Sunday, January 29, 2012

a little down time

After doing a little needed Blogging - I've got a little extra time on
my hands here at the really cool claustrophobic hospital room -
so I'll chillout for a while by sharing about my trip to the Hospital
Gift Shop this afternoon.

I had been looking through my 96 year old mother's wallet for her
medical cards when I spotted four 5's and since I have a shortage of
cash lately I lifted it and made a visit to the Gift Shop (ok I'll pay her
back asap : [ )

To my dismay upon entering the gift shop there was a way too large
assortment of Sports Stuff. 

But then I saw it:

A rack of the most Beautiful Silky Scarves. 

The type they are showing now.

But these scarves were to die for.

So I made note of the Gift Shop Hours when I plan to come back
and buy one - if and when that is possible - for the Opera in early

I didn't want to spend my newly found money : ] on that but right around
the corner I picked out a really cool FINDING NEMO MAGNETIC
Activity and Puzzle Set for my Bedroom Toy Shelf : ] and a deck of
Trivia Cards for the Year 1982.

I'm gonna finish off this evening of Blogging by posting a little quiz based
on those Trivia Cards.

Fun Stuff - huh?

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