Tuesday, January 31, 2012

how to read a book

Sometimes you read a Book because it has a great Storyline.

And from the First Page to the Last - you read that Book because you
Just Know that what the Characters do - is the Reason you are reading
the Book.

But there are Books written that are Just A Little Bit More - than that.

Yes - these Books - that are Just A Little Bit More - have a Storyline
that Follow The Characters on their Way Through The Pages -  going
from One Thing To Another - and there is a Mild Curiosity - as to what
will Happen To The Characters - in the end.

But then - and this only happens very rarely  - maybe Only Once In A
Lifetime For Each Individual Reader - there comes the Realization -
that you are onto something.

Mabye that Realization comes with a Certain Phrase - a group of words -
such as 'the precipice of actualization' - that Triggers Something inside of
the Reader - the Hope that the Book will Lead to The End Of The Long
And Winding Road.

But it's not just this Phrase that is The Key to unlocking the Secrets of
this Newfound Treasure.

No - it's the Whole F*ing Book - every page - and yes even every Word.

A Book That is a Veritable Treasure Chest of Genius - and there is
a feeling of Euphoria for the Reader - that this Key has been Discovered
and - in Time - the Door Will Be Opened - and the Reader will Walk On
Through The Door - Into A World Yet Undiscovered.

But it Really is this Phrase - after all - that Once Again finds the Reader
poised on the Precipice of Actualization - A Place That Sometimes Is
Almost Unbearable - But Ultimately A Place That Is Really The Only
Place To Be.

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