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Critique of Real Time With Bill Maher - Friday March 23 2012

What A Great Show From Start To Finish!

And For Different Reasons Than Last Week.

A Moment In Real Time (Sept 28 2007) - with Rahm Emanuel - YES.

and another old Real Time clip I caught this morning was a Really Good
One - with Martin Short~Tavis Smiley~Stephen Moore~Bob Costos - on
steriods in baseball :[ - but this was one of the BEST - folks and as
I looked at the set in the background - I found myself thinking excitedly:


Opening Monolgue - Over The Top Great:

~number of times Bill mentioned the Etch a Sketch thing - 7

~pres. speech/boring bs'ers everywhere - good

~knobs/boobies joke - funny

~reference to SP: ipad/stupid joke - hilarious

~thing about Arizona & women's reproductive rights/watch another woman
get an abortion - good one - will they ever give up on that?

~something about student loan deferment/abortion? - good joke

~joke about Florida shooting/foodie responsible - good use of a delicate situation

~Bill's stand yer ground law/his lawn/Jehovah witnesses - great

~Pope in Mexico

~John Edwards/not cheat on mistress - funny

This Opening Monologue was Really funny.

First Interview

Charles M. Blow/Bill

Bill - These things (Florida shooting) always makes us pay attention to race

CB - These days there doesn't seem to be an ending to the problem that ends
in riots as it used to be/more ablility to express ourselves/difusses violence/people's attitudes more sophisicated

~Bill - Now we have Denying racism as the New Racism

~CB - Bringing it up means being Racist

I would like to say at this point that I wrote about that on my Blog:

and that is that I ALWAYS mention when someone is Black - whereas I do
not do that with Other races - and I consider that a form of Racism - and
I'm not sure I will ever stop doing that

~Bill brought up good point about young Black kids having a hard role in that they must guard against seeming threatening

~CB agreed and went on to say that it is a heavyweight on the shoulders of young Black men/can't wear hoodies/must watch their body language/no
sudden moves/how they position body and this discussion brought to my mind
the scene in Crash when the two Black guys confronted the couple and stole their van - they discussed this very thing right before they did this.

I felt that this was a valuable discussion with important points being brought up - about how hard it must be - at times for young Black guys.

On the other hand - just the other day I saw a group of young Black men speed by in a car with a huge dog hanging its head out the window - and I thought to myself - Isn't that a Redneck thing - jus' sayin' : ] - no shotgun - that I could see - though - with Rednecks there woulda been the shotgun.

~good shot by Bill about capri pants

I thought Charles Blow was an excellent Guest - very poised - and even later
in the show I felt that he had the possiblilty of saying things - more than he did - even - on tonight's show - and I would like to see more of him.

Panel Discussion

Bill begins by bringing up Hate/Thought Crimes

Andrew Sullivan says that there must be equality in considering what is a crime and citizens MUST be held responsible for their actions

Wendy Schiller said that if you have a tendency toward violence - you always run the risk of eventually committing a crime

Glenn Greenwald spoke up that the reason for a crime makes a difference

Bill said that he disagrees - that crimes of Passion are not excusable

The Point was made by Bill that kids are too often put in jail FOR DOING SOMETHING STUPID - That is not necessarily a crime - and AS agreed and said that it is not appropriate to give 9 years for a prank - and Bill joked that they should be sent to Harvard.

WS suggested that if you do have Hate Crime Laws - then they should be carried through and used

Good point was made that PEOPLE OFTEN ARE SHUT DOWN IF THEY 'STEP OUT OF LINE' FOR BEING OUTRAGEOUS - this point has been made before here

A good discussion on something about Yeman then ensued.

At this point Bill introduced the Stupidest State Elite Eight - and
California/Oklahoma entered the contest:

~California - Free Stuff/porn condoms/ban circumncisions/Dicks about yer dick?

University on the same sign - good/funny about OK's Muslim Person
fetues in food/Little Debbie Snack cakes - I used to devour them let
me tel ya/but they are not made out of Little Debbie - cool joke

At This Point I Would Like To Say That Tonight's Panel Worked For Me -
because there seemed to be more genuine sparks flying than usual - but the panel did so well with that - I loved the lively discussion with conflict in a Civil but almost fighting and exciting opposing ideas with the three Really getting in to it - and Bill too.

There was a Tension on tonight's show that I hadn't felt - or maybe just hadn't noticed - before - and it was good - folks - and the reason for that is - is that it just made Real Time With Bill Maher more REAL - and you can't ask for more than that.

And another thing - THESE PEOPLE ARE SMART. All of them.

Second Interview

What can ya say about Fred Armisen folks - he seemed so cute - precious -
Really - and I kept wondering how it would be to talk to him - and not knowing if he was going to do something funny at any moment.

He began the segment with a pretty fair imitation of Bill.

There was a discussion - coming from Andrew Sullivan - about how FAME -
and about how hard it is to be famous - at times - about living under a microscople. And AS mentioned Princess Diana - as an example.

I would like to say - on record - that I have resolved my love/hate
relationship with Princess Diana - having run the gamut with her - sometimes admiring her for her striking beauty/charm/celebrity/wit and just in general everything that went with it all. Then I went through a stage - having read articles about her - thinking that she was not such a good person - and that maybe she deserved what she got. But now I see that it
must have been so hard - to live the life she was handed - and I would just like to see the good in her - and Let It Be - and may she rest in peace - or whatever ya do at that point in your nonlife.

New Rules

~Dick Clerk - Very Good about how a clerk should not wear a blue shirt and expect not to be mistaken for a clerk and the thing about the bloody apron was great.

~Persion of interest - Very Funny

~Branch Du Blah - Good

~Screen Saver - Chr*st who watches this sh*t - Hilarious

~Leaker of the House - So Good

BEST JOKE OF THE SHOW - Show Me The On The Doll - Bill

~Raging Bullshit - This whole brouhaha about Robert DiNero and what
he said has had me wondering why it was even brought up in the first place -

Ending Editorial - So Good

~National Day of Outrage - Such a good idea - we Really go off on this type of thing in this Country - and as Bill says if you don't like what someone says on that show - THEN DON'T WATCH IT


~Line of jokes about Mitt Romeny at end were VERY FUNNY -

About Mitt's stance on apologizing

Least interesting man in the world

Miett Romney is - FORGAINST it - hee hee

Paint watches him dry - Ha ha

When Ambien can't sleep it takes him - heh heh

Hangin' it up now - I am too tired to go on - will finish tomorrow.


oh and Bill just had to say something about Tim Tebow not getting LAID
way to go Bill but you were very nice about Tim otherwise - but I'm not surprised Bill you are such a great person.

Almost forgot:

Everyone looked SO nice.

Bill: lose the tie

And A Special Thanks to the Cameramen on Real Time - who do such a
Great Job - especially catching the expressions of the Guests and the Audience reactions - That Takes Special Talent - so THANKS - guys.

And what an EXCELLENT picture - that is Really a good one of you - Bill.
I'll print out for my album. And that reminds me - LIVE TONIGHT - IT'S Saturday Night - Live. and maybe I can catch Real Time on a rurun...the
sun is out - so today is shapin' up - not to be so bad after all.

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