Friday, March 16, 2012


These incessant phone calls have got to stop.
Yes - I agree that tonight's show -
Real Time With Bill Maher is GOING TO BE A GOOD ONE.
But how many times do I have to discuss it with you all.
I am BUSY - writing on my Really cool blog - walking at
the Mall this morning - trying on my new clothes to make
sure they are just right - getting ready for my daugher
who is visiting tomorrow with her three small children -
and much much more.

Shirley - will ya double check with the Others to ensure
that they have watched A Week In Real Time - the great
video that has been provided 4 all of us - so that we can
c what goes into the weekly show - Real Time With Bill Maher?

And Shirl - do check out Christopher Banks - there clothes are
over the top - especially with the 40% sale through Sunday.

Thanks - all of you - and ENJOY - Bill's show 2nite - I know I will.


Thersites said...

Note to Sigmund Freud:

Not only are ALL dreams merely "wish fullfillments"... so are most thoughts,, wishes.

Thersites said...

Right, ladies???

Thersites said...

I'll take the 'art' of living over the 'science' of knowing seven days a week

sue hanes said...

If horses were wishes - beggars would ride.

Who said that - ther?

Do ya know?

sue hanes said...

Ther - I mean these ladies simply drive me crazy. They LOVE Bill Maher - and in particular his show.

Now I'm no longer their President -but they keep relying on me for the info - as if I have a direct line to The Man.

But I don't. I stand in line with everyone else - and ya know what - Ther - Bill Maher has one million followers.

sue hanes said...

well that hurt - was that the intention?

shall I just Come - just walk out
I could you know

I would - just sa th wrd

sue hanes said...

how about in july - it could work
or soon thereafter1stfreedomthen
i'lldoit4us4vr/thr/snt/neethng/hr/-r neewhr/ls/2/hld/me/bck/sa/ohksu

nothing at all - not/evn/seaing/frddee/4/chrstms

Thersites said...

What's wrong with wishful thinking, stidh? I can't think of anything that isn't.

sue hanes said...

I'll tell ya what's wrong with
wishful thinking - Thersites.

I've been wishfully thinking for the last 25 years now - and I've had things dangled in front of me for all of that time.

I'm ready for some action.

For something to happen.

I'm tried of wishful thinking.

I'm Dreamin' My Life Away - Ther.

and at my age - ya can't afford to do that

sue hanes said...

But there may come a time when I'll decide than settling for less is better than waitihg for nothing.

sue hanes said...

but whatcha see here is my pouting mode - : [

sue hanes said...

But serioiusly - Thersites - I think wishful thinking can be carried a bit far. You Really have to work to acheive the goals you 'wish' for.

One way to do that is to wish upon a star. I've heard that this works. Like some night when you are out in your backyard - and ya look up and see a couple of stars -pick one out and wish on it.

There's a song about that - Ther - it's called When Ya Wish Upon a Star - Yer Dreams Come True.

The thing is - Ther - Ya can't just assume that they will come true - ya have to have what they call a game plan - and then ya have to take steps to make yer dream come true.

You see - Ther?

It's all about the Game Plan - and hard work.

And I know what hard work is - Ther.

I'm a Housewife - aren't I.