Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Christmas Laughter (in March)

My family is very small ~ Eleven of us~Three are over 80~Three are over 60~Three are over 50~Two of us are sons.~~~Come Labor Day the quilts are taken from the clean white sheets in which they summered~~~We seldom have reason and need no excuse to polish the good silver~wash the tall stemmed glasses and invite one another into our homes.~~~We win at Bid Whist and lose at Canasta ~and eat the lightest miniature Parker House rolls~and the world's best five-Cheese macaroni and cheese.~~~I grill the meat~Mommy boils the beans.~Come first snow the apple cider with nutmeg...cloves...cinnamon...and just a hint of ginger brews every game day and night.~~~We have no problem luring Santa Claus down our chimney~~~~~~He can't resist the laughter.
~~~~Nikki Giovanni

Friday, March 7, 2014

Business in Baltimore

There are some that may think that Gertrude Stein is crazy.  Not me - I think there is a method to her maddness. I like to read her work because you never know what is coming next. For example:
~Not narrow, long.~Julian is two.~How many and well.~And days and sank.~Thanks to having.~
Business in Baltimore thanks to having and days and sank how many and well Julian is two not narrow, long.~Julian is two how many and well thanks to having.~Once upon a time Baltimore was necessary.~How and would it be dressed if they had divided a bank and tan.~It connected at once it connected twice it connected doors and floors.~This is in May.~So they say.~How many places for scales are there in it.~Weigh once a day.~~~~~~~~~~And on and on it goes. Just as you think it is going to make sense - it doesn't.  Once in a while it does but it is more fun when it doesn't.