Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Florida Republican Presidential Debate

~My First Reaction When The Debates Started Was One
Of Pride That I Was Seeing America At Its Best
in that here were four Men who were standing up to speak
out and say how they thought they could be the Best President

~The First Hour Contained The Best Issue Questions But
There Simply Was Too Much Blame And Attack And Not
Enough Simple Answers

~The Second Hour Was Pure Bullsh*t

~For Me The Only Candidate That Remotely Showed
Intelligence And Organized Thoughts Was Ron Paul

~The Audience Member Asking A Question That Seemed
Really Nice And Presented Herself Well Was Jennifer Korn

~Best Tie: Wolf Blitzer


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Wolf Blitzer is the best interviewer out there, the best since Tim Russert, in my opinion.

sue hanes said...

Will - I think that I like Wolf Blitzer because he seems Honest - like you could actually Trust.

He doesn't seem to hide his Feelings - and after all - Honestly is a natural thing.