Thursday, May 3, 2012

about women and baggage

She comes with a lot of baggage - we said. And so we gave up on having Hillary Clinton as Our President. Mostly we were thinking of her huband - Bill Clinton - our President - and other Clinton issues. But women do come with a lot of Baggage, don't they........? I remember during the Democratic Presidential Debates - in 2008. I wathced the Candidates and I saw what the problem is - and that is that the men all pretty much looked alike. A suit~A Tie~Their hair. Sure - there were differences in height and weight - but they were pretty much easily summed up in appearance. Not so the woman - Hillary Clinton.~ This post is actually not about Hillary Clinton - but about any women who might attempt to run for President and the baggage they carry.~ Her age and how Mother Nature has treated her - like wrinkles.~ Her makeup.~ Jewelry.~ Hair.~ How tall she was next to the men.~ Her voice.~ Her mannerisms.~ If she cried when the going got tough.~ If she was too feminine or masculine.~ If she had children - and was she taking care of them or not.~ What about her husband - what would we call him.~ and so on and so forth.~ With the men - it was so much easier - they pretty much only had a carry on and not so much luggage.~ But of course now that carry on is going to cost them... $100.


Anonymous said...

A lot of people had a problem with Hilary Clinton's policy. People who value freedom were bothered by her determination to have health care decsions made by government burocracies rather than by individual citizens. I think it's a mischaracterization to summarize "We analyzed her ideas and rejected them based on their merit" as "We're not ready for a woman president."

sue hanes said...

Anonymous - I think that a lot of people were bothered by her past association with certain people.

Maybe rightfully so.

But I think Hillary could and would have been a good President for the United States.

We'll never know - will we.