Wednesday, March 14, 2012

while going through my stuff...

I may start a new Blog - folks - called:

While Going Through My Stuff

Now since I already have nine blogs and a Comment & Conversation
blog - I'm not Really gonna do that - but I have been finding stuff
while going through my papers - that I might want to Post.

One of the things I found today is something I've Posted before -
and I'd like to share it with you - tonight.

It is about how we can Change The System - here in Our Really Great
Country - all according to stidh


by stidh

Choose One Candidate From Each Party - for the office of President.

The One Who Gets The Most Votes - is the President.

The Candidate Who Gets The Second Most Votes - is the Vice President.

For The Cabinet Posts - we start with the Newly-Elected President - who gets to choses the most important cabinet post - most likely Secretary of State. Then the Vice President chooses the next one - and each party chooses then next - and on down the line. Everybody gets to take part in choosing the cabinet posts.

This method insures that all the parties - and different political factions will work together.

The Issues - and problems - to be discussed and worked on - will be submitted by all parties - and everyone will have a say in the decisions.

Civility - will be emphasized - and an effort will be made by all - to accomplish this.

Certainly there are 'problems' with this method - but it could work.
It is only a suggestion - in a time when perhaps something 'different'
is in order.

Next up - right here on stidh:

How We Are Gonna Make Our Really Cool Constitution - a best seller.

Seriously - folks - Our Constitution Is a great document - and should be made more accessible - and readable - to all of the Citizens - of the United States.

Some ways we could do this are:

~Hold Constitution Studies - like Bible Studies - where portions of the Constitution are read individually - then small groups gather to discuss
the Articles/Sections.

~Parents can encouage their children to read - a little at a time - parts of Our Constitution.

~Publishers could brainstorm - and think of new ways to present Our Constitution - so that all ages could learn more about it.

~Americans could get in the habit of reading - and even studying Our Constitution - keeping a copy on the nightstand - beside their bed -
before they turn in.

I thought of these ideas - as I was trying to outline Our Constitution
on my Constitution Blog - and felt inspired to write out these ideas - because - well - I just started thinking how much - I Really Like
Our Constitution - and decided that perhaps the Founding Fathers -
were on to something there.


-FJ said...

I prefer the Iroquois Constitution... just call me "old fashioned".

sue hanes said...

I googled Iroquis Constitution -FJ.

I don't have time to Really absorb it - but I want ya to know that I did google it.

I have to run - I'm going over to the mall to Walk - you know 4 xrcs then do just a little shopping.

Worksk nicely that way - dontcha think - -FJ.

Catchyalater -FJ.

and thanks

-FJ said...

why not just work instead of "exercising"? You kill 2 birds wi one stone that way.

sue hanes said...

-FJ - 'why not just work instead of "excercising"' - Those are fighting words - -FJ. Obviously ya have not been readin' my Really Cool Blog - or you would know that I'm what Bill Maher insultingly
calls a:

Traditionial Idiot Housewife.

Last November I was reading his
Really funny book - New New Rules -at the intermission of La Boheme - and LMAO at how he insults Republicans - when I came across the phrase 'traditional idiot housewife' and let me tell ya - -
FJ - I was Really mad at Bill - for the rest of the evening.

I'm not mad at him now - at least not about that.

But my point is -FJ - that I scrub floors - and do all my own housework.

But I need to get out of the house - and maybe I might make a friend or two while walking at the Mall.