Saturday, January 28, 2012

stidh's The Best of Saturday Night LIve

I woulduv gotten to this sooner but I've been a little busy just now.  

: ]

There is so much I wanted to write about Saturday Night Live -  but
in the Final Analysis I decided to just come right out and say what
Members of the Cast - and which skits - have impacted my Saturday
Nights - Live.

~Fred Armisen - As President Obama.

I would always hurry to get the dishes done - and I never do the dishes until
the very last - because really there are more fun and important things to do
than the dishes dontcha think?  : ]  Because if ya don't get there right when it
starts ya might miss just even a second of Fred Armisen doing President Obama.

Now listen up folks because here's where the Inherent Stupidity comes in  - well
everytime I would get seated in front of the tv - and then I would read in the upper
corner:  CNN or Live from the White House or CBS news you know what I mean -
and EVERYTIME I would panic and think I had the wrong channel.  I mean this
went on for a year or so.  See - I never Learn.

~Kenan Thompson - My absolutely favorite skit on Saturday Night Live - ever - is
Kenan Thompson's What's Up About That.  I mean a couple of times when there would
be the Special Guest - once it was Paul Simon and another time Robert De Niro - and
I would feel their frustration as they started to be Interviewed and then Kenan Thompson
would jump up and start singing and dancing around and other really cool People would
dance across the Stage.

Now again - the Inherent Stupidity - is that although I Really enjoyed the wild singing
and dancing - I would always think Why Don't They Just Let The Special Guests Talk?

~Kirsten Wig - Really anything this Amazing Woman does.  ANYTHING.

~Bill Hader - When he comes on to be interviewed on Seth Myers Weekend
News and plays the part of the Gay Person.  That always amazes me.

~Andy Samberg - I honestly can't remember what - but lately Andy Samberg
has really caught my attention.

~Seth Meyers - I read that he is Head Writer - pretty amazing.  And by the way I
could never figure out why Donald Trump called him the Stutterer at the White
House Correspondent's Dinner - cause I thought he did a great job - and I just knew
that President Obama was distracted by Something that night - well I guess we all
know what that was.

~Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah - and everyone else.

For the last couple of years I have noticed that Saturday Night Live has really
gotten so much better and well - just Brilliant Comedy - that sometimes I'm
amazed at what I am watching.

and it's all about to happen - in about 2 1/2 hours.

:  )

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