Monday, March 19, 2012

Ladies of the NFBMFC


Ladies - I do know one Guest that is going to be on Friday
Night's Real Time With Bill Maher - someone who is very
dear to my Heart. I learned to Love this Really Cool
Comedian - from watching Saturday Night Live - a show
on which he plays Our Really Cool Guy Prez - Barack Obama.
Sure he plays Other roles - but even then - all ya have to
do is watch his Eyes - and ya start laughing. He Is Magic -
and his name is:

Fred Armisen.

I will Post the name of the Other guests as soon as I learn
Who they are. But I have it on the best authority that in
the very near future - there are gonna be some Really big
names on Real Time With Bill Maher.

And here are two of them:

David Axelrod

Former President Bill Clinton

As soon as I have a confirmation on the dates when these
two men will appear on Real Time - I'll let ya know.

But ya know what the best thing to do - to make sure ya
don't miss any of these Really Cool Guests?

Watch Real Time With Bill Maher - every week.

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