Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 Great Women of Today

1. Flylady - This Popular and Respected Woman of Today
offers so much to Us in the way of Practical Advice -
that ya won't want to miss Reading Her Website. It's
Really about Making Our Daily Life Better - Folks.

2. Jasmine Boussem - Google Jasmine - And When You First
Lay Eyes On Her Picture - You Will Instantly Recognize Her
Ablility To Communicate - to you - Her Thoughts On Making
Your Life Easier To Manage. Jasmine Shares Her Insight On
Many Life Subjects - and Speaks To Us With Trusted Wisdom.

Jasmine is a Native Parisian. She's Lovely - and Smart too.

3. Kelley Steffen - This Strong Christian Woman is at
the Task of raising Two Sons by herself - since the
untimely Loss of Her Husband. Kelley writes about -
Life From Her Viewpoint - on many levels.

Her Website can be found at:

and if you check it out you will read the words and thoughts of -

4. Ann Voskamp - Another Amazing Christian Woman - works
her way into your Life - through your Spirital Veins -
Ann Voskamp is the Author of the Best Selling Book:

1000 Gifts. Worth Checking Out - People.

5. Cara Santa Maria - is a Blend that is sure to Win.
According to Huffington Post:

Cara Santa Maria is a North Texas Native who currently
lives in L.A. - and has taught biology and psychology
courses in Texas and New York. Her published research
includes clinical psychological assessment, the
neuropsychology of blindness, neuronal cell culture
techniques - and much much more.

Cara Santa Maria is Real - And She's Spectacular.

6. Money Saving Mom - This Woman has found a Niche In Life -
and it is in helping Other Women to Save Dollars through
Couponing. I have it on the best Authority - that the
'Coupon Mom' - not only is Smart - BUT HER METHOD WORKS!

7. STIDH - is known in Blogging Circles as Incoherent and Stupid -
but don't let that fool ya folks - becuase this 67 year old
Traditional Idiot Housewife has no less than 10 Blogs - including
the Exciting Comment and Conversation Blog - where


aka Sue The Impossible Dream Hanes - this Amazing Woman also
writes about The Constitution, has a Classical Piano Seminar,
an Art Blog, a Housewife's Blog and more.

Stidh has been fighting her way up in the Blogosphere - taking on
Conservatives - at the same time making Friends.

Check Her Out - Folks - and at the same time - check out



nicrap said...


Your Comment and Conversation Blog indeed is the most original idea to be found in the entire Blogosphere. :)

sue hanes said...

Why thanks - nicrap. ::blushes::

The funny thing is - it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. There are 97 comments on it right now.

Imagine that.

I'm just a small town girl from the NE corner of Indiana originally - and I got that many conmments.

And you should read some of that stuff - nicrap. I never heard such trash talk in my Life. You'd think it was Bill Maher or something.

But you know what - nicrap - I just come right back at them.

It's the only way - Really.

sue hanes said...

But sometimes - nicrap - I think maybe I'm getting too old to Blog.
A lot of those Bloggers are so much younger than me. Some of them are as much as 11 years older than me.

Why when I'm 95 - they would only be 84 - nicrap. That's a pretty big age difference.

Old age is Hard - nicrap. Don't ya think?

sue hanes said...

nicrap - Did ya ever think of changing your Blogging name - let's say to something a little more Poetic?

I mean the 'crap' part is a little - well - ya might say crude.

No offense - though.

nicrap said...

I did mean it, though. It's almost like an art in itself.

Yes, i have been ticked off big time about it even before. Though it's precisely the "crap" part of it that encapsulates the idea of it. :)

I have a new post which you perhaps like to read. :)

sue hanes said...

Oh nicrap - did you Really write that?

It is so beautiful - nicrap.

Now you Really are free - aren't you?

To be all that you can be.

And I Will Be There - Watching You - And Rejoicing In All That You Are.

This Is Your Time - nicrap.

nicrap said...

Why thanks, Ma'am. :)