Sunday, January 29, 2012

my faith journey : ]

I've Come so far on my Faith Journey.

And I know I've still got a ways to go.

But hey - I don't mind.

Why  - you might ask?

Because of Al Gore.

Al Gore? 

Stidh  -  you been puffin' on your Bong again?


You see Al Gore invented the Internet - didn't he?

And without the Internet there wouldn't be Blogging.

And without Blogging I wouldn't have all of my Blogger Friends.

and without the internet i'd never know what b*ll is doing



:  ]


:  )

:  ]


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Speaking of faith journey, I started reading a book by Timothy Keller. He was looking at the word "gospel" which means "good news." He said that a list of things we must do is not good news, but that Jesus did those paid the price for us is good news. He did a better job of explaining it than I am here, but I was wondering if you had ever heard of Keller and what you thought of him.


sue hanes said...

Hi Mike - It's good to hear from you.

Hearing from you always seems to bring me back down to Earth.

I had never heard of Timothy Keller - but then I'm not into reading Theological Books - I tend to explore subjects that I need to learn more about.

But I'm not for sure what you are saying here - except that we don't have to do Good Works becuase Jesus already did.

If that's what Timothy Keller is saying - I disagree.

The Fruits of the Spirit - for me -
are the Outline provided - for the Good Works - and our Relationship with God is how we fill in the Spaces - He shows us what we are Expected - by Him - to accomplish in our Lives - for Him.

Thanks Mike - I'll be back.