Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Everybody

I - in and of myself - am not Irish.

Never Really cared about St. Patrick's Day.

But I used to love the corned beef and cabbage.

Now it's just all about the cabbage.

In fact - I think I'll celebrate this Wonderful Holiday -
by cooking some cabbage - and putting some red beets with
it too. And maybe some small white beans - caraway seeds -
vegetable broth - minced garlic - salt to taste - a little
chopped green onion - ya gotta love green onion folks -
sautee them in olive oil - and now let's see - what shall
I call it? I know:

Beet & Cabbage Borscht

and the rest of ya folks who want to - go ahead and celebrate -
drink some green beer - have at it - hoist a few. : ]

Knock yerself out.

I know what I'm gonna do in just a little over four hours -

I'm gonna start a new chapter in my Really cool life.

And you can not read all about it - and NO ONE COMMENT -

right here on stidh.

oh - and did I mention that it freezes well?


-FJ said...

Monday is St. Joseph's Day. Woo-Hoo!

sue hanes said...

-FJ - St. Joseph's Day is NOT a woo
hoo holiday.

St. Patrick's Day is a woo hoo holiday because you party people can drink green beer.

St. Joseph's Day is a Solemn Day.

A First Class Feast Day.

According to google - in 1962 - on St. Patrick's Day there was celebrated a Feast of The Rank Of Double of the 1st Class.

In addition - in Spain, Portugal and Italy - March 19th - traditionally St. Joseph's Day - is known as Father's Day.

Furthermore - in Italy - March 19th - is traditionally a Day Of ABSTINENCE - -FJ.

Ya probably will want to stay away from Italy on March 19th.

jus' sayin'

-FJ said...

Italian pride... in New Orleans, St. Joseph's is the last day for the Mardis Gras Indians! Woo-Hoo!

sue hanes said...

New Orleans - never been there -FJ.

Isn't that where Harry Connick, Jr.
is from?

But - -FJ - for once in my life
I'd like to go there.

sue hanes said...

Mardis Gras Indians - is that a baseball team?

-FJ said...

Maybe in the old negro leagues...

sue hanes said...

Negro should be capitalized - nicrap.

-FJ said...

I'm not nicrap,and I don't capitalize white, black, OR negro. If you don't like that, then,Jackamo fee na ney!

sue hanes said...

-FJ - Speaking of capitalizing stuff - I'm big on doing that.
If ya read one of my many posts - you will see that I made copious use of capitals - especially on the first letter of each word.
I do that for emphasis - -FJ.

I often try to write as I would speak. And if I Really want to empahsize something - I write a word in ALL CAPS. Some people do not do that - in fact some poeple think it's rude. Why just the other day a blogger sez to me - Sue - don't write whole sentences in CAPS on my blog because I don't like it - I think it's rude.

So since I want to be welcome at the blogs of Others - I say to Chuck - his blog is Chuck Thinks
Right - I comment there nearly everyday - Chuck - I'm sorry - IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN.

And I meant it. I like to show Others that I can get along with them.

Know what I'm talkin' about? -FJ?

sue hanes said...

That depends - -FJ.

Is it a cool cat?

Cause I like cool cats.

But I'm basically not a cat person.

I'm more of a dog - person.

Mutts are the best dogs - -FJ.

Didja know that?