Monday, March 12, 2012

stidh sees JOHN CARTER

Before ya read my Great Review of John Carter - know that my
critique of last Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher - is now
complete. Ya might want to read what I say about the interview
with Israel Ambassador to the U.S. - Michael Oren - or maybe not.:]

John Carter is about:

~the color blue

~he realizes he's not in Kansas anymore

~he says 'I don't fight for anyone' but has a change of Heart when the pretty young darkhaired girl is threatened - it's always about the pretty
young darkhaired girl - isn't it folks

~sand dunes

~the writing on the wall - always the writing on the wall

~what I call cinematography was over the top - STUNNING

~no 'Cs' on the Planet

~the so cute little doggy monster

~the jar jar binks look works - even the double set of arms

~reminiscent of Prince of Persia only much better - sci fi better

~beautifully executed

~he proposes on one knee - is there any other way?

~they don't do the dance - though

~the sword fight - it always gets down to the sword fight

~JOHN CARTER - you're the Man

~he catches the sword in mid-air - YES

~blue blood in the monster - it's about blue blood

~movies that came to my mind while watching JC:

Jeremiah Johnson
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
The Last Samurai

I resist the urge to jump up and chant - clenched fist held high

Caesar! Caesar! Caesar!


Max-i-mus Max-i-mus Max-i-mus

~Such Wonderful Music - lasting even through the credits

~such great credits - different - Really - than I have ever seen

and much much more


well it is dedicated to the memory of STEVE JOBS - isn't it?

Next: The Avengers (May)

and the nice young ticket man assured me that there should be a
Midnight Showing.

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