
Image - We Can Be Smart Too.

And it ties in very well with how Rick Santorum - like other homeschoolers - is that the Want To Keep Their Kids Out Of The

I would like to say at this point - that I AM NOT KNOCKING HOMESCHOOLING - BECASUE I THINK THERE IS A PLACE FOR HOMESCHOOLING - but give me a break here - as Bill says - there is a Virus of Reasons why Rick Santorum is
homeschooling his kids:

~since the parents are the smartest people they are exposed to - then they naturally see them as smart - but Really - are they?

~this misconception (RS) that the mind is a terrible thing to open

~college indoctrinates - yes - to IDEAS

~educating young minds to - oh no - INFORMATION - call 911

and worst of all - Rick

~Your Child Will Discover TRUTHS

and so rack this one up to another Victory for Bill and Real Time.

Bill closes with One More Truth - and that is - that -

Morning Sex On Sunday Beats Church Anytime - That's Bill for ya - Folks.

Did I Miss Anything?

Thanks To The Really Great Real Time Staff

OOOOPs - almost forgot Overtime.

I'll catch that later.


Bill opened this Segment with a written question from the
audience about whether the Social Media - such as twitter -
has impacted the Elections. The ensuing discussion showed
that the panel definitely agreed that it had - in a big way.

I would - at this point - like to add something to this - and
that is that I feel that Blogging is fast becoming an Important
Part of the Thinking Process during this Election Year - and I
Believe that long after the Elections are over - that -


The next question didn't fly - about the Blowback from Citizens United.

The question next - yeilded Good Discussion and Opinions - but I plead
ignorance on this and lost the thread.

A member of the audience raised the point that the Majority on the
Right - with an angry demeanor - gets less recognition from their

Catherine Crier pointed out that Rush Limbaugh wants candidates who
convey anger to stand out.

Michael Steele brought up a suggestion that Ronald Reagan would not
make it in today's primaries - with his 'pleasant and laid back'

Bill closed with the suggestion - and I HEARTILY AGREE - that the
President should be Elected By The Popular Vote - and not the

That's All Folks.