Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When It's Hot - It's Hot

Even when it's not hot at the Indianapolis 500 - it's hot.~~~~~ Just the roar of the engines would make it seem hot to me.~~~~~ And on a normal Race Day - the heat from the track is a lot.~~~~~ But this year the heat seems to be planning on setting a new record - and could soar up to 94 degrees.~~~~~Too hot for me - and by all reports it is gonna be a record setter. And even Jim Nabors is smart enough to stay away - way away - far over in Hawaii.~~~~~But he is still going to start the race by singing the Great Back Home Again - In Indiana over a televised live video.~~~~~And that's good enough for me.~~~~~ And that's as close as I've ever been - and will ever be.~~~~~But you can be sure that I'll be checking it out.~~~~~~I know some good folks who are gonna be there and will be giving me the full report - earplugs - sunblock - and all.~~~~~ Who can resist hearing the good old phrase: Gentlemen & Ladies - Start Your Engines. ~~~~~If there are any ladies this year in the running - and if there are - well that's more than we have in the Presidential Race - unless you count Rosanne. :]

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Thersites said...

Rosanne for pres? Why not?