Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tavis Smiley

I remember the First Time Ever I Saw His Face.

And for some Reason my Mind goes back to that day - more
times than I can count.

Now I would like to recall what I remember - about Tavis Smiley -
without googling him.

It was on Bill's show.

Now a couple of years ago when I was watching Bill's show I would
write down the names of the Guests - and then google them to find
out who they were.

What stood out for me then is that Tavis Smiley wanted to attend Indiana
University but he didn't have enough money for tuition - so they let him in
anyway and he lived with the IU basketball players.

 Now this is what this Post is all about:

At one point Bill and Tavis Smiley got into a sort of 'discussion' about - I think -
the way women are treated throughout the World.

But this isn't about Women's Rights.

It's about that exchange between Bill and Tavis Smiley - during which they both
held their Own - and especially Tavis - who was kind of frowning - and I Believe
what bothered him is that we Often Think That WE Are Right  - and then impose
that on Others. 

And this is what stayed with me:

That We Must Break The Mold On Right Or Wrong.

We Must Come Together - And Set Up Some New Rules - Before It Is Too Late.

I have seen that this is what is actually Happening.

and it is not going to be Too Late.

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