Thursday, January 26, 2012

the snowy day

The Snowy Day has been one of my most Special Books for a number
of years - but it is only more recently that I bought it so that I could
have it for my Very Own.

It was the Basic Simplicity that spoke to me from the First - and I would
like to share a part of this with you now:

~There are only two characters in this book.

~The scene is that of Winter.

~The entire book gives the reader a View of the World through a Child's

~Peter - the main Character in The Snowy Day - is faced with the Cold Reality
of Life.

~Throughout the Book the Reader is allowed to travel back in Time - to re-experience
his Own Childhood.

~There is Action in this amazing Book - and the Author reveals what can be found
in the Simpler Things of Life.

~The Seconday Character is actually  - in a Sense - the most Important One.

~And although the Author - for a Moment - lets us Peer into the Very Special World
of the Main Character - he makes it Clear that This World is Indeed one that is
Restricted to a Particular Age Group.

Relive the Joy and Wonder of Youth - a it is told here in a Very Special Way.

Ezra Jack Keats (1916-1983) is the author of the Caldecott Award-winning book
The Snowy Day.

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