Monday, January 23, 2012

Tonight's meeting of the NFBMFC

Listen up - Folks.

I will be out of town for 24 - hours so Shirley
will be in Charge of the Meeting tonight.

Please give her your Support and Cooperation.

When I get back I will post the Guests for
REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER Friday, January 27th.

Why don'tcha all just Party It Up at Tonight's
Meeting - maybe Hoist A Few - or do some Kareoke.

Charades would be good too.

Say - I think Shirely mentioned to me once that
she has a Bop It. Didja know I once got up to
100 once. Never get past 20 now though. Oh well.

I'll be in touch with each and every one of you -
about forming Committees - you know stuff like that.

As your President I would just like to say that I
appreciate the support you have thrown My Way.

Oh - and don't forget about Hbo reruns of Bill's
show - they are on nearly every day. :]

And please folks - be sure to watch the SOTU
speech - Historically speaking it promises to
be a good one.

Let's close tonight with something a little

God Bless Bill.

God Bless all of the Republican Candidates.

God Bless President Obama.


God Bless The United States Of America.

Thanks God.

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