Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Attention All You Art Aficionados - -FJ in particular

Exciting new post on my art blog.

Ya won't want to miss this.

It's Abstract - and it's Spectacular.

Real good - 2.


The Absolute Marxist said...

My only question remains, can you replicate the results, stidh?

sue hanes said...

I'm glad ya asked that question - Asolute Marxist.

Because in the realm of Abstract - there is no such thing as 'repication.'

Only the original.

Sure - you can try to replicate the results - but you will only be able to come up with something different - something better.

-FJ said...

Then like "cookery", it's not an art at all.

Plato, Gorgias...

'What is the art of Rhetoric?' says Polus. Not an art at all, replies Socrates, but a thing which in your book you affirm to have created art. Polus asks, 'What thing?' and Socrates answers, An experience or routine of making a sort of delight or gratification. 'But is not rhetoric a fine thing?' I have not yet told you what rhetoric is. Will you ask me another question—What is cookery? 'What is cookery?' An experience

-FJ said...

He who tastes, knows... he who tastes not. Sufi parable.

sue hanes said...

Ponder over this one - -FJ:

When I do not Really want to know the Truth - I ask a question - to which I do not Really want an answer - but I want the Other person to know that I am thinking about that - that the question is about.

Would that be considered true Rhetoric - -FJ?

My guess is that it is not.

But rather cowardice.

and denial

sue hanes said...

Yes - I know of that saying.

And here's another one - -FJ.

Good To The Last Drop.

Now I don't drink coffee - but I am a taster - that I should know.

And I'll go futher to say that I am willing to taste - even if the result is a bitter one.

sue hanes said...

Speaking of coffee - -FJ - in the old days I can remember that at night - before I went to bed - I would think of how I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning - and have a cup of coffee.

Times sure have changed - because now I don't touch caffeine - in any form.

Don't miss it either.

I seem to have a natural high - that caffeine used to give me.


sue hanes said...

Isn't Abstract a wonderful thing - Abso.

Now I don't just mean abstract painting - but the Abstract in general - but in all walks of Life.

Abstract - for me - Abso - is being able to look at something - and being able to see past what you see - into other possibilites -almost into a New World - into which one can walk - if one holds out long enough - until the gate to that New World is opened.

pretty good huh?

I just made that up as I went along.


nicrap said...

i still can't wait for my first cigarette of the day...

-FJ said...

Nothing beats coughing up the first lung of the day.

There's only one thing better than a great 'abstract' painting, stidh, and that's a great surreal one... the Javanese Mannequin by Dali comes to mind. ;>

Can you tell what he was trying to tell us? I believe that I can.

-FJ said...

The only thing worse than a cup of Java for MANequins is a newspaper to read with it. Just ask Rene Magritte. ;)

sue hanes said...

You just puff away - nicrap - while ya still can.

Because I'm Gonna Do Away With Those Nasty Cigarettes - once an for all.

And cigarettes are only one of three things I'm gonna do away with - so enjoy killing yourself - and Others - a puff at a time.

Cause all that good stuff is going to be WHAT I LIKE TO CALL OVER.

sue hanes said...

First - -FJ - I checked out Dali's Javanese Mannequin - and am surprised that I am not familiar with it - since I adore surreal paninting and Dali very much.

Even after reading a couple of entries on google about it - I haven't a clue what it means.

Perhaps you would like to enlighten me - -FJ.

and then again maybe not

sue hanes said...

-FJ - I like this Rene Magritte - but why is the man with a newspaper
in the first frame - but not in the next three?

I don't get it - -FJ.

sue hanes said...

Abso - Another top notch aritist that I simply ADORE - is Pablo Picasso.

Ever heard of him - -FJ?

And other facet of the ARTS that I also ADORE - are movies.

And I gotta go now - -FJ.

Because I'm gonna go see the
Amazingly Good Over The Top
SciFi Action Movie:

John Carter.


When I get back I'm gonna tell ya what I like about Picasso - oh well I'll tell ya right now - it's his famous painting about War. I forget the exact name of it - somethin' like the Horrors of War -and ain't that the Truth - -FJ?

I hates war.

Eleanor hates war.

And even Fala hates war.

Why I bet Chico even hates War - -FJ.

sue hanes said...

for the second and a half time

-FJ said...

Guernica...or something like that. The secret to the Java man lies in the "light". And today's newspaper is GONE tomorrow...

I'm jes sayin'...

sue hanes said...

Yes - -FJ. Guernica.

Picasso was great - wasn't he?

I mean - he was an artist in every sense of the word.

He didn't paint like a housewife -id he?

I might go so far as to say that I never saw a Picasso I didn't like.

But then - -FJ - don't get me started on Art - or Piano - for that matter.

Although I have temporarily given up Piano - until my Life is in order - except for playing Children's songs for my g-son while he eats his lunch.

sue hanes said...

Yes - -FJ. Guernica.

Picasso was great - wasn't he?

I mean - he was an artist in every sense of the word.

He didn't paint like a housewife -id he?

I might go so far as to say that I never saw a Picasso I didn't like.

But then - -FJ - don't get me started on Art - or Piano - for that matter.

Although I have temporarily given up Piano - until my Life is in order - except for playing Children's songs for my g-son while he eats his lunch.

sue hanes said...

-FJ - I need to check out what ya said about the 'light' and the Java man. I made a note about it and I'll get back to ya on that.

The Newspaper - do you mean that each day's newspaper is gone the next day - or are you looking to the time that the newspaper will cease to exist?

Well - we can't let that happen - -FJ - cause there are a lot of newspaper aficionados out there who just LOVE being stuffy and having their arms get tired holding it up.

I ADORE the newspaper - it Really comes in handy for spreading out on the patio when I spraypaint stuff.


sue hanes said...

-FJ - The 'light. Do ya mean as in lightweight or the light reflected on the floor?

Please - tell me.

Thersites said...

What the light illuminates...

sue hanes said...

So they brought you in on this - dear Thersites - and I suspect the explanation - should it come - will be long and labored.

But my guess is the Knee and the emaciated leg below - I read the accompanying blurb - BUT HEY WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

sue hanes said...

Abso - Are ya gonna watch Real Time With Bill Maher tonight?
It looks like it is gonna be Really good. The guests are all very educated - an of course Fred Armisen is soooo funny - Abso.

And if yer lucky - maybe one of the guests will make a Pinko/Commie comment for the likes of you - Abso. Or maybe there will be something on our cigar-smoking nonfriend down South. Ya never know.

: )

So check it out - if ya Really want to - that is.

Thersites said...

the mannequin's "ends" have been severed... and his bended knee rests upon....?

sue hanes said...

Ther - I appreciate that you are trying to get me to figure out for myself - what the Mannequin's foot is resting on - and I have been researching it - but I do not have time to spend on this - it's not like I'm doing a paper for an art history course.

So how about just coming right out and telling me.

However - while researching the
Javanese Mannequin - I was almost on to something - about childhood memory - something about what the foot was on - but then I lost the thread.

But I did find two things:

One - a painting that I thought Abso and I could discuss -

Partial Halluciantion.
Six apparations of Lenin on a Grand Piano - :] 1931 google it


The Enigma of William Tell 1933

This painting is similar in content to Javanese Mannequin - and also has the foot - symbolically - resting on - something. also google it

Salvidor Dali is cool - dontcha think - -FJ

Speedy G said...

In William tell, something is levitating from his foot... ;)

sue hanes said...


I'll check it out. :[

talk about being *n*l

sue hanes said...

I REFUSE to f*in spend the rest of my day staring at these SD paintings.

What is it levitating off of his foot? It looks kinda like a white piano - sort of.

sue hanes said...

Ya haven't told me what was under the guy's foot in Javanese Manniquin.

I'll bet ya don't even know - and you are just leading me on.

Thersites said...

A velvet pillow...

sue hanes said...

'A velvet pillow...'

Come on - Ther. Let's move on to something else. But first I want to know what you know about these two Salvador Dali paintings.

~what is under the Javanese Manniquin's foot

~what is levetating from William Tell's foot

Please - Thersites - share with me - or I'm gonna assume that you are just yanking my chain.

Thersites said...

The foundationof communism is levitating from his foot.

sue hanes said...



Now we're getting somewhere.

But I didn't know that YOU were obsessed with Communism - Thersites.

I thought that was Absolute Marxist's area.

He is f*ing OBSESSED - with Communism. and it's subsidiaries.

Like Castro.

You'd think there's something wrong with it - ya know - Communism.

not that I'm into it - or anything

Because I'm Not.

Ther - I'm An American Liberal - here to Save Our Country - from...

o u r s e l v e s

sue hanes said...

Now - Thersites.

I will humor ya with more discussions on the Really Cool subject of Communism - say anything ya like about it -


later I'm gonna throw out another
Painting - of my choice - for stimulating discussion.

I love talking Art - Ther.

I already know which one it is.

I'll be back.

Thersites said...

There is something wrong with comunism, stidh, it values the herd over the individual. The result is known as the tragedy of the commons. It even has it's own mythologies... like the myth of the good administrators of the commons...

...but they're all myths,stidh.

Thersites said...

Eventually the administrators privatize the commons for their own personal gain. It's called, "privitizing gains... and socializing losses.". Democrats call it "progressive" taxation.

Thersites said...

In other words, stidh, its a layer of BS on top of all the BS we hear now...who needs it? Pretending tobe concerned for othersmore than you care for yourself is BS.

sue hanes said...


Ok. Ther.

I get it. I Really do. But can we change the subject now - Ther.
This Communism stuff is making me
uncomfortable. Like someone is thinking that I have Communist
tendicies - or Socialist tendencies.

But I did copy down some of your key points - Ther - pinko/commie buzz words - if you will - to ponder over - when I have time.

Hey Ther. Before I reveal the name of the Piece Of Art - that I want to tell ya about - first some background.

When I was in High School we took a field trip. I don't even remember why - or for what class.

But the trip was to Toledo, Ohio.
Since I was from NE Indiana - it was logical for us to go to Toledo.

Now I don't remember much about that field trip - except this.

We went to the Art Museum - where I spotted it:


by Jacques-Louis David

Now I didn't know at the time - why as a high school student - that I stood and stared at the marvelous paining. I just know that it made a deep impression on me. I even bought a picture postcard of it. I think I may still have it.

And I'll be back later - to talk more about it.

Jump right in - Ther - if ya have anything to say - about this.

Thersites said...

It was also featured prominently in a Goddard? film... as he main characters RAN past... slowing down ONLY to look at IT. Are you familiar with the theme? Thre Roman commoners challenge and defeat the best of the invaders at a briidge leading to Rome...

Thersites said...

Bande aParte was the Goddard version...

sue hanes said...

The Louvre.

NO ONE SHOULD RUN IN THE LOUVRE - THER - as they might knock something over - see

Run in The Louvre?

I feel lucky to have just walked slowly and to have had the opportunity to just lay my eyes on only the THREE GREATEST WORKS OF ART of all time.

And I'm talkin' about:

The Winged Victory of Salmonthrace -so big - looming above us - so graceful and so beautiful

Venus de Milo - Beauty personified - delicatly sculptured by the Master - himself

Mona Lisa - ahhhh - and it took him four years to paint this Masterpiece - that will last forever in the minds and Hearts of the likes of us

If I'm ever at the Louvre again - and Really - Ther - what are the chances? - I'm gonna hide in the restroom at closing time - and then after everyone leaves - I'm comin' out and walking all around for the entire night - just drinking in all that Really cool stuff.

Sound good to you - Ther?

And then before day breaks - I'm gonna go out and Tebow - like Tom Hanks did - above the place where MM is interred.


what a f*in liar that guy is - no way ANY pro football player - or any college football player - for that matter - is a V*rg*n.


sue hanes said...

But back to the subject at hand.

I'll Come back later and talk about TOoftheH.

It's History~What It Means To Us as Art Aficeeandos~and Something About Jaques-Louis-David (not pronounced David as in David Hemmings -but rather da-VEED - with the accent on the second syllable - Ther.)

sue hanes said...

So - Ther.

Here we have Jaques-Louis David -
who was born in 1748 and died in
1845. You do the math - but he lived to be 77 years old - a good long life - in those days.

J-L D - was born to a prosperous family but it was not exactly a Leave It To Beaver existence - or when little Jaques-Louis was only 9
years old - his father was killed in a duel.

Now that's not all that bad - for what a hero has dad must have seemed like - to the kids on the playground - but also - dear Ther -Jaques-Louis was to suffer more loss - for his mother - the b*tch and probably a h* - left him - to live with his stuffy uncles - who probably were newspaper readers. :[

There's more to the story of J-LD -Ther - For This Amazing Artist Painted Our Signature Painting in Rome in 1784.

But even before that - Ther - Jaques-Louis made his mark on other
artists - and being tempermental - due most likely to his sad beginnings - HE COULD NOT BRING HIMSELF TO GET ALONG WITH THE OTHER BOYS AT THE ART ACADEMY - but still - they recognized his Genius.

Now here's where I get Really P*ssed off - Ther - I'm gonna tell ya why I'm P*ssed off - and it ain't gonna be pretty.

Well I can't find my picture postcard of TOoftheH - so I go down to the family room just a few minutes ago - and I was FINE until then - but when I printed out a copy of TOoftheH - lo & behold I see where women are getting a bad rap.



and I don't have a problem with that.




And surely this little girl will remember that these role model women were - in fact - looking -

Hadn't Jaques-Louis David ever heard of:

Joan of Arc
Hillary Clinton
Rose - from African Queen?

I'm One P*ssed Off Lib

and to get over this I'm goin' to Kroger - right now - and get a few groceries for my vegan diet- come back - put them away and proceed to go see Hungry Games at the 5 pm ET showing.

And I'll tell ya why - Ther.

Because I want to know what all the fuss is about - concerning this movie.

I'll be back around 8 pm ET - and I hope there will be a rerun of RTWBM on.

Good Day.

-FJ said...

David was the French Revolution's premier idealogue. His Death of Marat pales beside his opposition's recreation... with a STRONG CHarltte Corday to boot!

sue hanes said...

Interesting - isn't it -FJ - that while David painted those weak pathetic women alongside the three stong men - it was a Strong Woman who did in the character in this painting.

And why didn't she use a handgun - -FJ? Knives are awful - dontcha
think -FJ?

And why do People mix Art with Politics -FJ? I can never understand that. To me - art is art and politics are politics - and never the twain shall meet.

I like Art - -FJ.

and I heart politics

sue hanes said...

-FJ - Dah-veed & hs pluhtcs wl hv 2go n hld 4 th da - im drvng nrth & wl rtrn ths evng.

Hv uh gd 1 - -FJ.

& thnks

4 wht - u mght sk?


jst thnks

-FJ said...

I used to think that art was NOT political. I was wrong, ducky was right.

sue hanes said...

Ok - FJ - I'm throwing out this one - to you - for a bit of discussion - a painting so well known - and beloved by so many - and chock full of meaning.

But political?

To me it would be a self-portrait -if I had painted it - that is - instead of American Artist -

Andrew Wyeth

and the painting I'm talkin' about is:

Christina's World

In this painting - Christina aka stidh - lies in her front yard and gazes at her self-imposed prison -too paralyzed to escape - and she can only lie there and wonder - at which point she allowed herself to be sucked in - to the unrealistic horror - of it all - from which she is so desparately now tryin to escape - and daily wonders if - she - in - fact - is - gonna - break - free - of - the - f-in -shackles - that - cruelllly - are trying TO HOLD HER BACK

What do YOU think -FJ?

Speedy G said...

A woman trapped by the "male gaze"... it don't get more political than that, does it?

sue hanes said...

'the "male gaze"'

Ever hear of the female gaze - Speedy?

If ya think the male gaze is imtimidating - you should be in direct line of my 'female gaze.'

I can't wait to try it on 'someone.'


of course - what are the chances...

Thersites said...

I think thatthey used to call THAT the "evil eye"...kinda like the eye that they used to paint on the front of Greek boats. ;)

sue hanes said...

Speaking of Greek boats - Ther - you should see this painting of a Viking ship in a fjord I did. It's hanging in the laundry room.

I didn't get the Viking ship captain painted in it - so I call it a GHOST Viking ship. Works for me.

You COULD see it - Ther - if ya weren't such a Weanie - and a f*in

Sorry - Ther - that was unkind - and of course not - not true.

It won't happen again.

Thersites said...

Why not? I love it when people are reduced to ad hominem name calling... it means I'm winning. ;)

sue hanes said...

Oh - yer 'winning' alright.


But don't be mistaken - Ther - this 'game' is what I like to call - not - over.

and it's all in the game

Thersites said...

...and who's still standing when the whistlegets blown. ;)

sue hanes said...

In the Really s***** movie H.Games - see my post about that - they were both still standing - but it was too late.

That movie made me cry. It mean - Ther.

Thersites said...

...just like thw winners in "Running Man". I love Richard Dawson!

Thersites said...

Winners ROCK!

sue hanes said...

Oh yeah. Richard Dawkins -

King of the 'Athiets.'

sue hanes said...

that was nice