Wednesday, January 25, 2012

as promised

Members of the NFBMFC - I am back at MY HOUSE and now have
the information about who the Guests are for Real Time With Bill
Maher on Friday night:

Journalist Martin Bashir

satirist Kennedy (sic)

California Representive Dana Rohrabacher

Chef Mario Batali

Former Florida Reprresentative Mark Foley

I may or may not give a heads up before the Show on Friday night but
I'm gonna be a little busy with my 96 year old Mother coming on Friday
afternoon until Monday evening.

Of course I WILL be watching Bill's really cool Show but it remains to be
seen whether or not my Mother will agree to go to be earlier than that
or if she will insist on watching it with me - and that could be tricky
since she is from the Old School.  : [

I will Most Likely do a short Critique/Review after.

Thanks for your Cooperation and Attention to this Matter.

(Shirley - I had three messages on my Voice Mail upon arriving home
saying that your Blueberry Muffins and Raspberry Lemonade were Delicious.
Thanks Sherl.)

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