Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Constitutional Ammendent

to limit the length of State of the Union Addresses:

~we ran the risk here of droning on and on

~I had time to load the dishwasher and still it wasn't over

~close to beating WHH's record for Presidential speeches

~kinda like a too long Sermon : [

Still - the evening yielded some good moments.

Setting the Scene:

Spotting the Secretary of State I reminesced (sp) on how this Great
Woman has always taken the attitude of 'I'll Wear My Hair However
I Want And What Are Ya Gonna Do About It Anyway?'

What The Ties Were Like:

~really the wider look seemed to prevail and scanning the crowd
I found that the pale pastel shirts seem in Vogue

~Of THE BIG THREE - that is:

President Barack Obama
Speaker of the House John Boehner
Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden

the winner is the Speaker of the House wearing a really cool
blue/black/white awesome Designer Pattern - far and above
the Best

President Obama's tie didn't even come in a close second

The VP - No - again a distracting Optical Illusion One like
RS wore during the Southern Republican Debates

Naturally The First Lady Looked Stunning in a Lovely Glitterly
I Believe Dark Purple Frock With A Boat Neck


The mood in the Chamber in general at the Beginning was Lively &
Animated with Folks dressed in Bright Colors but little did they
realize what Boredom lay in store for Them  : [


We were treated to Pre-Speech smiles by the Supreme Court and
Generals dressed in Full Regalia


During the SOTU Address:

JB and JB - Didja ever notice before that these two have indentical
initials?  cause I didn't

The VP:

~was wearing a self-assured slight smirk throughout but was the
first Person of Note behind the President to give in to taking
a sip of water, using a Kleenex and scratching the back of
his Neck

SO the H

~grim, tanned and twitchy about the mouth at times


Highlights of the SOTU Address:

~well- controlled hand and arm motions

~good start by mentioning

o Heroes

o end of War in Iraq - Yes!

o demise of OBL

~Obama Family Background and because he is the President he
could elaborate much more on this that the RC

~seemed to be wearing a tiny Flag pin

~pointed out and rightfully so that Our Country's Problems began
at least 6 months before he even took Office - Good One Mr. President

~got jiggy at one point and seemed to be in a 'Rocky' mode

~the ever-Present repeatedly high pitched beginning of each sentence
such as  'and we will not...'

~at first President Obama was able to bring the entire group to their feet applauding but
in time this tapered off - I Wonder Why  ho hum

~mentioned in passing about Piracy of Movies and really didn't Bill
Maher bring that up on Friday Night?

There Is No Doubt That President Barack Obama Will Be Remembered
As The Great Speech Maker -

but I really believe that it was not that If You've Heard One SOTU
Address You've Heard Them All that caused me to check out after
the first 40 minutes...

but rather that I didn't spot any really cool Hollywood
Celeberties there tonight

: ]

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