Tuesday, April 3, 2012

stidh is - what i like to call - back

To Legion - I will be answering my comments this evening.

And after I post a couple of generic things - I will be
spilling my g*ts about my incarceration.

It's gonna be good - people - ya won't wannna miss this - won.



Thersites said...

welcome back,stidh!

sue hanes said...

Why thank you - Ther.

I feel just like Dorothy did when
she said:

Oh Toto - there's no place like home.

But my blogging backed up on me - and I'm a bit tired now - but I'll do mah bst 2 answr - each and every comment - Ther.

But first this;

hey rocky - wanna see me pull a rabbit out of this hat?

What again - Bullwinkle?

Thersites said...

I gotta get a new hat..

sue hanes said...

Ther - You must have a many faceted
hat rack. I don't always like your many hats - Ther - but I will
fight to the death yer right to wear them.

Thersites said...

Ditto, stidh!

Land of the free, home of the contrarian. ;)

sue hanes said...

And -Ther - I'm nothing if I'm not a contrarian.

Well - I am nothin' and proud of it - if I may say so myself.