Friday, January 27, 2012

Real Time With Bill Maher - January 27th, 2012

Bill - Absolutely Stunning In A Charcoal Black Suit/Nice Plaid Shirt/
Amazing Tie Which had a small blackonblack pattern

Mark Foley - Loved the orange polkadot tie very abstract although it
didn't really go with the gansta pin-striped suit and handkerchief not
tucked in pocket neatly

Kennedy (sic) - Only a truly beautiful woman can get away with such overly
huge earrings/off the shoulder on one side dress w/suggestively tight bodice
and black hornrimmed glasses but nice hair - makes one think of a female
Johnny Depp

Dana Rohrabacher - I have to say that his shirt was the best piece of clothing
on the show but no to the white necklace

Martin Bashir - quite handsome in the really different tie with the larger stripes
in navy blue on purple with the really nice wide checked shirt and the
handkerchief was neatly tucked in - also the darker skin - here
a nice contrast to Bill's pasty white - to me he looked a little pale

Chef Molto Batali - in my favorite segment  - Loved the ponytail held in place
with a yellow scrunchie wearing the sleeveless fleece jacket (yes) on top of a pale
pink shirt and casually rolled up sleeves w/ homey touch provided by a white
everyday t-shirt peeking out and I must say the Chef held his own with Bill
quite well

Off color comments:

Bill - 1 my G.
         4  I swear to G.

Kennedy - GD liar
                  douchebag - in poor taste : [

i was not offended by this but maybe G. watches Bill's show and
could have been

Good Jokes:

~Mars Attacks Woman

~Jan Brewer joke

Best Joke:

~Negroes learning to read

Bomb Joke:

~Mitt Romney sees most dispicable man when shaving

Dumb Phrase - Bill:  Wavy Gravy

Yes - Mention Of Navy Seals

Best Comment of Show:


but really it doesn't matter who the President is and it is the disrespect
shown TO HIS FACE that is getting out of hand;
I strongly disagree with Dana Rohrabacher when he said that the
President isn't 'royalty' - the President - the Office - should hold
respect - and Bill O'Reilly was  SO WRONG

~Kennedy - yawn in response to DR's remarks was good

~Panelist with an attitude - DR was too touchy

~Turned Me On - The shouting match early on

~Movie Segment ones I really liked:

Silence of the Lambs
Rosemary's Baby

~Good remarks about Eating Healthy

~Comment by Bill about Taking Pills

~Liked the NG Narcissistic (sp) Personality Comment

My Personal Opinion:

Bill was criticized for Ridiculing Others' Religion but REALLY -
speaking as a Christian myself I feel that for too long Christians
have been ramming their Faith down the Throats of Others

New Rules - Good as always but the MC one bordered on

What Struck Me The Most About Tonight's Show Was That When
Bill Said It Was Time For New Rules I Looked At The Clock
Because Folks I Couldn't Believe The Hour Had Gone So Fast -

and that is a good sign.

brown shoes?


Adam said...

I haven’t seen very many episodes of Real Time as I just recently started watching the show at on the suggestion of a DISH coworker who though I would really enjoy the show. They were right, it is a good show where people can come together and debate ideas, usually. This show was pretty bad. The one member who could have contributed was bulldozed by Kennedy and Rohrabacher. Between Kenney pushing some sort of sexist agenda and Rohrabacher being completely clueless yet out spoken, no one could get a word in. I would have liked to hear more from Bashir. The other segments were good, I did like the “Top Conservative Movies” segment. Those were some pretty good tag lines. Bill could barely keep a straight face while reading them. I honestly never thought I would see Kennedy on TV again since she was fired from MTV. I honestly hope to never see or hear from her again. I am glad I am not in range of her radio show. Rohrabacher should have a standing invitation to appear on the show and embarrass the GOP on a regular basis.

sue hanes said...

Adam - Thanks for your take on Real Time.

The difference between how you feel about Real Time and how I see it is - that you said you have only watched it a couple of times -whereas I have been watching it for going on four years.

The thing that I find is that - having watched it for that long - Real Time has steadily improved in those four years to where it is today:

And That Is To Being In My Opinion The Best Possible Of Shows.


You Can't Touch it - Really.

Or Bill.

sue hanes said...

Adam - I totally agree about the Movies segment. I always watch the reruns of Real Time and after tonight - although I have mentioned the two I liked best - I thought they were all excellent.