Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank you Mr. President

for putting yourself in Harm's Way - just like our troops. So that you could arrange your Game Plan. It sounds good to me. Ya have my Vote in November. I liked yer speech - and I hope your jet lag isn't too bad. God Bless you -President Obama. God Bless Our Troops. and God Bless The United States of America. please


sue hanes said...

I've been to Baltimore - Thersites.
Ate in a real nice restaurant there. When the husband and I went there with friends - the one guy suggested that they roll me down the street to the restaurant -that's becuase I was close to expecting my first child. The dummy was a bachelor - and not at all sensitive about my condition. Then a nice policemen helped find our way out of town.

The restaurant was real good.

Are ya sure the Prez never came to Baltimore - cause maybe ya just didn't know he was there.

The child is now 38.

Thersites said...

If he ever did come here, I'm sure like most suburbanites, he quickly bought his drugs and left town.