Sunday, January 29, 2012

1982 Trivia Challenge Quiz

The good part about this Really great quiz is that I have the answers.

1.   Which former KGB head was selected as secretary general of the
Soviet Communist Party's Central Committee - succeeding Leonid

2.    Which American airline ceased operations in May after 54  years
in buiness?

3.    Which series starring Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless as New York
City police detectives debuted on CBS-TV?

4.    Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical  - based on poems by T.S.
Eliot  - began its 18 year run on Broadway?

5.    Who beat Rick Mears by 0.16 seconds in what was called the greatest
moment in Indianapolis 500 history?

6.     Freebie:  Who released 'Thiller' - The Best Selling Album of All Time?

7.     Name the eccentric jazz pianist and composer of 'Round Midnight'
who died in February.

8.     Freebie:   What is the title of the Steven Spielberg film about a friendly
alien stranded on Earth - the number 1 film of 1982?

9.    Syzygy occurred on March 10 when all 9 Planets did what on the same
side of the Sun?

10.  Which country beat West Germany 3-1 to win the 12th FIFA World Cup?

12.   What is the name of the Trade Union banned in Poland - the first Communist
Union in a Communist country?

13.   Name this 'Lollipop' rapper - born on September 27th.

14.   Which Colombian novelist - author of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'
won the Nobel Prize for literature?

15.    Who began turning the letters on the 'Wheel of Fortune' TV show?

If there are enough requests - I will continue this quiz tomorrow - and I can do
it folks - cause there are a lot of cards left in the deck.

: ]



Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

3) Cagney and Lacy. 5) Emerson Fittpaldi? 7) Thelonius Monk? 14) Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The rest (except for the gimmies) I would probably have to cheat on.

sue hanes said...

Hey Will - Checking the Answer Key.

Cagney and Lacy - correct

Emerson Fittpaldi - don't see it on the list

Thelonious Monk - correct

Gabriel Garcia Marrquez - correct

Three out of four wins you absolutely nothing.

But I only got Michael Jackson
ET and Vonna White : ]

I'm hungry at 2:10 am.

I'll try the warm yoghurt - hey isn't that a bad joke from Philadelphia? :[

Hey I wonder if Truth would know any of the answers...

Thanks for playing - Will.

Ducky's here said...

#1. Yuri Andropov

#2. Braniff

#4. Cats

#5. Gordon Johncock

#9. Aligned

#10. Andorra

#13. L'il Wayne

sue hanes said...

Ducky - Because you did not respond as quickl as my Other commenter - I can only assume that you spent a lot of time Researching these quiz questions.

Now - the only answer that I did NOT find on the Answer Card was:


But Good Job - Ducky.

You certainly are Sharp if not unpretensious.

thanks ducky and do come back again