Tuesday, April 24, 2012

About Mia/Pow/s - if there are any left - then let's go in and get them - with Marines and NavySeals doin' the job. Otherwise - let's build a fitting memorial to them - AND MOVE ON. No more little black flags bringing Old Glory down. Know what I mean?


Thersites said...


I want to know.

sue hanes said...



Not even the black MIA/POW flags.
They can have a pole of their own.
And a fitting memorial too.

And I am outraged that these car dealers that use the American Flag to promote selling cars - used or new.

That stuff has got to go.

And flags need to be in good condition. Except on private property - for example if a VN vet
wants to fly an old ragged one - that is their right.

But other flags should not be in poor shape - see my post on that when I was in the hospital with my late mother. I kicked a little b*tt on that and they had a new one up in 2 hours. a little slow.

How ya doin' Ther?

Speedy G said...

Sorry, but you can fly ANYTHING you want on the pole with the US flag... just so long as there's a Phyrgian Cap on the pole, too.

Speedy G said...

In fact, you don't even need a flag at all. so long as the cap flies. ;)

sue hanes said...

Look Speedy - Sometimes ya just get on my nerves (nicrap NEVER does)and this is one of thoes times.

I simply have no clue what ya are talking about concerning the PC.

Put up or sh*t up on that one.


Thersites said...

Ever hear of a "liberty pole"? THAT is what I'm talkin bout.

sue hanes said...

I googled it - Ther.

I'm talkin' about a FLAG pole. One on which Old Glory can fly in the breeze - particularly a Big One - with a deep blue sky in the backgroud. One that gives us American Libs a ***** ***** - or even Republicans too - and there's nothing quite like it.

Makes ya proud to be an American - and I'll gladly STAND UP next tuh ya...

NO American Flags to be used by car salesmen.

Is the Liberty Pole anything like the May Pole?

Huh - Ther - my dear man?

Thersites said...

No, its more like a FLAG POLE.


sue hanes said...

Look Ther - I think my suggestion to just have OG fly alone - is a good one.

And if I see anymore of them other kinds uh small flgs with Her - I'm personally gonna shinny up the Pole and tear them down.

And what are ya gonna do about it anyways.

Is this comment too threatening?

Cause I'm Really not a mean person.

I just care about Our Country's Flag. It is so beautiful - and meaningful.

God Bless the United States of America.

(i just went for a brisk 15 minute walk and it is SO BEAUTIFUL here in So. Indiana. So if youl xcuse me - I'm a bit fired up.)

And 2 make thngs Really intrstng
a little cffee. Just a little.

Thersites said...

You want OG to fly alone... but Jasper Johns can paint her anyway he likes? Wow. How do you square THAT circle?

Thersites said...

Oy vey!