Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prayers needed

I'm gonna tell ya right off - folks - I'm not kidding about this.

Let's have a few prayers for Rod Blagojevich.

I've been thinkin' about it - and I don't think he's a Really
bad guy - he just made some mistakes - and he has to do his time
in jail now.

I wrote some mean things about him earlier - but I deleted them.

I was mad at him - but Justice Is Being Done - now isn't it.

And that's all we can ask.

Mabye if he is good - he'll get some time off - for good behavior.

But Most Importantly - While He's In There - Maybe He'll See The
Error Of His Ways - and when he comes out - he can spend the rest
of his life with his family - and hopefully:

Contribute Something Good To Society.

I've already said a Prayer for him - and maybe I will again - if
I think of it.

So if anyone doesn't read this - then Please - just say a little prayer -

for Rod Blagojevich...

anyway - if yer gonna do time - Colorado isn't a bad place to do it -
ya know - looking out yer jail cell window - with the mountains & all

and - oh yeah - I read once in a book called New Rules - that we should treat our people in prison well - so that when they get out - they will be better members of Our Society - something like that - and the author of the that book? Bill Maher

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