Saturday, March 17, 2012





What - stidh? You say ok and then you don't say what - ya
are talking about.

I'm not gonna tell ya.

Just ok.

but it's a good ok

A Really Good Ok.

stidh is on to something now.

And That's All I'm Gonna Say About That.

maybe I woulda said more - if ya had read my Really Cool Blog -
and Commented. It's all about the comments.

Know what I mean?


nicrap said...

Tell us more, Stidh... ;)

sue hanes said...

Hey nicrap - It is my earnest goal - this time - TO NOT SPILL MY G*TS.

Last time I did this he said sue don't tell about what we talked about today but I forgot and went home and told everything.

This time I'm on it - and I am keeping it to myself - and for me that is hard.

But I Can Do It.

g'nite - nicrap - turnin'in now

nicrap said...

And who "he" might be? :)

G'night, ma'am. :)

nicrap said...

...i sure get it, ma'am. "He" is a lawyer. :)

sue hanes said...


A lawyer is a lawyer is a lawyer.

Do ya know who said that nicrap?

Gertrude Stein.

Gertrude Stein said it - nicrap.

Cause at one point she was mad at Alice B. Toklas and she sez to Ernest Hemingway - Ernie - he didn't mind if she called him Ernie - I'm gonna divorce that woman.

He says to her, 'Don't be hasty.
Things will look better in the morning.'

Nicrap - The young woman at B&N Customer Service told me about a month & a half ago that all them Really Cool Artistic People in Paris used to get mad and not speak to each other - for a while.

I wish I could go back to Paris - nicrap.

I'd like to get me some of that
moveable feast.

The Absolute Marxist said...

Escargot or frog legs?

sue hanes said...


I'm a vegan - and we vegans don't eat anything that comes from any living thing - except plants - of course.

and tofu.

Tofu is my maid source of protein -Abso.

sue hanes said...

But -FJ - even though I'm a vegan -and very strict about my diet - I do allow myself fried stuff.

I make a mean fried asparagus - fried mushrooms - and even fried zucchini.

You and the missus could come and try some - bring the pets too.

Why I'd just love to fix some of that for ya - I'd even fix poutine for ya - -FJ.

I'm a good cook.

Just come - here.

I'd feel better just to know that you were - Coming.