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Critique of Real Time With Bill Maher - Friday, March 2nd

First - I would like to say that THIS SHOW WAS EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD -
in spite of the air it had of An Exclusive Men's Club Seminar -
due to the absence of a Woman.

Second - I would like to clear the air here - and come right out and
say that I Think That Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Is So Charming. Now
Part Of His Appeal Is - Of Course - That As An Astrophysicist - Ya
Know That He Is Very Smart. But Dr. Tyson Is So Cute - And Well -
He's Married With Children - Folks.

Having said that - Here Is My Take On Friday Night's Show.

MIRT: I hadn't seen this one before and I Loved It! - and Ladies -
check out Bill's totally s*xy hair.

Opening Monologue:

~Good joke on Women's Bodies/Economy

~Loved Remark about Rush being Married 4 Times/No Children/Birth Control

~Rush's Whalelike Body - touch of genius

~Joke good about Mattress Companies Sponsoring Rush/Sl*ts

~Even though we've heard it before - still a good joke about
Mitt Romney's Observation On Trees And Brownish-Green Grass

~Rick Santorum/JFK Stuff - Great

~And The Meanest But Funniest Joke of the Whole Show:

Hip Hip Relplacement

Good Points Of Discussion:

~Bob Lutz said that - Global Warming Is A Total Crock Of Sh*t - and
Weather Patterns Are A Fact Of Life

~Good Exchange - Bob Lutz Said My House Was Supposed To Be Under Water
Three Years Ago/Bill Said Just Wait - Good One Bill

~Bill Pointed Out That There Is Only One Athiest In All Of Congress

~When The Question Was Raised About Who Is The Republican Establishment
John Heilemann Offered That There Is None

~Good Stuff: JH - Clown Car Of Republican Candidates
Bill - Cross Big Enough To Hold Newt Gingrich

~Loved The Discussion On Why Kids Go To College/Does College Make Elitists?

~Russ Feingold's Remark In Initial Interview When Bill Asked If He Would
Run For Office - and Russ Said - Being A Candidate Is One Thing But After The Election Being Able To Get Things To Work Is Another

~Dr. Tyson - Interesting Remark about whether there is Good Crucifixion as
Compared to Bad Crucifixion. Well I've never been Crucified - but
I can't imagine that there ever could be anything Good about it

~Remarks Made About James Carville Being Liberal/Wife Republican - This Is Nice That They Coexist But It Doesn't Always Work - Folks

~My Pick For Best Exchange Was Bob Lutz/Dr. Tyson On Global Warming
note: Neil Tyson has Excellent Use Of Hands When Talking

Favorite Mitt Romney Campaign Poster:

Rash - Great

You Could Do Worse - Loved it

Oh What The F*ck - Funny

New Rules:

Leathernecking (101 Ways To Make Rick Santorum Thr*w *p) - Really Good

Dork And Windy - Best

Gratitude Adjustment - Good

Closing Editorial:

Very Important And Funny Reminder That Because This Is America -
President Obama Could Conceivably Lose In November - And Really Folks
Isn't It All About Getting Out The Vote? and not becoming over-confident

Although There Were ONLY Four Mentions - count them - Of How Bill
Donated One Million Dollars To President Obama's PAC - Bill Did
Manage To Let Us Know AGAIN Tonight That It Hurt Him boo hoo bill -
Make that FIVE - I missed the one at the end about 'the withdrawal
window at my bank.'


How They Looked:

At first I thought that the show was going to be a study in black &
white with greys - even the interview chairs blended in - but then I
saw James Carville in his Stunning Soccer Shirt That Said Hey I'm An
Individual And I'll Wear What I Like And What Are Ya Going To Do About
It Anyway?

And Really Folks - Isn't The True Measure Of How Handsome A Man Is - Is How Handsome He Looks In Just Yer Basic Black & White?

I Thought Bob Lutz Was The Best Guest - There Was Something Very Nice
About Him - but his tan made one wish that Bill would have stayed out
in the sun more in Hawaii - : ]

Absolutely Great Show - So Civilized And Polite - And Teeming With Intelligence

Books Authored By Last Friday Night's Real Time Guests:

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson - Space Chronicles (2012)

Dr. Tyson is an American Astrophysicist and a Science Communicator.

James Carville - All's Fair: Love, War And Running For President (1995)

James Carville is an American Politician, Consultant, Commentator,
Educator, Actor, Attorney, Media Personality and Prominent Liberal Pundt.

John Heilemann - Game Change (2010)

John Heilemann is an American Journalist for New York magazine and
a MSNBC Political Analyst.

Bob Lutz - Car Guys vs Bean Counters (2011)

Bob Lutz is the former Vice Chairman at General Motors Company

Russ Feingold - While America Sleeps (2012)

Russ Feingold is an American Politician from Wisconsin. He was
a State Senator from 1983-1993 and a U.S. Senator from 1993-2011.
He is a Democrat.

Bill Maher - (see my post on that)

OOOPS - Almost Forgot - Overtime:

~Neil Tyson - Interesting Remark about How Living Forever Might
Fail To Bring Intensity To Life - Dr. Tyson says that He Feels
Life Has More Meaning (and thus the Intensity) Because He Knows
That He Is Gonna Die Someday.

That is Very True Dr. Tyson - but with all due respect - I would
promise not to Lose Intensity If I Could Be Assured of Living
Forever. When ya are 67 ya start thinking that - Losing Intensity
Or Not - I DON'T WANT TO DIE. at least that's how I feel

~Bob Lutz - Re going from gas cars to electric - This has to be a
Gradual Transition - with better technology - not enough range at

JUST ISN'T ENOUGH TALK ABOUT GUN CONTROL - WE DON'T READ OUR BIBLES BUT WE POLISH OUR GUNS - This is a touchy subject with me - as I think we are not doing enough about Gun Control - maybe because it has become the Elephant In The Room - and no one wants to bring it up - so why don't we wait
until SOMETHING REALLY SHOCKING HAPPENS FOLKS - like maybe double or nothing like 60 people at a Major University getting shot dead - NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS - FOLKS - LET'S JUST BE MORE CAREFUL WHO GETS AHOLD OF THEM - AND WHO THEY SHOOT - ok?

~Good Quick Remark - Bob Lutz said that the Only Position He Would Accept Was That of Emperor

~Good Discussion On Gas Prices

Thanks To The Really Great Real Time Staff - the writers in
particular - of course. gd shw bl

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