Monday, January 30, 2012

the n*wsp*p*r has arrived

A nice white guy  - probably in his thirties and looking smart in a
deep blue smock - brought in the Newspaper.  : [

The Herald-Times is sporting an Overall Headline saying that the
Hoosiers 'soared' past the Hawkeyes last night - and rightfully
so - since Folks here tend to obsess on IU Sports.  : [

But all is not Lost Folks - for near the Bottom of the Front
Page there is an Article about a Sunday fundraiser AT THE

Unfortunately I'm already not attending it - due to circumstances
beyond my Control.

However I'm sure they would accept a Hefty Contribution - for
those of you with big BUCKs.



Ducky's here said...

Still on the ward, eh Sue.

Any word on your release?

sue hanes said...

Hey Ducky - f you.

The thing is - Ducky - they took my Bong upon Admission - and I'm having Serious Withdrawal.

Other than that...thank you for looking in on me.

: ]

-FJ said...

What serves as your bong, Sue? Mines the HuffPo. ;)

sue hanes said...

Hey - -FJ - You came along just In Time.

Right now Blogging is my Bong.

See my next Post for more on that.