Thursday, April 5, 2012

note to Shirley

Hey - Shirl.

Sorry that I did not think of this sooner - but there
is not a Real Time show on Friday. Bill is taking a
break - but will be back on Friday the 13th: LOOK OUT!
Just kidding - my dad was always superstitious about
Friday the 13th - but not me.

I will post the guests for April 13th when I get the

Also - thanks for yer support - Shirley - about my current
situation. Yes - it has been tough - and may even get
tougher - but ya know what 'they' say:

When The Going Gets Though - The Tough Get Going -

or something like that.

I'll keep you updated on it.



-FJ said...

When the going gets tough....

everybody leaves.

sue hanes said...

Ain't that the truth.

Thanks -FJ.

sue hanes said...


Well - now that I Think about it -FJ - even my mother checked out.

And she was probably the one true friend that I had.

Now I'm about to do - what is most likely the hardest thing I've ever
done - and I'm gonna have to do it

Will I be able to do it?

I don't know.

Bye - FJ.

sue hanes said...

Hey -FJ, JC, Ther, Abso, Speedy,
and did I forget someone.

Oh yeah - nicrap.

Things in the Really cool Court didn't go well for me. The hubby had his hotshot lawyer there and the lawyer had an assistant with him and they proceeded to make sure that I am under the 'care' of my insensibive p*rick of a husband for THE REST OF MY LIFE.

I hope he can handle me - because I intend to make the best of it.

Now shall we continue to discuss the Really cool philosophers?

And are ya gonna come to the Little 500 race?

Or isn't the bicycle your thing.

Either way - I'm ok with it.

I'm easy.

: ]

sue hanes said...

P.S. - It's an absolutely beautiful day here.

Sunny - and the temp is just right.

I'm gonna change into something more comfortable and practice some hoops. The last time I didn't do so well.

But everyone deserves a mulligan.

Seems I'm getting more than my share - lately.

What do YOU think?

sue hanes said...

BTW - My wonderful daughters STABBED MY IN THE BACK.

How about them apples.

: )

Joe Conservative said...

Forgive them for they know not what they do...

*shakes head*

sue hanes said...

But they do know what they do...

::flips them off::

And now I'm OFF - to the grocery store becuase my guardian has given me a check for $30 - ain't it fun - JC?

sue hanes said...

The thing is - -FJ.

I wuz gonna go tuh church - Holy Thursday and all. I'm in a bad mood now - maybe I'll sleep on it and go to the Good Friday service at 12:10 tomorrow - ya know what I mean - Good Friday.

What do YOU think - -FJ?

Thersites said...

I think that you should NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances consent to psychiatric examination again. Period. Thats what I think. Once its' on the record that you've questioned yourown competency, irs' over. They've got you.

A lesson learned the hard way, I'm afraid.

Thersites said...

As for your "guardian", I hope that you saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...

sue hanes said...

But Ther - I agree with you. But you have to remember - I'm here alone and I don't know anyone - & I never wanted to move. At least I was fairly happy there - but now I don't know if I can be happy again. Ever.

And no - I didn't see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Ya know what I've been thinking - is that maybe by the Grace of whatshis face - that my guardian - will check out of here before too much longer.

Otherwise - I don't have a chance of any kind of happiness.

You should have seen him today. A lawyer on each side of him - and I saw my only chance of happiness - just slowly but surely fading away.

Hey - Ther - maybe there's a rerun of RT tonight. Bill doesn't have a show on Good Friday.

Thersites said...

Sounds like you should just get HBO GO and watch Bill 24/7.

sue hanes said...

I don't think so - Ther.

That's a little more REAL-ity
than I can take.


sue hanes said...

But if ya look on the bright side - I just finished running everything through the paper shredder - caught up on it for the first time since I got here.

: )

nicrap said...

Why am i always an afterthought? I resent it strongly. ;)

Thersites said...

Quiet, Epimetheus! You'll open Pandora's box.

sue hanes said...

Because - dear nicrap - you have not always been a mainstream Legion commenter like - let's say --FJ~Ther&Speedy.

But here is the best part - if I should chose to have a romantic laison (sp) with one of you legion people - it would be with - U.

Althoug I cannot - for the life of me - picture why ANYONE would want to have a romantic liaeson (sp) with a skinny old whitehaired lady like me.

no wht eye mn? nicrap

sue hanes said...

Ther - no problem - about opening the Pandora box.

It's already open.

It's Real - and it's simply
Spectacular! ! ! !

:] + :o] = :0]:]

nicrap said...

lol! Like i was saying to FJ recently, there is still much life in those bones. :D

I wonder what FJ could mean by Pandora's "box"... :p

sue hanes said...

Hey nicrap - 'still much life in those bones...'

Well yes - there is still life in my OLD bones.

But about Pandora's box - I don't have a clue what -FJ is talking about but as for me - it means that when ya open MY Pandora' s Box - there you will see stidh - as possibly living life to the fullest - but how do I do that with a 'guardian' watching over me?

And furthermoe - if I try to make a 'run for it' they would catch me and lock me up for good - maybe even give me uh labotomee and where would I bee thn?

Although my guardian not so long ago said that the don't give lobatomies anymore - nor do they
hang people from yardarms anymore -a quote from A FEW GOOD MEN by one of my fave actors - TC.

Thersites said...

My son's accompaniast on the piano at vocal recitals had once undergone "shock therapy" as a child. They still do that. You DON'T want it. Believe me.

It's a 1,000 better to get locked up in a prison than a mental health facility. Prisoners are taking seriously. Mental patients, on the other hand...

sue hanes said...

Too late - Ther.

I had shock treatments - about 20 -once for depression. Actually that is the only time I was treated for depression - in 1970.

But the shock treatments were not all that bad - a pretty young nurse holds yer hand - : ] - while they put you out - and then you remember nothing - literally.

That is because the memory loss is only short term - it did not affect
my memory over all.

I have said this before and I will always say it - that Mental Health is still in the DARK AGES.

But I will also say this - and that is based on my recent incarceration - that there are people out there who ARE trying to do their best to help Us.

And those people are Legion - at the Really cool Bloomington Hospital.

I know that.

And they deserve credit - for that.

Speedy G said...

It must be better in Bloomington than it is here, that's all I can say.

sue hanes said...

I'm quite sure it is - Speedy.

The people here are all Just Amazing. Like going Somewhere
Over The Rainbow. I've written about that on my Blog before.

It never fails - when I go out shopping - the niceness of the
people often makes me do a double take - thinking - and I say to myself - is it Really possible for People to be THIS Nice?

Try it - you'll like it.

like on apriltwentyfirstorwhenever

sue hanes said...

nicrap - Do ya have roses at yer place? I never cared much for roses until last November - at the new place.

Now I am wild to see them bloom.

They are Real - and they are gonna be spectacular.

You should SEE them - nicrap.

You could - too.