Sunday, March 18, 2012

an open letter to john nash

Your Beautiful Mind.


Ron Howard.

Russell Crowe.

Thanks John Nash.

Why - for what - stidh?

For your Courage.

and for stayin' alive so that I could thank ya.


The Absolute Marxist said...

He's just another whacko... like Bill Maher. ;)

sue hanes said...

Hey Abso.

Ya know - Abso - let me tell ya somethin' about Bill Maher.

He's not a Whacko. Not by a long shot.

Bill Maher is a Good Decent Person - who just happens to tell Drity Jokes.

Which is what I like best about him. Because he showed me the value of dirty jokes - and more importantly - The Value Of Laughing.

But that's not all I like about Bill Maher.

I Am In Love With Bill Maher Because He's So Smart - in fact Bill Maher is a Genius on many levels.

and he can Really dance

But - Abso - can Bill Maher sing - like Our Really Cool Guy Prez?

sue hanes said...

Say Abso - Speakin' of dancing - do ya ever shoot hoops. I've decided that along with Walking at the Mall - every weekday morning - I'm gonna shoot baskets in my driveway - everyday for 10 minutes - ya know - to develop my old age muscles. I did that just a while ago - and I must say I'm getting pretty good.

I got the idea from a celebrity radio interview I heard a couple of weeks ago - by the Really Cool Adam Carolla - and he talked about how some big celebs actually have their own bb court. Imagine that.

Another sport I'm gonna look into is tennis - which is Really just glorified ping pong - don't ya think - Abso?

Course with tennis ya need to have someone to volley with. At least with b ball you can do it alone.

sue hanes said...

Another thing I did today - Abso - was prune my 3 Really cool rose bushes.

Now I've never done that before - but I read that ya have to cut them back - so they don't get too wild on ya.

And cut them back I did - Abso.
They look Real good. Now some of those branches cried out, 'Don't do it - stidh,' but I did - Abso.

what did YOU do today - Abso?

The Absolute Marxist said...

Not a lot.

sue hanes said...

Well that's just fine - Abso.

Not a lot - Ya Really opened up there.