Monday, March 19, 2012

stidh - on the vote

I wanted to write something on The Vote - but I wasn't sure what.

And I wanted what I write about The Vote - to be intrinsically
mine - without rambling on and getting incoherent.

But darn it - if what I suspect is true - that no one reads my
blog anyway - what's the difference if I do ramble on - and get

So I said to myself, 'stidh - ramble away.'

I Believe that The Right to Vote is a Sacred Thing - especially
when ya consider that not everyone has always been able to do it.

Why even right here in this Great Country of Ours - there were
actually times when the only People who could Vote were white Men.

Well that doesn't seem Right - does it?

And even then - when Other folks were allowed to Vote - certain
restrictions were placed on that Vote - such as things that made
it HARD for them to Vote - oh you know what I mean.

And Women - they weren't even allowed to Vote - for a long time.

Why is that - do ya think? Aren't Women People too?

But now - folks - everyone can Vote - as it should be.

So what we're left with are two things:

Whether or not People actually get out and Vote


Voter Fraud

Now the first thing - is more ambiguous - but we can talk about it.

The second thing - can also be ambiguous - and things are being
done to correct Voter Fraud - and that is Good. Because Voter Fraud
is - in my opinion - pretty bad. Ya have to be a low life to be a
part of Voter Fraud. That is plain and simple. There should be a
nationwide crackdown on Voter Fraud. These People should be dealt
with harshly - AND THE SOONER THE BETTER. Kind of like how we should
deal with the problem of bullying. Harshly - and the sooner the better.

But about People who don't get out and Vote - well that 's a horse of
a different color - because there are those who would say that IT IS
THEIR RIGHT TO CHOOSE NOT TO VOTE. And ya know what - folks? They are
right. I know that - and you know that - and I know you know that.

Because since we live in a Country where we can choose our own Leaders -
that is our Right - we also live in a Country where we can CHOOSE
Choice. And while I Believe that Every Person In This Country Who
Meets The Qualifications To Vote should Vote - I would be Willing To
March Into H*ll & Die for the Right of anyone to exercise this Right
right of choice is called:


William Wallace knew the meaining of that Word - and we must protect
that Word - and make sure we never give it up.

But back to the Vote - I Believe that there is only one sure way to
convince People that they should get out and Vote in November. And
that is through the process of Educating them - on how important it
is to do just that.

Sure - it is not a quick or easy process. But the important thing is -
is that we try.

And ya can't do much more than that - folks.


-FJ said...

lol! It's a "myth' that all "white men" could vote after the Revolution. The entire purpose of the original "Tammany" clubs in NYC was to enlist "poor" white men on property deeds so that THEY would THEN be allowed to register to vote.

Bacause you had to have a certain amount of "property" if you wanted to be registered to vote. And white men who had NO property couldn't vote.

Those restrictions in NYC lasted until the 1830's... and into the 1850's in most "other" parts of the country.

The 14th Amendment (1868) FINALLY granted voting rights to all white males, and two years later (1870), the 15th Amendment, to all males regardless of colour. Females got the right to vote in the 19th Amendment (1920)

-FJ said...

Now if the Founding Father's believed you had to have a "property deed" to register to vote, why is it unConstitutional that it's too much to ask a voter to present an ID card as a reasonable precaution against voter fraud

sue hanes said...

I don't care what ya say - -FJ.

For too long now - old white men have had their boots on the neck of the American Person - but all that good stuff is over now.

I'm here - and I'm gonna see that things are better.

It's gonna be a New Day.


sue hanes said...

I'm all for Photo Id's to prevent voter fraud - as long as the prevetion of voter fraud does not bring on voter fraud.

Ya see - -FJ. There are some pretty tricky sneaky People around these parts - and ya gotta stay one step ahead of 'em.

sue hanes said...

Goodnight - -FJ.

goodnight sue.

Goodnight - Ther.

goodnight sue

Goodnight - nicrap.

goodnight sue.

Goodnight - Abso.

goodnight sue.

did I miss anybody?

Joe Conservative said...

...chopped liver. ;)

Speedy G said...

Si, senyor, chopped liver...

sue hanes said...

Good morning - JC.

Ya know - JC - your appearances here at stidh have been more limited that tne Others.

So don't feign hurt feelings.

And especially don't be a crybabee - if ya know what I mean.

sue hanes said...

And you too - Speedy - are very dear to my Heart - because I simply ADORE - Spanish. In fact - ya wanna know what I'm gonna do -

I'm gonna get my Rosetta Stone computer disk out and start studying Spanish again - in honor of you.

Speedy G said...

Ay, carumba!

sue hanes said...

Ya know - Speedy - the Christmas before last I got a book that is esentially a Spanish Encyclodpedia
of Dirty Words - and I've never even cracked it open - but I just know that 'carumba' - must surely be a dirty word in Spanish - and ya can be sure I'm gonna check it out - Speedy.

Speedy G said...

I can use dirty words, if you prefer, carajo!

sue hanes said...

I just googled 'carajo' - and I'm on tuh u and so I would say:

Dont Carajo With Me - Speedy G.

Anyways - if I want to hear dirty words I'll just watch one of BM's
standup videos.

He cool - he the King of Dirty Words.


sue hanes said...

Speedy - Speaking of dirty words - Sam Huntington over at Z's blog just called me a twit.

Do ya think of me as a twit - Speedy?

Those people are mean.

sue hanes said...

Aw - I know Sam didn't mean it though - I mean calling me a twit.

I think those folks like me over there - they just like to give me a hard time.

Blogging's a game - don't ya think - Speedy?

And It's All In The Game.

at least that's what the king says - you know - Nat King Cole...

The Absolute Marxist said...

Bloggers call everyone they disagree with, names. Don't take it personally, stidh. And for as long as you don't. it will forever "remain" a game... and not a "burden" to bear.

sue hanes said...

I'm withya 100% on that one - Abso.

Being a burden is something I would never want - not would I ever allow myself to be.

That is all that remains - Abso.

until all that is left of me IS the remains and at my advanced age
it come Come anytime now :[