Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Take On - Reenactments of the Civil War

I am writing this Post - just because.

Kind of for fun.

I got the idea to write it - just now - after watching a
rerun of Real Time With Bill Maher. During Bill's show there
was a discussion between Bill and Ed Helms - and Bill threw
out the question - Should They Let It Go? - meaning - I'm
assuming - should they Really have reenactments of The Civil
War - or is it better for them to just 'let it go.'

Right away it came to me that I had been forming up an opinion
of this - off and on - for a long time - and here is what I
think about the subject of - Civil War Reenactments.

I think that it is a good thing - and that if Civil War Buffs
want to have Civil War Reenactments - then they should go ahead -
and do it.

The Civil War is a Great Historical Event - and there is no getting
around that.

Now it is also a Very Tragic Historical Event - in which Brothers
Fought Brothers - and Sons and Husbands - and Fathers - Died.
The numbers of Lives Lost in the Civil War are Astronomical -
when you consider that even one life is Precious.

But the Civil War was fought for a Cause - A Cause So Great - that
in my mind it is Justified. Slavery - to me - is an Unspeakable
Occurence - and one that needed to be Corrected. Men tried to do
that in different ways - for years - but failed. It is a Travesty
that it took a Horrendous War to correct it - But It Did - Folks.

Now - enough time has passed - since the Civil War - so that the
Wounds surely have Healed and well - If People Want To Dress Up In
Costumes and Reenact The Civil War - then I say More Power To Them.

I'm not into that sort of thing - but I think it would be Exciting
to watch something like this. I'm sure an Amazing Amount of planning
goes into it - and I think it is Great.

Let's just make sure those formidable-looking weapons aren't loaded -
I believe that did happen once or twice - but accidents do happen.

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