Monday, January 30, 2012

one more thing

Wasn't that last Post great - Folks?

But I just don't know when to Shut Up.  :  ]

So I'm gonna say One More Very Important Thing - and then after that
I'll just Say Other Things.  : ]

This Post is about the Wonderful Care we have gotten here since

From Everyone.

Especially The Doctors.

This Post Is About The Doctors.  Now so far there has only been two of them.
But let me tell ya folks - both of those Doctors are Smart.  They come in the
room Knowing that we are looking to them for Advice and Guidance. 

But you know what they say?

They say - Let me hear what YOU have to say.

and I'm pretty sure why they did that

Because they wanted to size us up.

To see if we could see what we had here - which is a 96 year old Woman -
whose Very Life would be in our hands.  And I think they wanted to see if
they could Trust us with her Life.

They are Sharp - people.

They look ya right in the Eye - and Size You Up.

And that is why I Just Know that tomorrow - whatever Decision they make
about Our Mother - that it will be well thought out - and the Right Thing.

and for that I am Very Grateful.

and humbled.

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