Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years

Yes - I am happy that Presdident Barack Obama has been re-elected. I voted for him. I did not want Mitt Romney to be Presdient. Something about him bothers me. And I didn't want a Black Presdient to be a one termer. There is a stigma attached to having one term - whether there should be or not. So - I got what I hoped and prayed for. But there should not be a lot of time for celebration. Too much is at stake in our Country. We need action NOW. There was too much time spent on the campaign - time when the President should have given his attention to the issues that are hurting us here in America. Congratulations - Presdient Obama. Now show us what you can do to heal the wounds of this Country. That is why we voted for you. It is time to put the election behind you and do your job.

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sue hanes said...

Sorry about the misspelling of President. My blog is malfunctioning and I can't go back and correct my errors.