Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let's Get It Right Folks

First I read on the internet that Joe Paterno is near Death.

Then I read an apology that this had been reported.

Then various articles on his Health.

Now It Seems Certain That Joe Paterno Has In Fact Died.

Since no one asked - here is my take on that anyway.

I Believe - and I Sincerely Hope - that Joe Paterno
came to Terms With Himself - and with His...whoever
he Believes in.

Do I Believe that Joe Paterno was a Good Guy?

Never met him - but those I Respect say he was.

Do I think he made a Serious Mistake in his Life.

Yes I do.

but right now I wish to say to Joe Paterno:

Rest In Peace Joe Paterno.

You probably deserve it - and who am I to Judge you

and by the way Joe I have it on the Best Authority
that the Big Guy likes Football : [ so you're In.

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